It has been two weeks (pun unintended) since three new series (Master Sun, Good Doctor and Two Weeks) were aired. If you are still unsure whether you should catch them, here’s a quick gist of their storylines so far and also why you should watch or avoid watching them.

Master Sun

Main Cast:

  • Gong Hyo-jin (from Best Love)  as Tae Gong-shil, our ghost-seeing wacky protagonist, works at Kingdom shopping mall as a cleaning lady. Before she got her “ability” in an accident, she was the star student and Miss Popular in her uni days.
  • So Ji-sub (from Ghost) as Joo Joong-won, the egomaniacal CEO of Kingdom shopping mall empire
  • Seo In-gook (from Answer me, 1997) as Kang woo, the shifty security guard manager in Kingdom. Also, the 3rd leg of the love triangle between Gong-shil and Joong-won
  • Kim Yuri plays Tae Yi-ryung, Gong-shil’s classmate and jealous rival. Used to be called “Little Sun”, against Gong-shil’s “Big Sun”, cos Yi-ryung was unpopular and an ugly duckling next to her. Now a super model and basically holds a HUGE inferiority complex against Gong-shil
4 main characters from Master Sun. Fr Left, Kang Woo, Gong-shil, Joong-Won and Yi-ryung

Quick synopsis thus far:

Gong-shil and Joong-won met in episode 1 via an introduction by a ghost. Yep, a ghost. En route home after helping a granny ghost (a neighbour from Apt 404) resolve her last wish, Gong-shil was told by a female ghost to hitch a ride home. The hijacked (I mean, hitched) car ride belongs to Joong-won, who was returning from bullying a landowner to sell his land for Kingdom’s further expansion. The female ghost was the wife of bullied landowner.

From the chance meeting, Gong-shil realised that Joong-won has the ability to dispel (temporarily) the ghosts haunting her when she touches him. Thus, she managed to secure a job at Kingdom partly to “get close to his body” (as in literally) in order to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately for Gong-shil, sleep is a luxury she can’t afford, cos she can get possessed (as seen in ep 4 hijinks) when she lose control of her consciousness. Joong-won eventually “kept” Gong-shil when he realised she could be useful to him as a ghost radar. He sees a use for her to track down his 1billion won ransom money. See, he was kidnapped in his teens and the ransom amount was 1b worth of jewels. His then girlfriend was killed when the kidnapper escaped. But unknown to everyone else, Joong-won knew his girlfriend (Hee-joo) was part of the kidnapping scam. Thus, Gong-shil (who can see Hee-joo’s spirit lurking around) is the only one who can retrieve the ransom money.

Kang-woo’s role thus far, has been kinda shady. On the surface, he is the nice (and apparantly interested) guy-next-door who moved in to vacated Apt 404 and also happens to be working in Kingdom as a security manager. But he reports to another boss — Joong-won’s father, whose role (as of ep 4) is yet unknown, but he doesn’t seem close to Joong-won as a father (er, unless getting someone to spy on his son is his way of showing concern?). I am not sure whether he really is interested in Gong-shil, or interested in her only because she has been hanging around his mark.

Yi-ryung’s appearance in ep 1-4 has mainly been sidelined as plot technique. In ep 1, Gong-shil foiled her marriage to a famous soccer player by clearing up soccer player’s misunderstanding with his dead girlfriend (yeah, ghost of girlfriend enlisted Gong-shil’s help). And Gong-shil again helped to chase off a Vain Ghost lurking around Yi-ryung in ep 4. Other than introducing Yi-ryung briefly as a jealous ex-classmate of Gong-shil (and a possible love interest for Kang woo), not much has been fleshed out on her as a character yet.

master4-00557 master4-00556

Why you should watch:

It’s been a campy breezy ride (so far), and Gong Hyo-jin is yet again playing a wacky character. The ghosts (and ghost busting activities) thus far have served to string up side plots from ep 1-4 and to move the characters and main plot along. Scary factor – well, the CGI-ed ghosts have more boo! factor than Who Are You. Then again, this is a ROM-COM (read: not supposed to feel overly scared). Although the plot engine is the usual Cinderella turns princess storyline, it is what K-drama does best. Thus, I’d recommend watching this for the de-stress factor (scary ghosts are also cathartic in their own way). And of course, I am loving the not-so-subtle jokes referencing to body contact and skinship.
4.5/5 stars