Aaaand we’re back to square one with regards to our Bab Couple, except that I suppose they wouldn’t break up like last time, but I don’t seee them getting married any time soon.

The marital woes of the Wang daughters are going at full speed, so get prepared for a good deal of shoutings and high decibles from your speakers.


Mom huffs and puffs home angrily, and tells the family about the argument over at Sang Nam’s place, as well as her calling off the wedding. Grandma and Soo-bak takes Mom’s side, the former saying a widowed father-in-law is more difficult to serve than a mother-in-law, and the latter adding that matchmade couples have it easier because parents always like to disrupt wedding plans of their children who plans to marry the partners they choose. Back at Sang Nam’s house, his Dad rattles away to Aunt, and orders Sang Nam to forget about the wedding because her Mom has called it off. Aunt tells Sang Nam it is the truth, and even though she disagrees with his Dad over some things he did, Gwang-bak’s Mom is equally wrong in her attitude.


Mdm Park brings Se Dal to some restaurant to have a good hot meal, which he gobbles down. He asks why did Mom not stop him then, which had me like, what the eff, you’re freaking in your mid-thirties and you actually blame your Mom for your predicament? Anyway Mdm Park does not scold him whatsoever, and she says that she also didn’t know any better because she thought he’s on the elevator to heaven. Huh. He tells his Mom he has to leave, and when she asks if he has anywhere to go, since he’s all chased out and stuff, he says resignedly that he’s just flitting around with the wind. OMG. Mdm Park gives him some money and brings him to a jjimjibang and tells him to stay there for the time being.


Sang Nam heads over to the Wang’s with a nice bouquet of flowers for Mom, but both Mom and Dad tells him rather kindly that the problem is not something that can be resolved on the spot. Gwang-bak also heads over to the Choi’s, apologizing profusely on behalf of her Mom, but Sang Nam’s Dad is a stubborn ahjusshi (as we all know). The extremely dejected couple meet on the street, and my heart just breaks seeing them helpless.

Suspicious Ex gives Soo-bak a big bouquet of roses, and when she asks about the money she has invested, he asks her to wait a few days more, and suggest that when everything is over, they’ll go travelling, just the two of them, to anywhere that’s unreachable. Why do I equate it as “Imma escape to somewhere that’s unreachable with all the money you people stupidly invested, and you shall be the scapegoat to everyone’s fury”.


We then get a very *insert eyeroll or facepalm, your choice* interlude of Sang Nam’s Dad and Mdm Park, and their blossoming (?) feelings for each other. Seems that he wants to buy some toner, which is why he is at her shop, and coincidence has it that Mdm Park sends Young Dal to the bank right before Sang Nam’s Dad enters the shop. I cannot imagine when the three of them know of each other’s relationship.

Mom forgot she’s cooking something and is napping, only when Grandma comes home from another round of Hwatu (which as usual she lost), and smells something burning, then did Mom wake up. Mom asks Dad if they should buy an insurance which will cover for fire accidents, and I thought they’re finally going to find out about the missing deed, but nope, didn’t happen. Dad asks Mom if she wants to go have a checkup at the hospital, but she’s afraid that she’ll be told she has dementia, which totally feels like foreshadowing to me.

Sang Nam’s Dad asks Uncle Joo to introduce Sang Nam a girl, remembering about the girl Uncle Joo wanted to introduce. Woo so this is where Uncle Joo comes in to the rescue! Uncle Joo then tells his Dad Sang Nam took five grand from the company funds, and his Dad jumps into the conclusion that the money was given to Gwang-bak. His Dad then asks Aunt to find out about the money.

Sang Nam tells Aunt he saw his Mom, and Aunt orders his Mom out to meet. Aunt tries to get not-Mom Mom to return the money, but to no avail of course. She tells his Mom to be a real Mom for the first and last time, because Sang Nam’s getting married soon. Mom has a Look, which doesn’t seem to sincere.


Mdm Park goes to the jjimjibang to find Se Dal, and when he sends her out, Bang-tong happens to see them. He goes home crying to Ho-bak, and Ho-bak asks him to bring her there. She finds Se Dal, and he begs for her forgiveness, but she’s utterly disappointed and disgusted at him. She repeats his words when she was being “kidnapped” at him, and orders him to turn up at the court to sign the divorce paper.


