Heirs…It REALLY is not living up to its hype

kooriyuki: I regret to say that. But yes, much as I believe we all love Lee Min Ho/Kim Woo Bin/Kang Min Hyuk (whoever watches this for the girls, raise your hand please), Heirs is…really not an interesting drama. Period. At episode 10 we still don’t get a main theme (unless you think watching the rich fight over a girl IS the main theme), I guess we’re all just watching for the eye candies.


I decided to watch this because 1) of the writer, even though A Gentleman’s Dignity made me weary, and I wasn’t impressed by Secret Garden, I really loved City Hall, so this writer is not all that bad; 2) the sprawling cast. And I can only say now that we’re halfway past the drama’s run, we’re still at the same damn starting point. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The strange thing about this drama is, the secondary (or tertiary) characters are more interesting than the primary love triangle. For the two male leads are totally behaving like buffoons (minus the amusing most of the time) fighting over a goddamn living girl. The premise of their fallout isn’t even that convincing in my book. Hands up for those who feel the conflicts in this drama so far is just so ridiculously contrieved that logic is already long thrown out of the window.

The one thing I’m more forgiving about, compared to sab (see below), is Eun Sang’s passiveness. I can understand Eun Sang because all she asks for is a normal life. I think all she wants is not to be noticed, be a wallflower and graduate high school as quietly as possible. Hence she doesn’t want to have any connections with both Tan and Young Do, despite those two rich boys wanting a piece of her (or the whole of her, if you prefer).


Perhaps this drama is supposed to be a parody of the uber rich top 1% of the population? Initially I thought perhaps the whole point of Heirs is a modern setting of some Joseon monarchy, but the execution has taken any supposed intelligence away, leaving only stupidity of the characters.

Heirs is being billed as a (melo) romcom. I don’t see both the rom and com (or the melo). It is not swoony, nor is it funny. Heirs is just one drama that can’t decide what it wants to be. I just hope it doesn’t become the drama-that-shall-not-be-named from the Hong Sisters. Shudders.

sab: My thoughts exactly. Seriously, is the show’s theme “Rich People = Nasty People”?? If so, then I’d say it has FULLY succeeded in driving that point home. More like forcing it down our throats than driving though. And it’s not juz one or two characters that display mean-ess, practically everyone there who has money is a bankrupt when it comes to civility and basic MANNERS. Juz look at the two supposedly main leads:

  • Choi Young-do — a bushy eyebrowed bully, favourite  hobby is torturing some poor(er) souls up cos his daddy does the same to him. (and don’t get  me started on his psychopathically-womanising-abusive daddy).
  • Kim Tan — supposedly the white knight? but then why do I feel like bitch slapping him every few minutes? his behaviour thus far is either sulky, or violently sulky. Which is like not a huge range of emotions to display.


And seriously, can Eun-sang stop being so passive? I know there is not much she can do to change her situation, but she is not even trying. She reminds me of Mi-rae (before Ahjumma comes and kicks her ass) in Mi-rae’s Choice, when she allows everything and anything to roll over her and she will juz flop over on her belly and die. Eun-sang is allowing 2 general idiots to pull her around (physically) like a puppet and violate her against her will. I  know she is the Candy, but muz she be SO candy-ish?

It’s really sad that Heirs has so many good actors and actresses, but the plot and character developments don’t do them justice.



  1. I agree, if not for LMH i would not watch this drama, so far i cant point out what the story is all about,they say it is a story of the rich, so far it shows that the 1% of society are mean, ill mannered, money loving people who bully lesser humans for kicks, i hope there would be revelations on the coming episodes as to why everybody has to hate someone!

  2. OMG! You guys just said EVERYTHING I was thinking! Sadly I can’t express my dislike for most of this drama in the Soompi thread because fangirls come out of nowhere to tell me why I’m wrong.
    I can’t stand Tan, he’s a stalker and invader of personal space/privacy. He doesn’t seem to care what Eun Sang thinks or feels, only what he wants. He’s been cold towards Rachel since their engagement. Would it kill him to be nicer? Fan keep using excuses for their behavior, but I don’t care. This is a drama & I am allowed to be upset over the lack of progress in these leads.
    I so 100% agree with you, the secondary characters(Chan Young, Bo Na, Hyo Shin,, Myung Soo, Rachel) are far more interesting than anything going on in the main couple’s story line. Hell even Rachel’s mom and Chan Young’s dad’s kiss was way hotter than that stupid kiss Tan laid on Eun Sang.
    I feel sorry for Rachel and I also feel sympathetic towards Young Do. I can see why he’s like that. Not excusing actions, but dude really has no one. Plus, I love the way Kim Woo Bin plays him. At least he’s not crying or staring off at nothing for 80% of the show. I swear most of the hour is focused on Eun Sang crying and Tan spacing out in his room or staring at Eun Sang from his room…which is creepy.
    Chan Young and Bo Na’s relationship is this drama’s saving grace. They are just perfect and the only ones actually acting like teenagers.
    So this show has NOT lived up to its hype. I am very disappointed in the writer for this. I know she’s capable of writing something substantial.
    Sorry for the rant, I was just happy someone agreed with me lol

    • No problem for the rant! I think almost everyone over at dramabeans is uber disappointed at this drama. I think all of us who’re still watching yet complaining at the same time just like to torture ourselves, no kidding :p
      Yes, I kept telling myself this writer wrote a little gem of City Hall, despite me not being too impressed with her subsequent works. I’m not so sure if I’ll watch any more of her dramas in the future. It’s…testing my patience.

    • It’s ok to rant. 😛 I want to rant everytime i suffer thru 1 measly ep of Heirs too.
      I seriously have zero idea how Heirs is going to end. For 11 (ELEVEN!!!) episodes, we have been stepping on the same spot. Kim Tan stalks/grabs Eun-sang. Young-do sees, Young-do copies (juz to spite Kim Tan). Repeat the whole procedure. *yawns*
      Maybe to the fans’ credits, it’s not the actors/actresses’ fault. Cos the plot is SO bad and 2-D, there’s really not much they can DO.

  3. To some extend, I wish Eun-sang can just dump both of the guys, graduate from the school, find a good job, and then go live a happy life. This story is just some nonsense bs.

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