Soo-bak and Min Joong


Soo-bak’s ex continues to entice her with money, this time showing her a whole table full of 50,000 won notes, which he says is worth 500 million in total. He hands two bundles of notes to her, but when his secretary says without that two bundles, it’s not 500 million, he immediately grabs them from Soo-bak’s hands and put it back onto the table. This ex, I’m sure he is up to no good.


Soo-bak berates Min Joong again for waiting for her, and he is only waiting outside the gate. She asks if he has delusional suspicions. Soo-bak basically is already in the state of despise of everything that Min Joong does.

Soo-bak is the one with delusional suspicions because she gets totally jealous when Suspicious Ex receives a call, which he answered with “Yes, it’s oppa”, and he always gives Soo-bak one-word answers when she prods about his relationship status. Seems like she’s dying to cheat on Min Joong.


Min Joong’s Dad is hurt because some theives came and steal his produces and beat him up when Dad tried to stop them from stealing his things. Min Joong’s sister is worried about who to take care of Dad because he needs someone to nurse him for a few months before full recovery. She makes the excuse of she can’t take care of their Dad because she still has her kids and in-laws to look after, and also she’s too poor to even fork out $100. Ugh, this sister, I know she hates Soo-bak, but similarly I hate the way she likes pushing every single responsibility to Min Joong.


Soo-bak finally goes visit her father-in-law, albeit grudgingly. She and the sister-in-law exchange barbs as usual, about looking after the injured father personally, or forking out money to hire a nurse. She’s left alone at the room, and just stares into nothing, not even offering words of comfort to her father-in-law. A nurse comes with a trolley of lunches, and Soo-bak had to be told to receive the lunch tray from the nurse. She goes and take a tray half-heartedly…and trips and falls, spilling the lunch all over her father-in-law.


Sang Nam’s Aunt comes to the hospital as well, after finding out from Min Joong’s employees since she couldn’t get hold of him. Contrast Aunt’s behavior with Soo-bak’s, Aunt is definitely more like a daughter-in-law. I approve of Aunt.


Basically it is Min Joong looking after his Dad day in day out, napping in his delivery truck, and suffers a nose bleed one day. On the other hand, Soo-bak is totally enjoying herself entertaining clients with Suspicious Ex.

Ho-bak and Se Dal


Se Dal gets his wish of leaving Ho-bak for a month, and his irritating mother immediately orders Ho-bak to throw a farewell party. Cray cray Director calls halfway through the party, and irritating Mom snatches the phone from Se Dal and managed to get Director to agree to let him set off the following day.


Ho-bak gets really emotional and hugs Se Dal, much to his disdain. I cannot, for the life of me, understand Ho-bak. She totally understands Se Dal is a good-for-nothing, and the way he berates her for no reason, and also blaming her Mom for mistreating him (though I have to agree with him on this part; Mom is really pushing the limits), are concrete proof that no matter how in love they were then, his heart is already no longer hers. There is really no point holding on to him, no matter what Bang-tong (the younger son) says. Se Dal is the kind of Dad who is detrimental to kids’ psychological development.


Anyway, Se Dal is one happy arsehole, even though it is apparent that the servants at Director’s villa look down on him.


On the work front, Ho-bak is getting successful, with her promotion to Manager in full swing. However, her irritating mother-in-law and Young Dal decided to make full use of the absence of Se Dal and move in with them. Without informing Ho-bak. Wut. The Heo women sold their tiny apartment and salon, and use the money to take over a cosmetics store which Young Dal found out the original store owner is looking for buyers. I hope the Heo women will be homeless. They’re not only rude in that they moved in without telling Ho-bak, they also get movers to remove all of the boys’ furniture from their room and move in their stuff. Poor Shin-tong.


The useless Heo women simply bully Ho-bak, now that Se Dal is seemingly more well-off. They left piles of dishes unwashed in the sink, and Ho-bak is just one last straw away from breaking down.

Gwang-bak and Sang Nam


Gwang-bak is so depressed from breaking up, she went drinking, and managed to get Uncle Don to pick her up. She’s however too drunk to walk on her own, and Uncle piggybacks her. Gwang-bak starts singing random songs, mixing Jo Young Bi’s and Baek Ji Young’s songs (I love the Baek Ji Young song, Like Being Shot By a Bullet). Uncle drops her on her bed, but being the accident-prone girl, Gwang-bak rolled off her bed. She’s all awake from the impact, and runs out of her room to outside her parents’ room. Gwang-bak starts sobbing and screaming her head off, mostly venting her frustrations at Dad, crying that Dad has double standards. She also recounts that the first day she started work as a teacher, Dad told her to treat all students alike, yet Dad looks down on Sang Nam who only has a junior high certificate. Dad looks ashamed, while Mom and Grandma start scolding her.


Meanwhile, Sang Nam stones for some time at the Ultimate-Place-for-All-Depressed, before heading home, and removing his ring and keeps it in a ring box. Aunt notices he removes his ring. Sang Nam also walks past his Dad at home, without acknowledging his presence.


Rice and her bucket are both trying to drown their sorrows in work. Gwang-bak decides to work part-time at the one and only Drop Top café in this dramaverse. Aunt goes see Gwang-bak, and tells her Sang Nam is just as miserable as she is. Aunt tells Sang Nam Gwang-bak decides to do part-time, as a way to forget her misery, even if it is temporary.


