We’re on the road of recovery – misunderstandings cleared up, ugly truths uncovered. There’re still some rude awakenings for some of the characters, so stay tuned for the upcoming episodes for the revelations.



Daddy Choi discovers that his golden key is missing, and shouts for everyone at the top of his lungs. The scene then cuts to him reprimanding Gwang-bak and Aunt is sitting beside her. Sang Nam comes in from the front door and asks what’s wrong Dad. I found this part hilariously funny, because it seems as if Sang Nam can hear his Dad from miles away. Anyway, Daddy Choi blames everything on Gwang-bak, because she left the home empty previously without informing Aunt or him = burglar came and stole the key. WTF. Aunt drags Gwang-bak into her room and asks if Chewing Gum had dropped by. Gwang-bak confirms it, and Aunt guessed it must be Chewing Gum who stole the key. Gwang-bak can’t believe it, but Aunt is 100% sure that her sister would do such a thing. She explains that it’s precisely why she told Daddy Choi not to lodge a police report, because Sang Nam would be beyond hurt to know that his mother would resort to stealing. Gwang-bak then tells Aunt that she’ll get the key back no matter what, and asks to handle the matter wholly.

Min Joong comes back to his tiny loft and sees Aunt’s note and covered dinner table, as well as a registered mail from the courts that Aunt received on his behalf.

Mom and Dad  have a chat at the tiny front yard, and they wonder about how Soo-bak is doing. Mom then continues to imitate Young Dal, calling Dad “oppa~” and asks him to keep her company while she goes to the toilet. Dad rejects her flatly and returns indoors. Hee.


Uncle Don wakes up super early again to deliver newspapers, and wakes Dae-bak up. We then see Dae-bak at a study cubicle. Is he really going to take his Dad’s and Uncle’s advice to study hard?


Dad wakes up too and Mom sees him washing his face with cold water. She is alarmed that there’s no more hot water, which she has just boiled, and of course it turns out that Young Dal has used up all. Princess is taking selca at different angles, flaunting her belly especially. She admits that she used up all the boiled water to wash her hair, and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Grandma pops by and takes her side.


Gwang-bak calls Chewing Gum and asks to meet, and Chewing Gum actually is right behind her all the time in the kitchen. Gwang-bak is shocked that she can come in even though the gate is locked, and Chewing Gum says smugly she can enter anywhere she wishes with the help of a bobby-pin. OMG she’s a really a burglar! Gwang-bak tells her pointblank that she knows Chewing Gum stole the gold key, and Chewing Gum is all indignant that Gwang-bak accuses her mother-in-law! Gwang-bak tells her it’ll just be between them, and she’ll buy the key and the tie pin she bought for Daddy Choi, back from Chewing Gum. She offers twice the amount Chewing Gum can get if she sells it elsewhere. Chewing Gum haggles for thrice the amount (she really is greedy), and Gwang-bak agrees.


Se Dal is looking through the clothes placed at the communal recycle bin, and an ahjumma invites him to a house party. Turns out that it’s a party of the neighbor ahjummas, and Se Dal fits in perfectly. They talk about dramas and affairs, and Se Dal goes home and rings up Ho-bak, his mind wild with ideas that she has a “office husband”.

Gwang-bak receives an assignment from that nasty magazine editor, who asks her to write something about marriages.

Miho goes meet Dae-bak, and asks if he’s having an affair since he’s been too busy to meet her these days. He tells her he’s been trying to study hard, and she wonders if he’s being hit on the head. LOL. He tells her the Wangs are now bankrupt, and Miho runs home telling Aunt this important piece of news. Aunt then brings some fruits to Gwang-bak, and tells her that she’s heard about the Wangs. Gwang-bak breaks down, and asks Aunt to tell Daddy Choi or Sang Nam about it.


Young Dal messages Uncle Don about her cravings, and he buys two waffles (?) hotteok (a kind of pancake with walnut n honey or sugar paste) for her. Mom and Grandma poohpoohs about his pettiness (actually he’s short of money) and Young Dal happily eats her snacks in front of Mom and Grandma. She tells them it’s not her, but Wang Dal who wants to eat it. Wang Dal is the nickname for her baby. LOL.

