My Mom was looking for dramas to watch because she gave up on Ugly Alert, and we’re done for this week’s Goddess of Marriage and King’s Family. So we decided to give Can Love Be Given Away a try, because we love Park Geun Hyung. Ok, love is overrated, but Halbae Geun Hyung is endearing in Grandpa over Flowers! Anyway, Drama has lotsa other names, because everyone has their way of translating the Korean title. Here’s a few given at Dramawiki: A Little Love Never Hurts / Will You Love and Give It Away? / Give Love Away / Love Doesn’t Go Away. So here is a brief summary of the first hour of Drama:


Jung Jae Min (Lee Sang Yeob) is a guy who works for a friend who runs a small call center that caters to all kinds of requests from clients, and we see Jae Min proposing on behalf of a hapless guy, delivering Patpingsoo (red bean shaved ice) to a client in a hotel room, driving for drunk clients, things like that. Despite doing all these part time odd jobs,  Jae Min still goes for interviews for a full time job at various companies, though for some reasons he always fails interviews. Jae Min has two elder sisters, the eldest, Yoo Jin (Yoo Ho Jung) is married to psychiatrist Kang Sung Hoon (Kim Seung Soo) and they have two kids. Second sister is Yoo Ri (Han Go Eun), who for some reason, hates Dad (Park Geun Hyung) and Jae Min. Character description tells us that Jae Min was born to Dad during an affair, and Yoo Ri hates both Dad and lil’ brother because of that. Mom has passed away, and Dad and Jae Min lives together.


Jae Min is dating Song Mi Joo (Hong Soo Hyun), though their relationship is kept secret. She is a bank teller employed on a contract basis, so our OTP is one that has no financial stability. This is also an issue that erupted at the end of episode one, when Mi Joo asks to break up. Mi Joo’s Mom (Cha Hwa Yun) runs a small takeaway side dishes shop, which Jae Min’s Dad frequents often apparently. Mi Joo’s parents have divorced, and her Dad (Kang Suk Woo) remarries Lee Yun Hee (Kim Na Woon), and they have a daughter Eun Joo (Nam Bo Ra) who, did not appear in episode one, but from dialogues we understand that Eun Joo skips school frequently. Mi Joo is neither friendly nor nasty with her stepmother, though Yun Hee wishes that Mi Joo will call her Mom too, to herself. Mi Joo has an older brother too, Byung Joo (Seo Dong Won), who is also married, but he and his wife have not yet appeared in this episode.

During one of Jae Min’s odd job of driving a drunk client, he reaches when his client (a girl) was almost being mugged by a random bad guy. She mistakes bad guy as the driver she asked for, and only when Jae Min called does the bad guy start assaulting her. Turns out that this drunk client is part of our love square of Mi Joo and Jae Min. She’s Eun Ha Kyung (Shin Da Eun), daughter of Eun Hee Jae (Choi Jung Woo, aka lovely Secretary Kim of Joo Joong Won) and Lee Hye Shin (Yoo Ji In). OMO it’s the second time Choi Jung Woo and Yoo Ji In play a married couple; the other time was in 49 Days. Anyway, Ha Kyung has a brother Ha Rim (Seo Ji Suk), who’ll make up the last leg of said love square. How convenient. Apparently Ha Rim has a strained relationship with his Mom. He is a chef, and his choice of occupation seems to be the reason why Mom is unhappy with him.

4why hello there Secretary Kim!

My verdict after watching one episode is: Drama looks promising, but this one hour is so cramp with character introductions it gets confusing. Not to mention the editing is pretty jarring. Scenes just get cut and suddenly someone else from the other family pops up, things like that. Story-wise is pretty predictable I suppose, though the million dollar question is, will Mi Joo and Jae Min end up together? Because from episode one we’re being fed with the idea that THEY are the OTP, yet we know from years of watching Korean dramas that if the parents of two lovers, ARE lovers themselves, most of the time Dramaland laws dictate that only one couple will survive. And here we have it, Mi Joo’s Mom will marry Jae Min’s Dad down the road. Oh, the horror of Dramaland laws.

This is just a one-off post, because there’s too much on my plate now, but I thought I’d just like to do a little intro to this new weekend family drama. A non-scary Halbae Geun-hyung is always a nice change!