First Impression: You are my Spring

Psychological issues are the rage on Netflix now, with a new offering of a possible sociopath in a love triangle. Main cast: Seo Hyun-jin (from The Beauty Inside) as Kang Da-young. She has quite a traumatic childhood, growing up in a family where her alcoholic dad consistently abused her mum. Kim Dong-wook (from The Guest)... Continue Reading →

Final Review: My Roommate is a Gumiho

This is cute show with an ending that leaves no room for doubt. It will be a happy-ever-after, with Mr Gumiho (aka Woo-yeo) achieving human status and being able to stay on with his other half. It’s a lighthearted rom-com with “issues” resolving themselves within 1-2eps max. Only complaint is sometimes I feel Jang Ki-yong... Continue Reading →

Monthly Magazine Home – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Na Young-won (Jung So-min) is our tenacious heroine who's worked several years as a magazine editor for several different types of magazines. Her first run-in with our hero, Yoo Ja-sung (Kim Ji-seok) was beyond bad because she thought he illegally forced her out of her rental apartment and their scuffle ended... Continue Reading →

Mad for Each Other: The odd couple

Since I have managed to catch up with Racket, Mad is another show on my watch list. And it’s only 13eps, which is an odd number to round off a pretty oddball show. The premise is the usual squabbling couple turns OTP, but both our protagonists have issues that stem from previous relationships. In Hwi-oh’s... Continue Reading →

Racket Boys: Village of Love

For a show that basically has a bunch of very greenhorn young actors, Racket is actually very, very watchable. Maybe cos the supporting cast are mainly made up of veterans — comedic veterans. But then again, little girl, Hae-in is killing it. Her slitted glares, her eye rolls at her immature oppas, oh man..she is... Continue Reading →

Racket Boys: Teenage Boarding House

I started on Racket after suffering through 2 eps of borrrrriiinng Doom (more on that later), and promptly fell in love with this coming-of-age show. Although it’s a bit far fetched to consider Tang Joon-sang et al as middle school kids (the only one who might meet the expectation is teeny weeny Kim Kang-koon), the... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Voice 4 (tvN, 2021)

Synopsis (including spoilers): Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na) had been receiving email from a stranger who was well aware of her special hearing ability. She then realized the emails were actually preview of serial murder cases where the child would kill the whole family. Derek Cho (Song Seung-heon) was leader of the LAPD collaborating with the... Continue Reading →

My Roommate is a Gumiho: Cohabitation Hijinks

Another addictive rehash of the same-old same-old. We have the usual bubbly Candy character romancing the cool, aloof Chaebol type. In this case, a university undergrad, Lee Dam, and her immortal beau, Woo-yeo. Forced together by chance, Dam must stay with Woo-yeo cos of the gumiho pearl she has ingested. Although as the story progresses,... Continue Reading →

Penthouse 3 – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell We continue from the blast that killed Logan Lee, and return to the few days before the blast happened, when all our major characters were behind bars. Joo Dan-tae received intel that Logan will be back in Korea, and plotted for his temporary escape from jail. The ladies except Oh Yeon-hee... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: New Year Blues (2021)

Storyline (including spoilers): The stories of 4 couples in a few days before the new year. Rae-hwan (Teo Yoo) was a national athlete for Paralympic Games who was in relationship with Oh-wol (Choi Soo-young), a gardener who had enjoyed growing different kinds of plants. Rae-hwan wanted to give Oh-wol a better life, as he always... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hospital Playlist 2

Hospital S2 is not a standalone drama series which you can just pick up and watch. It’s not like Voice series. Cos S2 picks up directly from where we leave our medical protagonists in S1. To recap: S1 ended with Ik-joon not-so-subtly professing his interest for his long time buddy (and long time crush), Song-hwa,... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Move to Heaven

This drama packs a lot of heart — for the short 10eps it is shown in. And I am astounded by Lee Je-hoon’s acting chops again, having come over to this drama after ending Taxi. In Heaven, he plays this ex-convict who had a history of mixing with unsavoury characters and fighting in underground boxing... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Dark Hole (OCN/tvN, 2021)

Major Spoilers: People who breathed in the dark smoke were able to see hallucinations of people or things they were afraid of, causing them to become aggressive, which people called them "mutants". However, not everyone would become mutants immediately. Police detective Lee Hwa-sun (Kim Ok-vin) was able to control herself and did not turn into... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Sell Your Haunted House

The ending is pretty expected — the villain gets tossed into a jar to burn for an eternity, Mummy Mi-jin is finally exorcised and everybody kinda have their happy-ever-afters. If there’s anything to growl about, it’d be the almost-noona romance didn’t exactly take off. Although Ji-ah has softened her stance towards once-swindler In-bum, and the... Continue Reading →

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