First Impression: Leverage

Next to police procedurals, heist films (or dramas) are a close second favourite. I have not watched the original Leverage from the US series, so I cannot compare how the Kdrama version stands against that. Main cast: Lee Dong-gun (from Sketch) as Lee Tae-joon. He was a very sharp insurance fraud investigator, forced to quit... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Extraordinary You

Major Spoilers: Eun Dan-oh ( Kim Hye-yoon) found out that there's a guy who always help her change her destiny in the comic, but that guy had no name (only known as number 13 in the class list). She then named the guy Ha-ru (Kim Ro-woon). The relationship of Dan-oh, Ha-ru and Baek-kyung (Lee Jae-wook)... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Parasite (2019)

Synopsis (including spoilers): Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) became a private tutor for the daughter of Park Dong-ik (Lee Sun-kyun), a CEO of a IT company. Ki-woo forged his identity as a student of a prestigious university to get this job. He then recommended the mother Choi Yeon-kyo (Cho Yeo-jeong) his sister Kim Ki-jeong (Park So-dam)... Continue Reading →

Never Twice – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Paradise Inn is a small traditional han-ok style hostel run by an elderly lady Bok Mal-rye (Yoon Yeo-jung). The rooms are rented to people who require long term stay and thus all inhabitants form ragtag familial ties with each other. Before all rooms were occupied, only Room 5 and 6 were... Continue Reading →

Psychopath's Diary: The short-lived bromance

Hands up if you ship Cinderella Dong-shik with Chaebol In-woo. (me me me!!) Especially in ep4, when In-woo plays the typical Kdrama chaebol archetype interested in a lowly office (boy) and said subordinate suddenly gets promoted to Team Leader (together with a stellar job performance thanks to an unofficial tip-off from In-woo). And then In-woo... Continue Reading →

First impression: Chocolate

Storyline: When Lee Kang was young, he lived with his mother on an island and aspired to be a chef like his mother. One day, he encountered a little girl who had not eaten for a day, and cooked many dishes for her. He even asked the little girl to return for his chocolate. The... Continue Reading →

Final Review: I wanna hear your song

Story (including spoilers): Hong Yi-young (Kim Se-jung) aspires to be a professional timpanist. She had an accident a year ago, but has no memory of the incident and suffers insomnia since the accident. She then encounters Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo-jin) who just moved in next door. He offers to help Yi-young anything for a fee,... Continue Reading →

Final review: Vagabond

Comments: Vagabond is one drama with an ending returning to its original point, as if things had only made a complete 360 degree turn. Its opening scene was similar to its ending scene, and nothing was said about the future of Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) and Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy). We were only told the... Continue Reading →

Catch the Ghost: The lovely OTP

I really ship Yoo Ryung and Ji-seok in Catch. They are both so flawed and so good together. They are so very similar (even though Yoo Ryung is all fiery Energiser Bunny, and Ji-seok is all cool cucumber). Both are struggling with a close one who is suffering from some form of mental condition, and... Continue Reading →

Movie review: A Diamond in the Rough (2019)

Synopsis: Ki-kang (Son Ho-jun) lived on an island with his mother Soon-ok (Kim Hae-sook) and his younger sister Ki-soon (Nam Bo-ra). His mother spent most of her time working at the restaurant to make enough earnings to support the family. Ki-kang was good friend with Jin-shik (Kang Ki-doong). They and another friend decided to steal... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles has a total of 18 episodes divided into 3 seasons, equivalent to 6 episodes per season. A variety of tribes were mentioned in Arthdal Chronicles, and in order to aid in understanding the plot, here are the summary of the different tribes: Arthdal Tribal Union Saenyeok tribe - leader of the Arthdal tribal... Continue Reading →

Melting Me Softly: Quirky but…

Melting is a meeting of all the veterans comedians Kdramaland has to offer. From the ahjusshis Kim Won-hae and Im Won-hee to the not-so-old Shim Hyung-taek, all of them are my favourites when it comes to portraying side characters who are mostly there for the hilarity factor. And they (plus the characters they are playing)... Continue Reading →

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