kooryiuki: This is how I feel as Answer Me 1994 progresses – the battle of head and heart. Who is Na Jung’s husband! Garbage is the heart, and Chilbong is the head. Though sab may say otherwise.

sab: Yeah…my argument is based on our (almost) vast knowledge of K-drama — usually the second lead is the one that tugs at viewers’ heartstrings (see Park Se-joo in Mirae’s Choice). And the lead is the one who really doesn’t do much BUT still gets the girl. Second leads usually work their magic around the start to mid of a drama…which, in Chilbongie’s case, is exactly about NOW. So, I conclude…OPPA SHALL GET THE GIRL!


kooriyuki: My take is, there’s no clear definition who is the MAIN lead. Somehow I had the impression that Yoo Yun Suk (Chilbong) is the main lead. Because it had been touted as his first leading role in a drama. And there’s always a first to reverse the trend!

sab: But it is kinda ODD that a main lead suddenly pops and stands out so late in the show right? cos if Chilbongie is the lead, he’d have staked a higher screen time and make his presence felt earlier on. Rather than appearing on-off throughout in the beginning. Take a look at Answer Me, 1997…the lead is present from the start, and he got the girl eventually.

kooriyuki: Perhaps the production team wants to do something different? Remember we were all led to think that Garbage is her real oppa until like what, Episode 3 or 4? Technicalities aside, if Answer Me, 1994 were to follow Answer Me, 1997, then my bet is on Na Jung NOT ending up with her first crush. And this is where the head and heart battle comes in.


sab: And are you sure you are using only your head when it comes to picking Chilbongie? 😛 looking at the poll results, about 60% of respondents are in the Chilbongie camp (much sadded). And I don’t think they are there cos they went through the choices logically. Afterall, Chilbongie’s interactions with Na-jung during ep 7-8 of Answer Me, 1994 are so sweet yet MANLY that I’d bet you (plus many others, myself included) prob swooned over him. (especially his childishly endearing method of wowing Na-jung in his semi-undressed state…by MASS ordering burgers.) rofl.

kooriyuki: Not only that, I was trying VERY hard not to awww aloud at the scene where he asked Na Jung to follow him after his winning match, WITH HIS EYES, and then threw her the ball (I was watching the drama in a public place). I’m trying very hard to make the choice of Chilbong a logical one, with all the analyzing of the 2013 scenes, but if Chilbong keeps up with his swooning acts, I’m very sure it’s gonna be a 100% heart choice. I’m onboard any ship with a handsome proactive guy 😛

sab: heh heh, see? I won’t hate the script writer if s/he really pairs Na-jung with Chilbongie, cos he is totally totally sweet. But then, so is Garbage Oppa. Doesn’t mean he has to order a gazillion burgers or have laser beamed eyes (aimed at Na-jung) in order to make him potential-sweet-adoring husband material. Remember how he quietly does things for Na-jung? Like buys her a BAG of cookies (when she only whined for one measly box) despite nagging that she shouldn’t be eating them? Or like he comes in with warm milk to her hospital room and strokes her hair so that she can sleep without the painkillers? Or like when he buys her the seal toy, when he knows how much the toy means to her and he guessed she will want it during her (real) oppa’s death anniversary? Sometimes, a guy need not do a LOT of wow things in order to get the girl…it’s the small little things that count.


kooriyuki: But oppa does the sweet and irritating things in a ratio of like, 1:4, I don’t know how he really feels about Na-jung. At least Chilbong is consistent. We’ll see how things unfold.

sab: right about that. We are still midway, and things can swerve EITHER way. Plus, the scriptwriter hasn’t make up his/her mind who to pair Na-jung up with. Also, there are unanswered issues at the moment wrt Oppa’s push-pull treatment of Na-jung. My bet is he loves her too, but is hampered by the “siblings” relationship he must upkeep.

And juz to round things up, here’s an interesting read on Jung Woo (aka Garbage Oppa) on KDrama Stars. Let’s hope reality doesn’t affect k-dramaland. 😦