Sang Nam’s not-Mom Mom calls him and asks to meet. She prepares bulgogi for him, because she remembers he loves it as a child, gives him a set of long johns, and tells him she’s sad that she only gets to know about him getting married from her sister. She then proceeds to ask him about his fiancee, and asks if she can meet her.

Mom hands a passbook to Soo-bak and Min Joong, telling them to deposit her pay for helping them babysit their children. Soo-bak is unhappy about it, and tries haggling with Mom when Mom asks for $1000 a month, and shoots Min Joong a Look when he tells Mom that he’ll give more than that whenever he can.


Min Joong sees Aunt and Miho on the street, and the three of them have tea at a cafe nearby. Min Joong learns that Miho likes red bean buns like him. And just as all Dramas love coincidences, Soo-bak sees the three enjoying themselves, and she enters and asks icily what are they doing there. It’s only when she sees Miho then she realises Aunt is the mother of Dae-bak’s “girlfriend”, and she becomes more friendly. She even adds that the three of them looks like a family, which had me thinking, “woman, if only you KNEW”. Anyway, Miho tells Aunt when they’re home, that she finds Min Joong very warm and friendly, and she feels very comfortable with him around. Aww.


Ho-bak waits in front of the court to no avail, but it turns out that Se Dal goes and fetch the boys from school. They’re overjoyed and bring him home, and Shin-tong says it’s alright as long as he leaves before Mom is back, when Se Dal says Mom will be unhappy if she sees him. Father and sons enjoy their time together, after a long period apart, having bath together, and Se Dal even cooks ddokbokgi for them. All the while, Ho-bak keeps calling home, but because they were in the bathroom, the calls went unanswered. Shin-tong finally picks up the phone when Se Dal is cooking, and tells Ho-bak that Dad is with them now. Ho-bak comes home angrily, and chases Se Dal out of the house, despite the boys wailing for him to stay.

Sang Nam gives Gwang-bak a call, and jokes that they’ll just get married on their own. Gwang-bak says that’s not correct, and they both agree to try their best to convince their parents, especially since their choice of wedding date is nearing. Gwang-bak enters the kitchen and sees Dad, and Dad says he’s looking for a chance to talk to her. Basically Dad’s most unhappy about the audition, and also Gwang-bak’s choice to join it, because Dad feels that she shouldn’t have thrown away her pride just to get married. It’s not as if Sang Nam is a prince, and no sane people will come up with a daughter-in-law audition in the name of ego. Dad adds that not only that, especially during the parents’ meeting; he rebukes everything that Mom says, and that in itself shows that his Dad is not easy to get along with. Dad tells Gwang-bak that marriage is not just about having mental preparation to deal with the in-laws. On the other side, Sang Nam also tries to persuade his Dad, bt his Dad tells him that even if they’re not staying with the Wangs, mother-in-laws always tend to control their daughters like puppets, and like mother like daughter; he cannot let Sang Nam marry such a woman. Comparing both Dads, I gotta say that Sang Nam’s Dad has no logic at all, as we all have seen. Wang Dad is a much more respectable elder.


Ho-bak packs all of Young Dal and Mdm Park’s belongings, and Mdm Park screams for justice. She says pointedly that Ho-bak will have her retribution, for chasing Se Dal and them out into the bitterly cold winter, when they have nowhere to go, and her sons wailing for their Dad to stay but she still chases him out anyway. Ho-bak replies bitterly (and we get a few scenes of Mdm Park and Young Dal during Ho-bak’s monologue, where Mdm Park looks 1% guilty 99% I-don’t-give-a-damn-you-better-accept-all-of-us, and Young Dal looks mostly squirming in her skin and quilty, bless her),

