What kooriyuki watched this week: Jan 5-11

Sadly I'll have to put Camellia on hold while I try to catch up with the ongoing dramas the last week. I'm so looking forward to the Lunar New Year holidays so that I can catch up with Black Dog and Diary of a Prosecutor. Work life balance is crucial! Love Crash Landing Am I... Continue Reading →

[sab's take] Final Review: Extraordinary You

Yup, bearcatchong has already written a good review on Extraordinary, but yours truly really has itchy fingers that still need to type this out. So bear (pun intended) with me. 😛 If you are still considering whether to watch Extraordinary, here's a simple pros-cons (or watch-don't watch) analysis for you to make the final decision:... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Crazy Romance (2019)

Synopsis: Jae-hoon (Kim Rae-won) broke up with his fiance one month ago, and was still upset. He would get drunk every night to wake up every morning with a hangover. On Sun-young's (Gong Hyo-jin) first day to work in the same company as Jae-hoon, Jae-hoon happened to witness Sun-young breaking up with her cheating boyfriend... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary You: Characters

The premise of "recycling" a character in Extraordinary is one convenient way for the narrative to wrap itself up nicely. Since all characters in a play, drama, novel, manga, etc are all part of an artist's or creator's work, they also form part of the creator's subconscious. So while Ha-roo may be axed midway in... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Miss Lee (2019)

Storyline (including spoilers): Lee Sun-sim (Lee Hye-ri) was an ordinary employee of Cheongil Electronics who was just in charge of running errands and making coffee for her colleagues. Cheongil Electronics supplied some of TM Group's home appliance product such as the vacuum cleaner. When TM Group tried to further reduce the unit price of the... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Leverage

Leverage is a very straightforward type of show. Don't expect too much out of it, and you will enjoy the thrill of the action, as Tae-joon leads his band of scammers on Robin Hood type missions. The heist operation is the only reason why Leverage is watchable. Even when faced with a strong adversary, and... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Black Dog (2019)

Synopsis: When Go Ha-neul (Seo Hyun-jin) was in high school, her teacher died while saving her from a traffic accident during their school trip. She later learnt that her teacher was just a contract-based teacher not covered by any insurance plan, unlike those permanent teachers. She could not understand why her teacher could risk his... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hot Stove League

Synopsis: Profession baseball team Dreams Club is ranked last in place in the current baseball league season, with even fewer wins than the previous season, so the general manager quit as a result of the club's bad performance. The club then appointed Baek Seung-soo (Namgoong Min) to be the new general manager, who then quickly... Continue Reading →

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