This drama is my new crack, along with Age of Feelings. I totally love this drama for its frank portrayal of adult feelings (compare to the wannabe known as Heirs, which wanted to portray high schoolers’ feelings, if I never remember it wrongly). Anyway, I wouldn’t be doing recaps, but more like a commentary of each week’s progress in the drama.

We’re getting hints of Seon Mi and Jung Wan being set up as potential love rivals, but my gut feeling says it wouldn’t go down this route. Uhmforce’s Kyung Soo definitely has more interest in Jung Wan than Seon Mi, and I think he’s not giving her any wrong ideas; rather she’s the one who’s thinking too much. Furthermore, there’s Yoon Seok and his undying love (I hope) for Seon Mi, and I’m completely rooting for Yoon Seok. I also like that Kyung Soo always see the embarassing behavior of Jung Wan, which makes their relationship endearing.


Jung Wan’s ex-husband, Joon Mo, is one whom I can’t really figure out where his heart lies, because if he’s still not over his ex-wife, why agree to get married to Do Young’s bratty sister? Could it be a marriage trade on his part? That said, I can’t stand it whenever Kyung Joo the bratty girl appears on the screen because she’s severely annoying and self-centred (nothing adorable like Song Yi and her funny ego). I wonder what ruckus she’ll kick up again in Episode 5 when she sees Jung Wan at Joon Mo’s house.

Jung Wan’s Mom is a pain in the arse, though I understand that she means the best for her child, but on the other hand she’s rather blunt with her words and never seem to think that she’s hurting someone with her frank thoughts. I applaud Seon Mi for her good manners, for when Jung Wan’s Mom says aloud that Seon Mi’s room will revert back to a mess when they move out Joon Mo suggests that his ex-wife, ex-mother-in-law and son stay with him until they find somewhere to move to), she remained silent and grits her teeth and just smile.

Returning to Yoon Seok, I feel kinda sad for him that Seon Mi always dismisses him rather coldly, and only accepting him when she’s emotionally vulnerable (ie on her mother’s death anniversary). And don’t you think it’s so sweet of him to remember details about her? I hope Seon Mi accepts him despite the age difference (though the fact that he’s the eldest son will definitely complicate matters), and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.


I think Ji Hyun is shrouded in mystery, especially her breakup with Do Young. The preview of Episode 5 is a big revelation of sorts, and I’m quite certain her niece is actually her real firstborn, though I have no idea whether Se Ra knows about it. Se Ra’s grudge against her mother seems to be deeper and more complex than just Ji Hyun breaking her and her boyfriend up. Anyway, why doesn’t Ji Hyun’s father tell Do Young the truth is beyond me. My previous theory of Do Young becoming rich on his own was debunked by Seon Mi’s staff in episode 2. It’s also intriguing that both Ji Hyun and Do Young have totally opposite interpretation of their breakup, which would be an interesting revelation as to how and why they get there.

I’m not so sure whether at this point I’m rooting for Ji Hyun-Do Young, because her husband seems like a nice person. I’m not sure if he’ll turn out to be a cheating husband, but it sure doesn’t seem like it now. I’m also curious as to why the mother-in-law is hellbent on making life miserable for Ji Hyun. It also seems that her husband thinks the world of his mother (rolls eyes).

Lastly, I think character differences between Seon Mi and Ji Hyun is what drives the friends apart. Seon Mi is successful in her career, and I think Ji Hyun always feel inferior. And the fact that she’s the only unmarried among the three is likely a thorn in Seon Mi’s heart. Both girls are probably full of pride that’s why they hate to be compared to each other.


I’ll probably be keeping up with this commentary style for Could We Love?, and comments are most welcomed!

Credits to the Soompiers who uploaded the screenshots!