We FINALLY get the much-awaited wedding for our Bab Couple, and while it’s not an elaborate affair, it’s small and cozy, befitting the couple’s easy-going characters. We also get what I suppose is our final loveline among the below 40s for the drama characters, and I love their funny.


Ho-bak reprimands Se Dal for spending the monthly household allowance in a day, and Mdm Park couldn’t resist chipping in to lecture Ho-bak for scolding her son. Ya all know, I really cannot stand this old woman.


Soo-bak sits up in the middle of the night, thinking of the slap Min Joong gave her earlier on. Min Joong told her to keep it a secret from her family, as he moves out of the Wangs.

Uncle Don is also having a sleepless night, and gives a shout after Young Dal’s “I’m pregnant” keeps ringing in his ears. Grandma is awaken by him, and wonders why he can’t sleep when he doesn’t have a wife and child to take care of. Uncle Don is fixated on the words “wife and child”. Snerks.


Young Dal tries to raid the fridge, but feels nauseus before she can do so, and she gets found out by Ho-bak. Ho-bak pulls her into the boys’ room, and after making sure they’re fast asleep, Ho-bak asks if she’s pregnant. She also asks if the guy knows, and when Young Dal remains silent in fear, she exclaims that could it be Young Dal doesn’t even know who the Dad is? Hahaha. Anyway, Young Dal comes clean and Ho-bak gives a yelp in disbelief. Just then Mdm Park enters the room because she couldn’t find Young Dal sleeping beside her, and thinks Ho-bak is lecturing her daughter after scolding her son. Pfft.


Soo-bak tells Suspicious Ex she’s going to get divorce soon, and she’s happy it’s finally going to take place. He advices her (GASP) to just make do with her married life, since there’re kids and all, and she asks him airheadly “Aren’t you happy that I’m going to get a divorce?” He replies offhandedly that he is happy, and changes the topic by asking if there’s nothing that happened to her, such as no one looking for her? She says no. Hurhur, I can’t wait to see what trouble she causes (though her family should not go through the mess she had created). Meanwhile, Min Joong rents a rooftop place to stay in temporarily.


Ho-bak gets the confirmation that Young Dal likes Uncle Don too, and heads over to see him, and tells him that the feeling is mutual, when he laments that it’s not enough that only he likes Young Dal. He brightens up at the news, and scrambles to meet Young Dal. He becomes solemn again in front of Young Dal, telling her not to make the mistake of staying with a guy like him just for the child’s sake. She gets upset and tells him she’ll raise her child alone, and Uncle Don grabs her as she starts to walk away angrily. His proposal: “Oppa cannot buy branded bags for you, is that ok?” Aww. Young Dal wraps her arms around Uncle Don, and we get a new couple.


Daddy Choi goes to see Mdm Park at her shop, and they exchange mushy words which I shall not repeat here. Meanwhile gold-digging ex-Mama Choi meets Gwang-bak again, for the wedding gift cash she demanded from Gwang-bak. It is a good five grand that Gwang-bak hands her, but that bottomless pit of a woman is not only ungrateful but also lashes out at Gwang-bak for that small amount of money. WTF. Gwang-bak says it’s not a wedding gift, since she and Sang Nam had agreed to make away with all these customary stuff, and it is a token of appreciation that ex-Mama Choi gave birth to her husband Sang Nam. And kudos to Gwang-bak for telling the gold-digger that she can tell Sang Nam whatever she wants (since she threatened Gwang-bak that she’ll get Sang Nam over now, regarding this cash gift issue), and she will no longer entertain such unreasonable demands from her.


Gwang-bak then goes shopping for a gift for Daddy Choi, and settles for a set of tie and tie pin/clip. The salesperson tells her the trend now is to write a letter of appreciation to the father-in-law, as a way of getting into the good books, and hands her some example letters.Uncle Don goes over to Ho-bak’s with Young Dal, but Mdm Park treats him with as much contempt as she has, and basically I was =( for Uncle Don and shoots daggers at Mdm Park. Both Young Dal and Ho-bak speaks up for Uncle Don, but to no avail. And we get a scene of Uncle Don delivering newspapers early in the morning. Aww.

Min Joong heads to his home to break news to his Dad that he’s getting a divorce.


Our Bab Couple meets with the Wang elders, as it’s the day before their wedding. When Gwang-bak bids Sang Nam goodbye at the gate, he swoops in for a kiss and Uncle Don arrives right at the moment. Hee. They break apart embarassingly. Gwang-bak first thanks Dad for his love and support, and starts penning the letter to her father-in-law in her room. Gwang-bak goes cuddle up with Mom on her last night as an unmarried, and leaves her letter to Daddy Choi out to dry on the sofa. Meanwhile, Daddy Choi looks at Sang Nam’s photo with mixed feelings (I was totally O.o at his facial expressions).


The big day comes, and everyone at the Wangs get ready. Gwang-bak calls Hye-bak, asking her to bring the letter to the hall. And in an earlier scene we saw Ae-ji plucking off the dried flowers on the letter. Hye-bak can’t find the letter on the sofa, and she heads back to their room and sees a nicely folded letter on Gwang-bak’s table instead, and place it in the envelope. I have a sinking feeling about this.


Over the the Chois, Aunt tells Daddy Choi and Miho to head over to the hall first, claiming she has something to attend to. Turns out she calls not-Mom Mom and asks her to come over. She tricks not-Mom Mom and locks her in a room in the basement, to stop her from attending the wedding. Good job, Aunt!


It’s a small and cosy wedding, and Se Dal volunteers to be the MC. I wonder why Mdm Park never come for the wedding, but whatever. Young Dal and Uncle Don exchange winks, as the speeches from the newlywed/Dads go on. Gwang-bak hands her gift to Daddy Choi (and she never checks if the letter is the correct letter or not) to Aunt. The newlyweds leave for a ski resort for their honeymoon (and it’s just for one day OMG).

Aunt finally lets not-Mom out, and the latter keeps grabbing Aunt’s hair in anger. Daddy Choi relents at not-Mom’s request to see Sang Nam for one last time, since she was prevented from attending his wedding. I wish this whole not-Mom issue will just be resolved ASAP.

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We get intercutting scenes of the newlyweds, and the newly setup loveline enjoying themselves in the snow. It’s like, the rich and poor version of skiing and sledding respectively.

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At night, we continue with this pattern of contrasting the two couples, one at their honeymoon night, and the other sharing some takeaway at the playground. Young Dal asks Uncle Don to buy soondae soup because she’s craving for that, and he happily bursts out of his room to buy for her. The couple happily enjoy their date eating takeout. Mdm Park comes home from her gathering, and hears Young Dal chattering away. She goes over to them, and the couple starts their great escape from Mdm Park.



Now that our Bab Couple is married, what’s left is just Gwang-bak’s fight to win over Daddy Choi, and I’m not too keen on seeing that. I’m more interested in Uncle Don and Young Dal, because while the Wangs will give their consent and blessings, Mdm Park will surely put on a tough fight against Young Dal marrying Uncle Don.

As I’ve shared with fellow viewers over at Soompi, I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for the Daddy Choi-Mdm Park coupling. It’s downright disgusting to see this two unreasonable and petty nearing-sixty persons flirting with each other. I have nothing against widowers/divorcees dating, but the way this two do it is totally puke-inducing. Ugh.

Anyway, congratulations to Han Joo Wan for getting the Newcomer (Actor) Award, Lee Tae Ran for getting Serial Drama (Actress) Award, Jo Sung Ha for getting Serial Drama (Actor) Award, and Moon Young-nam for the Writer Award.