Be Melodramatic – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Three besties Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee), Lee Eun Jung (Jun Yeo Bin) and Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun) lives together in Eun Jung's apartment. Eun Jung's younger brother Hyo Bong (Yoon Ji On) and Han Joo's young son shares the place as well. Jin Joo is an aspiring... Continue Reading →


Doctor John: The irony of it all…

The only bits I like about Doctor is those times when Ji-sung is on screen as Dr Yo-han, the genius who can diagnose a complicated case without the help of laboratories and clever gadgets. But more often than not, the storyline is bugged down by two characters whom I am getting less and less patient... Continue Reading →

Movie review: Romang (2019)

Sypnosis: Jo Nam-bong (Lee Soon-jae) and Lee Mae-ja (Jung Young-sook) had been married for 45 years and have a son Jo Jin-soo (Jo Han-chul). Jin-soo married Kim Jung-hee (Bae Hae-sun) and have a daughter Jo Eun-ji (Lee Ye-won). Nam-bong had been a taxi-driver for most of his life, and he seemed to care about his... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Joseon Survival

Major Spoilers: The actor as the main character Han Jung-rok was changed from Kang Ji-hwan to Seo Ji-suk from Episode 11 onwards. Jung Ga-ik (Lee Jae-yoon) was saved by a monk in Joseon, who was later killed by Ga-ik to take his place as Monk Bo Woo. Monk Bo Woo was later appointed as the... Continue Reading →

First Impression – At Eighteen

Storyline: Choi Joon-woo (Ong Seong-wu) was transferred to a new school after admitting to theft in his previous school. He was warmly greeted by the class president Ma Hwi-young (Shin Seung-ho) who not only showed him around the new school, but also helped him get second-hand uniform. Joon-woo needed to submit a group project due... Continue Reading →

When the Devil Calls Your Name: Souls

Is it only me that find Tae-kang seriously funny...and somehow endearing (gasp!) as a devil? I love his banter and negotiations with Ha Rib, including the recent amendments to the clauses on his contract. So Mr Devil is willing to consider giving Ha Rib a permanent no-strings attached extension of his benefits as long as... Continue Reading →

Hotel Del Luna: Hatred

How long can you hate someone? Well, for Man-wol, an eternity isn't enough. I was quite aghast at her unprovoked retaliation against Mi-ra, even though we did get glimpses into Man-wol/ Mi-ra's past and understand they were arch enemies (and possibly rivals in love) then. But...Mi-ra in the current reincarnation did not even do anything... Continue Reading →

Dr John: The Pain Issue

Although the topic of Dr's narrative is heavy going material -- euthanasia shares just as many arguments as abortions -- I find myself enjoying the show pretty much. Maybe cos Corruption hasn't made its daily appearance. Given the drift of the plot, I have an inkling it MIGHT not be such a huge stage presence... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Different dreams

Storyline (may include spoilers): It was more than 10 years after the March 1st movement and setting up of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, but Korea was still a colonial state of Japan despite many efforts of the various organizations fighting for Korea's independence. One such organization for the independence activists was... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Investigation Couple 2

The ending... leaves me crying for a bloody refund. Ok, given that I know that Investigation 3 is in the works (the crew is negotiating for a continuation), I might just let the cliff hanger slide (again). But the Easter Egg post-credit is interesting. [SPOILERS] I fully understand why Prosecutor Do would want to leave... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Perfume

Spoilers: Min Jae-hee (Ha Jae-sook) finally recalled that Seo Yi-do (Shin Sung-rok) was the boy that she saved when they were young, and found out that she was Yi-do's first and only love. Unaware that Jae-hee was also Min Ye-rin (Ko Won-hee) that he knew, Yi-do was so torn between Jae-hee and Ye-rin, and unable... Continue Reading →

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