Soo-bak says the darnest things when you think she can’t be any stranger logically, Ho-bak reconsiders divorce, Gwang-bak gets weaker by the day. Now I understand the sentence in Hye-bak’s character description – as a Wang daughter, there can’t be any one of them who isn’t in some kind of trouble. Though there’s nothing much about Hye-bak, yet. It’s high time to give some limelight to Hye-bak, Writer-nim!



Aunt makes her exit, and Soo-bak asks Min Joong who she is. Min Joong explains that she’s the nurse hired to look after his Dad, which is not completely untrue. Soo-bak says snidely that woman like Aunt has to come out to work when their husband can’t earn enough, and Aunt looks like she’s seducing Min Joong. She adds that Min Joong looked handsome, stressing that it’s past tense. Soo-bak hands him some money ($200) and tells him not to make her into the bad daughter-in-law just because she doesn’t look after her father-in-law when he’s hospitalised; it’s not easy earning money to pay for the hospital bills. She just walks away after that, not even replying Min Joong when he asks if she’s not going to see his Dad.

Sang Nam goes home and his Dad asks how things are going with him and the blind date girl. He replies Dad that she’s someone who accepts him for who he is and has no qualms with things that he lacks, and Dad looks pleased. Aunt follows him upstairs and asks if he likes her. Sang Nam says, “She’s suitable for marriage.” Aunt asks is she not someone whom he likes at first sight, isn’t feelings the most important thing to him? He gives a half-hearted smile and says it’s not so easy to meet someone like that. Can you stop being an idiot then?


It’s another day, and we get snippets of Soo-bak nodding and smiling like a fool at everything Suspicious Ex says to investors. Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Sang Nam on a movie date with the blind date girl. It’s a comedy (I assume) that they’re watching, but Sang Nam is not laughing with the other audience at the funny parts. The girl places her hand on his and gives him a little smile.


Min Joong returns home only at daybreak, having spent the night again at the hospital looking after his Dad. He runs into the only three Wang men at the gate, and tries to bring up Gwang-bak’s problem, only to get Dad to tell him not to bring it up again. Argh. Bless Min Joong for caring about Gwang-bak. He returns to his room, again not finding Soo-bak there. He goes to the toilet to wash up, and realises that the sink is dry. Min Joong heads downstairs to ask Mom about Soo-bak’s whereabouts, only to have Mom getting all defensive. He leaves home without asking further, and what’s funny is Soo-bak scampers back home just then. The couple goes home again, and Min Joong asks Soo-bak why is she home only now. Mom butts in between the couple, and basically the table is turned against Min Joong and he becomes accused of being suspicious of his wife. Mom even asks him to think in his spouse’s shoe, “will you like a wife who nags at you every day after a hard day at work? Do you think it’s easy to earn money like Soo-bak does? She even hands you the hospital bills, you should be grateful for that. Did you not receive the money?” I give up at Mom.

Ho-bak promises Shin-tong that she’ll definitely turn up for his show-and-tell, which in dramaland, all promises are meant to be broken. She ends up unable to go, because her superior informs her there’s a meeting in the afternoon. At Cray Cray Director’s villa, Se Dal returns from shopping with Director, and she says she’s bored with doing the same things, shopping, golf, etc. She says she wants to go travel the world, and tells Se Dal it’ll take a few months, on cruise, plane, speedboat. So crazy Se Dal goes find Ho-bak before she leaves for meeting, and hands her the documents for divorce. Ho-bak tears everything up and leaves. Good for her, or not.


Se Dal cosplays as Presley, prancing around and making a fool of himself just to make Cray Cray Director laugh. She receives a call halfway and leaves after hanging up. She throws a cheque ($1000) at Se Dal before leaving, which is meant as his reward for his efforts. I suppose Se Dal really has no pride when it comes to money, though he doesn’t look happy at all at the cheque. He goes to the kitchen and find all the kimchi and other Korean dishes that he brought over secretly thrown away, because Director dislikes “all the smelly food”. They eat together after she returns, and Se Dal is starting to get sick of having Western food daily. He thinks back to the days with Ho-bak and the children, sharing a pot of kimchi soup, and sighs. We’re shown later that what he misses is not who he had the food with, but the food itself.

Ho-bak brings her children to have pizza at where Uncle Don is part-timing at, to make up for not being able to Shin-tong’s school. Poor kid cried to her that he’s the only child in class without either his Mom or Dad turning up. Ho-bak approaches the issue of only the three of them staying together, and Bang-tong immediately cries no, their family is made up of four people, Mom, Dad and them brothers. Shin-tong, bless him, says he only wants Mom to be happy. I suppose it IS difficult for Ho-bak to agree to get a divorce.

5 6

Sang Nam brings the girl home for dinner, and Miho leaves the table in a huff after asking the girl if she’ll marry Sang Nam. Aunt explains to her that Miho is probably jealous because she thinks her oppa is being snatched away (though we know the real reason).

There’s an interlude of Uncle Don and Plastic Young Dal, where he happens to see her on the street, drunk, and he sprints into the nearest convenience store and get her some drinks to lighten up the drunkenness.

Ho-bak and Gwang-bak have a heart-to-heart talk at a ponjangmacha, and Gwang-bak sobs as she tells Ho-bak that Sang Nam is heartless, for he never once calls her. She says everytime when a person is drunk after a breakup, he/she will call the ex, but Sang Nam has never done it once. Ho-bak tells her maybe he feels that he’s the one being dumped. Ho-bak continues:

“What is love? It can’t even make you feel full like after a meal, nor can it get you a house. I once thought that love is for those who have nothing better to do. It’s fine whether I have it or not. But why must be everything be lost then we realise we should have treasured it? If only I’d treated him better when he was around, such that if there’s someone seducing him he wouldn’t be seduced. What use is there for me now to run around like a mad woman? I didn’t know anything then; I thought he’d always be at the same place. The whole family sharing a small pot of soup; dancing and playing around, laughing happily. I didn’t know that is happiness. The person is around, that is the most important. Even if he doesn’t do anything for me, his presence is precious. I’ve only realised this after he is gone.”

