Hospital Playlist: Wonderfully nothing on screen

As mentioned in my First Impression, Hospital is one show which you go along for a gentle boat ride, and get to know everyone onboard -- in the greatest details. Which is happening. We have 4eps at the moment, and each ep takes a doctor and provides us with more depth into his/her background, such... Continue Reading →

First Impression: A piece of your mind

Synopsis: Moon Ha-won (Jung Hae-in) is a programmer for artificial intelligence, and the founder of M&H company. He is developing a programme that can converse with people, which can be used in helping patients with psychological issues. Ha-won had a first love Kim Ji-soo (Park Ju-hyun) whom he grew up together at Norway but did... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Eccentric! Chef Moon

This show is going to be a change of taste from the dark psycho thrillers on air now. Main cast: Eric Moon (from Another Miss Oh) as Chef Moon Seung-mo. Internationally renowned for bringing Korean cuisine to the world, he moves into his parents’ retirement home after their demise.Go Won-hee (from Chosun Flower Crew) as... Continue Reading →

Memorist: Super Frustrating

Really, what's the point of having super powers, when all you get is basically a wall of blockades. It's also really Dong Baek's fault -- cos imo, I feel he is not only too showy, but also too short-fused. A lot of restrictions he faced is brought upon by himself, in his haste to find... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Rugal

Cast all logic aside, Rugal is based on a webtoon, so expect overly dramatic-anime styled features and storyline. Main cast: Choi Jin-hyuk (from Tunnel) as Kang Ki-beom. An ex-detective who lost his wife and his eyes to the mysteriously powerful Argos criminal organisation. He gains a pair of biotech eyes when he was rescued by... Continue Reading →

Hyenas: Winner or Loser

It’s always assumed that the person who loves the other more, who takes the first step to confessing their love — is the “losing party” in a relationship, cos presumably, it causes an unfavourable tilt in the interpersonal power struggle inherent in all human interactions. If that is so, then in Hyena, the losing party... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Tell Me What You Saw

Although the blurb of Tell is promising, eventually, the narrative is still the rather run of the mill police catch thief (or in this case, serial killer/psycho). So Hyun-jae is anything but incapacitated — he is still the typical Noir Detective, with a history and an aptitude as dark as his nemesis. So what makes... Continue Reading →

What kooriyuki watched this week: Mar 17-23

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe like nobody's business, does anyone find themselves having more time to watch dramas, since stepping out of the house unnecessarily is discouraged/prohibited? The Cursed Honestly I was a liiiiiiitle bit disappointed with the ending, but I do see how it is not quite possible to have a closed... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Kingdom 2

I shall skip the intro to main cast, since this is a straight forward (but slow in production) continuation of Kingdom 1. Kingdom 2 picks up the storyline from where we left the characters — Crown Prince Lee Chang with Lord An facing an impending zombie horde and Female Medic Seo Bi hearing a bunch... Continue Reading →

Itaewon Class: Team Soo-ah vs. Team Yi-Seo

kooriyuki and bearcatchong much prefer Soo-ah to Yi-seo, feeling the latter a tad... discriminatory and nasty in her remarks. True, Yi-seo is the best example of a perpetual Foot-in-Mouth, not that she cares. Since she has supposed “sociopathic” tendencies. In contrast, Soo-ah is the more layered of the two. Having grown up as an orphan,... Continue Reading →

Memorist – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-ho) is an 'act first, think later' cop who's passionate about nabbing bad people. His rashness has landed him in hot soup several times, and it also doesn't help that he made known to the public about his supernatural powers, which attracted a fair bit of irk from... Continue Reading →

What kooriyuki watched this week – Mar 10-16

After waiting for a year and six weeks (approximately), Joseon-era zombie flick Kingdom is back with gorgeous cinematography and impressive CGI. Everyone's dongseng Yoo Seung-ho is back to our small screen as well as the hot-headed cop with supernatural powers, and is hellbent on catching a twisted serial murderer who makes his victims do tests... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hospital Playlist

If you had enjoyed Prison Playbook, you will probably fall in love with Hospital too. Main Cast: Jo Jung-seok (from Two Cops) as Hepatologist, Dr Lee Ik-jun. Yoo Yoon-seok (from Warm and Cozy) as Paediatrician, Dr An Jeong-won. He is also the (previous) heir to the medical centre where the doctors practise in.Jung Kyung-ho (from... Continue Reading →

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