Sang Nam struggles between whether to go see how his Rice is doing, and ends up driving to the Drop Top café. He hides at one corner looking at Gwang-bak being reprimanded by her colleague (who joined the café a few months earlier than Gwang-bak, thus making her more senior). He goes a few more times I presume, once at night, and sees Gwang-bak crying by the veranda.


Sang Nam goes drinking alone at a pojangmacha, and Young Dal happens to walk past. Argh. She joins in uninvited AND after Sang Nam says he’d rather drink alone. She insists on buying him drinks and asks the stall owner ahjumma for some side dishes. They had a few bottles of soju, and Sang Nam prepares to leave. Young Dal tries getting him to stay for one more bottle, and when he rejects, she volunteers to bring him home. Sang Nam pushes her away, and tells her that there’s already someone else he likes. YAYS.


While they are drinking, Uncle Don chances upon them, and rushes home to tell Gwang-bak. Without knowing anything about Sang Nam, Uncle jumps into the conclusion that Sang Nam is two-timing Gwang-bak (Uncle, don’t deny you don’t have vested interest here). Anyway, Rice and her bucket pass by the very lamppost where they had their Romantic Moments, although at different timings.



There seems to be nothing Hye-bak can’t do, because while Mom is silently reeling from Dad’s outburst at her, refusing to do any household chores, Hye-bak took up the apron and cooks breakfast for the whole family, and makes sandwiches for Gwang-bak and Mom. Soo-bak is astonished the Hye-bak can cook, and hilariously asks her how she knows how to use the rice cooker. I’m amused at Soo-bak’s stupidity, or rather her lack of common sense.

Wang Sisters’ Dad and Mom


Dad goes to see Ho-bak, heart-broken that his favorite daughter (I don’t think he favors any of his  daughters, but definitely he likes Ho-bak more than Soo-bak) is suffering from a marriage that’s on the verge of breaking. Dad goes drinking, and goes home to lecture Mom. High time for that, Dad.


Anyway, he scolds Mom for her practise of favoritism, and calls her a vulgar person (I can’t find a suitable term for the Korean term he used. It basically means a person who is overly materialistic). Dad also says that whenever he thinks of Mom’s differential treatment of her daughters and son-in-laws, he feels so ashamed to be standing at the podium in school. This starts Mom’s and Dad’s cold war, though I have to say Mom has it coming.


Soo-bak blames Ho-bak for their parents cold war, and Mom gets Soo-bak to go quarrel with Se Dal’s Mom. They are however, chased out of the salon when Young Dal comes. That Plastic Girl actually chest-butts Mom and Soo-bak out of the salon. I’m surprised that she knows her chest is a weapon.


Meanwhile, Dad gets really angry at Se Dal, and calls him out to meet at the one and only spot at Han River. Dad brings a baseball bat along with him, and Uncle Don follows (thankfully).


It seems like Dad’s words DID get through Mom, because she starts getting irritated at Soo-bak’s endless requests and her ungrateful attitude. Soo-bak raises her voice at Mom each time something happens to Joong Ji, and tells Mom to look after her children carefully. Mom also heads to the one and only spot at Han River, and the last straw happens as Soo-bak calls Mom and orders her to look after Joong Ji, adding that since she’s paying Mom for looking after her children, Mom better get the job well done.

Sang Nam’s Dad (and Mom)


Dad has a late night drink with the Uncle who works with him, and self-righteously claims that rude, uncouth Gwang-bak is a definite bad match for Sang Nam. Uncle, God bless his intact common senses, tells Dad he should be grateful that there’s a girl who loves Sang Nam for who he is, not minding his lack of proper qualifications and broken family. Dad actually looks offended that Uncle pointed these out, and sticks to his misguided beliefs. He also claims that a leopard never changes its spots, referring to that blood-sucking ex-wife of his. He thinks Gwang-bak will reveal her rude and ill-mannered side once she marries Sang Nam, and Sang Nam will have a bad life. Now look Sang Nam’s Dad, why don’t you look at yourself, always picking a fight with a young lady, is that good manners? It is not as if Gwang-bak deliberately knocks into him each time, and she apologizes each time, until his Dad got ridiculous. I feel like punching his Dad.


Anyway, his Mom somehow (which I guess Sang Nam DID give her his phone number?) found their house, and invites herself in by telling Miho (who is home alone at that time because Aunt went to hospital to visit Min Joong’s Dad) she’s her Aunt. Which is true, though I wonder why Miho so readily opens the gate since I’m sure she has not seen Sang Nam’s Mom before. So Bad Mom gives herself a tour of the house, mentally taking note of how well-off Sang Nam and his Dad are. Just then, Aunt comes home and gets genuinely shocked that Bad Mom is here. She slaps Bad Mom and hauls (yes, Aunt is strong) her out of the gate. Nice one there, Aunt.



She goes to the hospital and takes care of Min Joong’s Dad under the pretense that she’s a hired nurse. Given her gentle nature, she gets along well with Dad, and also shows him Miho’s photo. I hope Miho gets to acknowledge her Grandpa. Aunt even wants to help Min Joong financially, but Min Joong rejects her adamantly.

Uncle Don and Young Dal


Bitchy Plastic Girl goes taunt Gwang-bak at her workplace, and asks her why her family produces so many part-time employees.


She then passes by Uncle Don, and gives him her namecard, which states that she’s the Vice-President of the cosmetics store she and her Mom bought over. She also tells Uncle Don she doesn’t play with part-time employees. This, motivates Uncle Don to practise his pizza making skills (though it looks more like he’s playing).