When the Camellia Blooms: The men

I'm still not in favour of Kdramas that try to have too many things happening on their plates. Namely: have a romcom, a noona-romance, and then also add in OCN-ish thriller to the mix. I like Camellia's lighthearted take on the foot-in-mouth Yong-sik and just-as-blunt Dong Baek's romance, and the heart twingings of Dong Baek's... Continue Reading →


Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

As a fan of spy thrillers, I...really do not know what to make of Vagabond. While it is easier for me to suspend my disbelief that a stuntman can somehow manage to be the only person in the group of grieving next-of-kins to spot, identify, tackle a suspicious man and arrive at the conclusion that... Continue Reading →

First Impression – Melting Me Softly

Synopsis: Ma Dong-chan (Ji Chang-wook) was a well-known PD who produced a variety show focusing on challenging impossible missions, and Go Mi-ran (Won Jin-ah) was one of his staff trying out those crazy mission. Once, Dong-chan insisted on trying out cryo-preservation for his show, as he believed cryo-preservation would be the technology for the future... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Miss & Mrs. Cops (2019)

Synopsis: Mi-yeong (Ra Mi-ran) used to be an ace policewoman in the police squad. She married Ji-chul (Yoon Sang-hyun) who was already attracted to her for the first time he saw her pursuing after a criminal. After marriage, Mi-yeong worked at the Public Service Centre, no longer investigating any cases. Mi-yeong's sister-in-law Ji-hye (Lee Sung-kyung)... Continue Reading →

First Impression – Vagabond

Sypnopsis: Cha Dal-gon (Lee Seung-gi) is an stuntman who aspired to be an action film director. His nephew Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin) was abandoned by his mother at the orphanage after his father died, and becomes Dal-gon's only kin. Cha Hoon was going to participate in a Taekwondo showcase in Morocco. Dal-gon had a fight... Continue Reading →


I'm extremely apologetic for the lack of posts recently - kooriyuki is swarmed by work at the moment and will continue to be swarmed. I'll try my best to schedule sab's and bearcatchong's posts regularly, but my own weekly review posts will be suspended until further notice. Till then, folks!

Final Review: Doctor Detective

Major spoilers: The cases of occupational health hazards were based on real incidents, including methanol poisoning leading to blindness and antimicrobial additives for humidifier containing toxic chemical that caused permanent pulmonary disease. The team at UDC (Unconfirmed Disease Centre) consisting of Kong Il-soon (Park Ji-young), Do Joong-eun (Park Jin-hee), Heo Min-ki (Bong Tae-gyu) and others... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Hotel Del Luna

Luna is unlike the usual stories from the famed Hong Sisters. From the onset, the tone of Luna is very introspective. While there are still some funnies and capering around, they are very much toned down in Luna. Just think back to Master Sun, which kind of dealt with the same supernatural strain, but the... Continue Reading →

The Great Show – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell The story begins 3 years ago, when Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-hoon) is campaigning for his second term in the Congress. His opponent is veteran Congressman Kang (Son Byung Ho), whose public image is that of an understanding and kind gentleman. A flashback tells us it is not, when a younger Dae-han... Continue Reading →

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