7 Both the sisters are crying, and Gwang-bak consoles Ho-bak that Se Dal will come back, there’s still the kids. Ho-bak knows how dire the situation is and tells her he wouldn’t. Gwang-bak says even so, she’s envious of Ho-bak, because Ho-bak still can see who she loves, but she can’t even meet Sang Nam even if she wants to. She adds that he doesn’t seem to even think of her at all. I wonder why OTPs in dramaland must always have such dramatically rough patches in their love lives. Ho-bak shows her the messages Se Dal has been sending her a few times each day, which is “divorce”.

Oooooh, Mom happens to see Aunt getting into Min Joong’s truck. Aunt helps Min Joong with his delivery, and gets mistaken by a client that she’s his wife (and never corrects the ahjumma).


Dae-bak asks Sang Nam out again because Miho told him Sang Nam’s getting married. Sang Nam holds his hand out, waiting for Dae-bak to shake it, but Dae-bak does not even look at him in the eye. Sang Nam asks if he’s angry, and says sorry to Dae-bak, but tells him that he’ll wait for Dae-bak to come and look for him anytime, and he’s welcomed anytime. Dae-bak finally looks at him and says, “Congratulations on your wedding. Is this love? If this is love, I wouldn’t love forever.” DAEBAK!


Mom gets a bigger shock on the same day, after running into the Heo women, and gets told by Mdm Park that Gwang-bak is part-timing at the Drop Top cafe. Mom tells Soo-bak that she saw a woman getting into Min Joong’s truck, and is worried that Min Joong is seeing her secretly. Soo-bak replies that she’s been thinking it’d be a good thing if Min Joong is having an affair.


Sang Nam has yet another date with the girl (I’m sure she mentioned her name somewhere, but I can’t remember where =X), and tells her he’ll be loyal only to her and the family after marriage, but if he looks afar sometimes, do not ask him what he is thinking. She seems really decent, and tells him that she understands everyone has past and secrets that they want to keep to themselves. They pass by a wedding dress boutique after dinner, and the girl points out to a gown. Sang Nam actually imagines Gwang-bak in it. Can you stop fooling yourself, dude?! And the scriptwriter just has to arrange for Gwang-bak to see Sang Nam and that girl at this moment. Argh.

Sang Nam goes home, and his Dad is uber excited at how smoothly things are going. He asks to arrange for a meeting between the parents, and for the wedding to be held as soon as possible, within the year. I can never understand the rush in getting married in Korea. Or maybe it’s just dramaland. Aunt follows Sang Nam to his room, and asks if he’s really ok with getting married to the girl. He comes clean with Aunt that he doesn’t feel any sparks with her, but still sticks to his stand that she’s decent and is suitable to get married to. He asks Aunt to leave his room, and broods in the toilet HALF-NEKKID, and bolts out suddenly.


He heads to the Wang household, loitering at the front gate, while Gwang-bak looks like she’s dreaming in her sleep. Is it real? Is it a dream? She wakes up with a start and rushes out of her room and the front gate, but sadly no Sang Nam. She turns back dejectedly, and Sang Nam emerges from the corner where he was hiding. BOOYAH.Β Sang Nam then goes to the most depressing spot in Seoul, and gives Gwang-bak a this-is-the-last-time-I’m-calling-and-please-forget-me call, letting his tears fall all the while.


I don’t really care about Se Dal and the Heo women and Cray Cray Director, but basically she’s getting annoyed at his habits (such as wriggling and farting openly), and he’s getting stiffled in the rich’s lifestyle. He calls Mdm Park and gets the Heo women to come to the villa while Director is out, and to bring some kimchi along. Ho-bak tails them secretly.

Grandma and Uncle Don runs into the Heo women while they are going to the villa, and upon reaching home, Grandma asks if Uncle Don likes Young Dal. He feigns ignorance, and Grandma gives him a slap on the shoulder telling him to cut out the act. LOL.


Gwang-bak receives a package, which is from Sang Nam, and it’s to return her the journals and photos she gave him when they exchanged their childhood stuff, and also his half of the couple ring. He also included a card, which he wrote, “I’m getting married.” Pfft. She takes the whole box to Han River, and sets fire to all his photos. And did she throw the ring box into the river?

It’s the day of meeting the parents for both Sang Nam and the girl, and Aunt asks him one last time if he’s really going to go through the marriage. She senses his unhappiness and resignation, and rushes out of the house, leaving both Sang Nam and his Dad in confusion. Aunt waits for Gwang-bak at her workplace, and tells her what Sang Nam is doing for the day, and he’s getting married soon. Gwang-bak tells her in tears that she knows, and to tell Aunt to tell Sang Nam she wishes them happiness. She turns away, and faints.



I think the message in this drama is very clear that when family members start messing around one’s love life, the person’s gonna suffer loads. We have Soo-bak and Min Joong in an unhappy marriage, more for the latter because he rushed things in a bid to forget Aunt; Ho-bak and Se Dal suffers because of her Mom; Gwang-bak and Sang Nam are suffering because of the biasness both their fathers refuse to let go off. It is a shame that the opposing powers are usually stronger than the supportive ones, for it’s usually those who think they know better are the ones opposing. I hope the Wang Dad can relent first, because I seriously thought he has realised he is practising double standard, the very thing he preaches against.

I also hope that the angst is finishing its run soon, because I have no patience for such plot points, and it defeats the whole purpose of a family drama. We need more cute and fluff, and ABS!