Ok, this train wreck of a writing has finally come to an end. Jang Mi In Ae was indeed relegated to a 1min per episode appearance. I can’t believe how MBC and/or the production company behind this drama actually caves into the crazy demands of Yoochun’s crazy fans. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Remember how this drama opened with Jung Woo shot IN THE HEAD, and then lying in the warehouse where he was kidnapped to, but in the end he was shot IN THE BACK by Hyung Joon. Like, duh? Hyung Joon gets shot in the leg and is wheel-chaired bound, AND conveniently kind of suffers from a memory loss? Or speech loss? Or both? From trauma? What kind of trauma does this guy have besides what he experienced in childhood?

I find this writer simply sucuumbed to lazy AND totally unoriginal writing, those that maybe 10 years ago would make a really popular drama, but it’s all different now. Audience’s taste has changed; they have become more nit-picky. You can’t just anyhow write plots that screams of logical fallacies. Such as, in the beginning of episode 19, Jung Woo could have driven off even before all those thugs arrived, but he just had to talk all those crap with Hyung Joon and let the car be smashed before driving off. And don’t even get me started on Soo Yeon. Hers is one character that does not serve much purpose in the latter part of the storytelling.

And I find it ridiculous that Jung Woo’s sister and stepmother just integrated into his foster family like that. He’s just suddenly surrounded by 5 women, ALL WITH A CLOTHES CLIP IN THEIR HAIR. I cringed. And his stepmother can still run that boutique shop of hers in the end like nothing happened. Whut?

And the drama ended off with Jung Woo wondering even if the three of them (him, Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon) met under perfectly normal circumstances in childhood, he and Soo Yeon will still fall in love. Yeah right.

I think Yoo Chun has improved in his acting, though I have to agree with those now he overacts sometimes. It’s still mediocre, one can see that he is ACTING, not being one with the character, but hey, it’s definitely better than his Sungkyunkwan Scandal days (which I’m watching now. His lack of expression is amusing.) I hope he picks a better project. Same for Yoon Eun Hye. At least this was better than Lie to Me, but still meh. I guess it’s a good thing that Detective Kim gets killed early on (speaking of which, Soo Yeon still doesn’t know who killed him, if I’m not wrong), because I can’t imagine Jeon Gwang Ryeol in such a meh drama.