Final Review: Yumi Cells 2

Ok, so the ending confirms there will be a Season 3, but unfortunately, the Director says the launch date is unconfirmed. So the cast for Soon-rok (aka Yu-mi’s last boyfriend and her husband) is still up to anyone’s guess. And please, that last frame of Soon-rok seen through Yu-mi’s booze-laden mind… he can be anybody.... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Of whales and human nature

I bet I will have lotsa interesting nuggets to share about whales, porpoises and dolphins by the end of Attorney. But well, they don’t actually make good conversation starters do they? Going by how everyone keeps shushing Young-woo up whenever she starts a whale-spiel. But tbh, I am starting to look forward to the marine... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Kiss Sixth Sense

You start to smell a rancid stink for Kiss, when it brought in the OTP’s “dark and dangerous” past. I understand how Kiss want to try explain how the OTP each got their “supernatural” powers — and tie it to the death of Ye-sool’s father and her pursuit by the mad man, Hae-jin. However, it... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Cafe Minamdang

Loosely translated, “Minamdang” means Pretty Boy Gang in Korean. And well, even without hosting a renowned “shaman”, the pretty boys in Minamdang have the girls queuing. Main cast: Seo In-guk (from Doom at your Service) as “shaman” Nam Han-jun. To put the records straight, other than having fun prancing around and waving his fan and... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – Red Heart (KBS, 2022)

I think this is a rather brilliantly written sageuk of recent years, with a really strong and clever female lead that's rather hard to come by. Every episode was a battle of wits between the main characters and while I can't say I'm totally taken by surprise at the revelation of the mastermind behind the... Continue Reading →

Review: Monstrous (TVING, 2022)

Storyline (including spoilers): A buddha head of long history was uncovered at Jinyang County, and the governor Kwon Jong-soo (Park Ho-san) arranged the relics to be exhibited at the townhall to increase the fame of Jinyang County. The eyes of the buddha was covered by a piece of cloth with Sanskirt writings on it, which... Continue Reading →

Kiss Sixth Sense: Supernatural abilities

I was joking with kooriyuki, if Min-hu and Ye-sool have kids in future, they’d be like Disney’s Incredible Family. Turns out I was correct — Min-hu’s hypersensitivity is on the level of the supernatural. Even with his “protective gear” (those incredibly dark glasses, the sound exclusion headphones and those gloves), he can still see and... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Yumi Cells Season 2

The Smurfs return! Main cast: Kim Go-eun (from Goblin) as Kim Yu-mi, the “owner” of the blue Smurf-likes “cells”Jin Young (from Yumi S1) as Yoo Bobby, Yu-mi’s next boyfriend. Synopsis: We recap with Woong/ Yu-mi’s breakup, and Yu-mi’s subsequent fall out for a few months thereafter. (Cue: poor Yumi cells having to endure floods, tuneless... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Why Her? (SBS, 2022)

Synopsis (including spoilers): Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) was the top lawyer at TK law firm, the best law firm in South Korea. On the surface, she was using unscrupulous methods to achieve her goals to become the youngest leader of the law firm. However, she was actually warm-hearted and righteous to help those in need,... Continue Reading →

Final review: From Now On, Showtime

I’d expect nothing less from the writer of Mystic Pop-up Bar. Similar to Mystic, Showtime also draws on the theme of reincarnation, and atonement for sins done in the past life. So our Goryeo-era couple — Chief Priest Poong Baek and Princess Chun Hwa — reunite after 2,000 years as the prickly Cha-woong and feisty... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Our Blues

I love this show. All the way to its (rather cheesey) reminder at the end of the show that we are not born to be miserable, and wishes the viewers happiness in their lives. A bit didactic, but is in line with Blues’ narrative. The drama is made up of mini-plots, focusing on a pair... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Sh**ting Stars

Sh**ting is a tribute to all the people behind a successful artiste — be they the manager-nanny, the PR people, the legal team, friends and even family. Take away the romance in Sh**ting, we have the chance to see “behind-the-scenes” so to speak. Other than the camera crew and the production team, there are loads... Continue Reading →

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