“Yes, I’ll accept my retribution. But what about you, Mother, what about that person? You say I’m overboard? But how did you treat me? Have you forgotten you kept asking me to divorce him, that you accused me of obstructing your son’s future? Why is it because now that woman has abandoned him, you hope for me to take him (you all) back? Don’t be hopfeul. I’m not a rubbish bin. I don’t eat what others threw away. I thought he’ll come back, that’s why when I sent him away to that woman that night, could you understand my feelings? When you all brought all your belongings here, did you really think I took you all in because I like you? No, it’s because I thought he’ll come back, that’s why I waited. But how did you treat me then? I thought you would have understood me then. If you did, I wouldn’t be like this now; no I couldn’t be like now. You have an unmarried daughter, you should have understood (how i felt). Every night I couldn’t sleep after I sent him away; whenever I imagined him with that woman, I’ll be uncontrollably. I even spent my nights running along the Han River, pounding at my chest. But Mother, what did you do. You brought kimchi over to see the son with a rich woman, without telling your daughter-in-law, it was happy times for you, wasn’t it? My heart is already wounded all over, and now you tell me I’m being overboard? Just because there’re children between us, I should hold on to him, I should accept him again. People always say they regretted getting a divorce, I didn’t want to do something that I’ll regret; I wanted to bear with it until the end and did whatever I can. My heart is already wounded badly, and they’re just beginning to heal; I don’t want to get hurt again. I’ve already said before, I’ll only bear with it until I can’t anymore. I can’t now, and I don’t want to anymore, that’s why I choose to be strangers. Do you get it now?”


Mdm Park then heads over to the Wangs drunkedly, making a ruckus. Uncle Don gets asked to see why is Mdm Park here, and he nervously (and hilariously for us) started with he doesn’t know what she has heard from Young Dal, but he feels equally awkward and strange after that night. HAHAHA. Anyway Mdm Park’s pretty drunk to understand him, and she just kept asking for Dad and Mom to come out. She feels extremely unfair that her son has to face a divorce just because of one measly mistake, and claims that it’s not an affair, it’s that rich woman seduced him. She argues that when they (referring to herself and the Wang parents) were young, wasn’t it the norm to follow someone who’ll promise them biscuits and cookies? It’s the same for Se Dal. Mdm Park just continues making one failed argument after another to the Wangs, and Dad finally asks Uncle Don to send her home.


Young Dal receives a call from Uncle to meet, and she immediately brightens up and touches up her makeup and literally skips her way to meet him. He does not even give her a second look and hands Mdm Park over to her and leaves. Mdm Park sees Young Dal and suddenly is awaken from her drunkedness, because she thinks if Young Dal’s not at home to guard their belongings, Ho-bak will throw them out for real. In fact, Ho-bak is nursing Bang-tong, who has developed a fever (like that useless Dad of his, in the jjimjibang) after all that stress and wailing.


Min Joong takes over cooing Joong Ji to sleep from his mother-in-law, while somehow Ho-bak is out, and just so happens to see Soo-bak in Suspicious Ex’s car. She sees them hugging (!) and recognises Suspicious Ex. Ho-bak confronts her sister after she gets off the car, and asks if it is that “nom” (“nom” is an extremely rude way of referring to someone). Soo-bak gets all defensive and scolds Ho-bak. Ho-bak asks how can she be seeing this guy again, when Dad and Mom almost divorced because of them? Soo-bak left home to live with Suspicious Ex when she was 21, but Dad found out about it (which Mom and Soo-bak assumes it is due to Ho-bak telling Dad the truth) and drags Soo-bak home right on the day when she was supposed to participate in the Miss Korea pageant. Soo-bak is worked up at all this history, because she claims that she was one of the hot favourites among the contestants. To her, it is because of Ho-bak that her dreams were dashed and life destroyed. Ho-bak cries that she never told Dad, but rather Dad found it out from some other people that Soo-bak is cohabitating with a man. Ho-bak was also beaten by Dad because she helped Soo-bak keep it a secret from Dad. Aaaand, Min Joong seems to have overheard all of this juicy history.


Ooooooh. Ooooooh. Lovely that the huge secret between Soo-bak and Ho-bak is out. I’m happy that we have a new conflict added in the mix now, because Bab Couple is no fun to watch when crappypants Mr Choi Senior is standing in the way (though I think ex-Mrs Choi may become some obstacle as well), and Mdm Park and Se Dal are also another yawn to watch. In the preview Min Joong is asking Ho-bak to tell him the truth, which I think (I hopeeee) she will, and I wonder if he’ll choose to divorce her.

I think outlandish as it may be, the conflicts in King’s Family are pretty addictive. On with the roller-coaster ride!