The Mysterious Suitcase Case. Pretty straightforward, though I didn’t expect the truth to be…the truth. A little heartwrenching, but for sure Korean Moms are scary. Have I given away alot?

1 2So a certain Mr Homeless came to the Lost and Found to claim that ubiquitous silver suitcase, and he looks a wee bit too shifty, which is enough to pique Shi On’s interest in Mr Homeless. He leaves hurriedly, on a taxi no less, and left his ID card at the department. Shi On races out with Gun Woo in tow, who complains that since when are police the best in service, when Shi On demands him to drive and chase the taxi Mr Homeless is in to return him his ID card.

They track him down at some shopping mall, and Mr Homeless was made to take them to a locker located at the subway station nearby, when a key fell out of his pocket during a scuffle. The suitcase is gone, which I wonder why, since shouldn’t there only be a key per locker? Whatever.


Gun Woo sends Shi On back, and Girl Ghosty was already waiting at her gate. Shi On gets fidgety and screams at Girl Ghosty to get lost, while heading straight to her closet and removes a parka to wear because Girl Ghosty’s presence turned her place into winter. Shi On decides to leave her house instead and Girl Ghosty follows, only to stop short at a bus stop, where Girl Ghosty touches a student waiting for bus, in Shi On’s sight. The student immediately feels the chill, and boards her bus. Girl Ghosty follows, while shooting daggers at Shi On, and of course Shi On follows.

The staring fest continues on the bus, while innocent student continues to feel colder by the minute. It’s interesting that in this world ghosts can transfer whatever they feel physically to living people. Gun Woo sees a parka-donning Shi On (in mid-summer, no less) boarding the bus, and he follows her in his car.

6 7 8And we suddenly cut to some shifty looking guy in suit carrying the silver suitcase to some forest and starts digging. Back on the bus, Shi On finally sends some unspoken message to Girl Ghosty with her eyes, and poor student is spared from being followed by cold Girl Ghosty. It just so happens the bus makes a stop at somewhere near where Shifty Man was previously seen digging, and Girl Ghosty leads Shi On to where (gasp) she was buried. Gun Woo arrives, and of course he cannot see Girl Ghosty, and he asks Shi On incredulously what the hell is she doing in slippers AND parka, in a forest, in the middle of the night.

She doesn’t know how to answer, and starts looking around at the ground, and realises a spot which looked freshly dug. Sure enough, a hand pops out when they dig deep enough. And it’s just one hand. Because whoever has been chopping up Girl Ghosty, knows she needs to touch living people to transfer the coldness?

9 10

We then get introduced to two new characters, whom Shi On and Gun Woo meets separately. Shi On finally decides to search on the net about her ghost seeing ability, and she ends up looking for a medium, Jang Hee Bin (Kim Ye Won), who only tells Shi On that the only reason why some people can see ghosts is due to their regrets. Which leaves Shi On confused.

Gun Woo is complaining to Moon Shik, and Prosecutor Park Eung Joon (Kim Seung Soo) walks towards them. He’s in charge of the newly discovered case of the body parts. Gun Woo is assigned to assist, as he was the first person other than Shi On who discovered the right hand. Moon Shik tells Gun Woo that Prosecutor Park just lost his fiancee, as she’s reported missing a day before their wedding and he hasn’t been able to find her since. Hmm.

11 12

Gun Woo demands that the entire Lost and Found department meet for dinner, which turns out to be just the two newbies and him. Ha. They wiggle their way out of the sorry drinking party, and Sung Chan brings the other newbie (I have no idea what’s his name) to a night spot. Sung Chan meets Hee Bin there, and lies that his name is Cha Gun Woo (I foresee some hijinks coming), and he’s a full fledged police.

13 15

Gun Woo returns to the the police station after the newbies failed to return, and falls asleep on the couch. Shi On returns to the office too, and falls asleep while clearing work. Sung Chan reports to work the next morning, and just so happens to walk in on Gun Woo bent over Shi On. It looks totally suggestive from Sung Chan’s  position, and he snickers his way out while being chased by Gun Woo.

Shi On wakes up and decides to snoop around online for Prosecutor Park, and sees the wedding blog (?) he had with his fiancee, who is Girl Ghosty. No surprise here.

17 18

Shi On pays a visit first to Girl Ghosty’s mother, and heard that Girl Ghosty was physically weak while alive. She then proceeds to Prosecutor Park’s place, where we are shown his mother taking bags of trashes out. Shi On was stopped by the security guard before she got to speak to Mom, and just then Prosecutor Park arrives. Shi On acting on her suspicions, asks if Prosecutor Park killed Girl Ghosty. He looks utterly miffed, which doesn’t help in allaying Shi On’s suspicions.

19 20

Shi On returns home, and finds some nasty surprise waiting for her. Whoever who killed Girl Ghosty sent some minions to try to silence Shi On, but luckily Gun Woo is to the rescue.

Back at home, Prosecutor Park looks at his photo with Girl Ghosty and broods.

21 22

Shi On continues to prod around and goes to where Girl Ghosty was last spoted alive, which was a beauty salon. The lady there tells Shi On that Girl Ghosty left with a well-groomed middle age lady. Is that who I’m thinking it is? Shi On left the beauty salon and Girl Ghosty appeared in the lift with her, looking totally different from previously. Ablazin’. Girl Ghosty pleads with her eyes, and Shi On follows her to a funeral palor, and guess what, the minion who buried Girl Ghosty’s hand is waiting outside for Girl Ghosty’s body to be cremated.

Shi On tries to stop it, and takes out the gun lighter which Gun Woo left for her, and tries to subdue agitated minion. Again Gun Woo comes to rescue and Prosecutor Park beings his interrogation.

23 24

Mom has a hand in causing Girl Ghosty’s death, for she withheld the inhaler Girl Ghosty had in her bag, when Girl Ghosty suddenly had an asthma attack. Mom dislikes Girl Ghosty because she’s poor (and all other common reasons Moms in Korean dramas cite to substatiate their dislike for future daughter-in-laws). So Girl Ghosty dies, and Mom gets some minions to clean up the mess for her. And thus freezing Girl Ghosty’s body and cutting her up for ease of disposal. Good Lord. And poor Prosecutor Park.

25 26

Gun Woo and Shi On goes to the storage room to take stock of the lost and found items, and came across a small cube which is not listed on the list of unclaimed items. Shi On takes the cube in her hand, and it gives off a strange pulse which Shi On did not feel it, but feels a headache after that.

And we end with Shi On passes by a guy in the corridor, and stops short only after passing by the guy. She shows a flicker of recognition, yet shakes it off and continues walking. The guy stops short at the door, and turns around. KIM! JAE! WOOK!


I’m not impressed with the writing so far, there’s alot of sheer coincidence and convenient (or lazy) writing, though the good thing is the plot propels forward pretty quickly. And it’s good that Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) finally makes his appearance, albeit as a spirit now (be still, my heart), instead of being postponed any longer.

We also get some improvements in the Gun Woo-Shi On relationship, which is a good setup for some angst to come. And oh, imma repeat, Korean Moms sure are scary.