There’s a couple with a baby eating at where Soo-bak works, and the boss offers to look after the baby while the couple eats. Soo-bak steps in and volunteers, and she’s reminded of her own children. Oh so now she finally realises she’s a mother of two? Anyway, she somehow slips away (I assume she’s returned the baby to the customers) and peeks at Ae Ji at school. When she returns, her boss scolds her for slipping away when she should be preparing for the evening crowd.


Soo-bak locks up the eatery late at night, and goes to a supermarket to buy formula milk. She brings it to the Wangs, and starts tearing when she hears Mom talking to Joong Ji at the other side of the gate. Soo-bak leaves the milk at the gate and runs away. She runs into Dae-bak who’s coming home from school, and runs away from him. Dae-bak goes home and tells everyone he saw Soo-bak, and Mom begins crying and worrying about her firstborn.

Se Dal tucks his boys into bed, and the boys wonder why Ho-bak isn’t home yet. They warn Se Dal to be careful that Ho-bak will be snatched away by other men because “Mom is pretty” they say. Se Dal goes wild with his imagination again, and calls Ho-bak’s phone repeatedly. She ends up having 12 missed call, and is irritated at him. She calls back and says she’s already informed him that she has a staff gathering. He decides to wait for her at the stairs, and sees that she’s being sent back by a young male staff. Se Dal gets defensive and jealous immediately LOL. Ho-bak falls asleep once back in her room, and her phone keeps ringing with messages from other staff (we hear difference voiceovers reading the messages, both male and female voices). Se Dal is pissed off because those messages mentioned things like “I love you~!” “Captain, you’re so cool and sexy~”. He tries to get chummy with her under the covers, but she wakes up immediately and kicks him aside. HAHA.

Soo-bak tries to get some sleep, but is frightened when a drunk man keeps rattling the front door of the eatery. She appears pale and sick.


Meanwhile Young Dal continues to disturb Uncle Don in his sleep, saying that she’s craving for some ramyun. Uncle Don creates a mess in the kitchen, and Mom gets all frustrated.

During breakfast, Se Dal nags away at Ho-bak, and wonders aloud if Ho-bak has an office husband. Ho-bak tells him to stop mixing around with the neighbor ahjummas, and tells him to read newspaper or books instead of watching dramas. He protests that he has to watch so as not to be ostracized by the ahjummaa, and they’re his only friends now. I don’t know if I should laugh at this. Anyway, Ho-bak asks incredulously if he’s an ahjumma, and he say he is, 50%.


Mom barges into the cafe where Hye-bak is working at, and drags her out despite her protests. Mom once again tries to force Hye-bak to give up her aspirations, and also to quit her part-time work, but Hye-bak is adamant about her choices as well. She tells Mom she wouldn’t be able to make alot of money immediately even if she becomes a prosecutor, and being a prosecutor isn’t striking lottery. She runs away from Mom. Hye-bak then goes to find Dad, and admits that if she had known their family would be bankrupt, she would have listened to Mom and enroll for a law school instead of the maritime university. But since she has already made her decision and is accepted by the university, she thinks it’s not good to back out. Dad tells her to make a choice which she will not regret 10 or 20 years down the road, and it is her life so she has to be responsible for it. I love that Dad is the sole voice of reason in this entire drama.


Min Joong calls Soo-bak before handing in the forms that finalize the divorce, but she’s at work. He hands it in despite appearing to be uncertain. He walks out of the municipal (?) office…and turns back to retreive it back from the counter. The counter lady reminds him that it is the last day to hand in the form, failure of which will render the divorce ineffective. He takes the form back anyway, and heads over to the Wangs. He overhears Mom asking Ho-bak to find out who is the woman Min Joong is seeing now, and is dead certain that Min Joong is cheating on Soo-bak that’s why he insisted on a divorce. Ho-bak counters that Soo-bak is in the wrong as well, for she hid the fact that she cohabitated with someone before marrying Min Joong. This is the last straw for Min Joong, as he heads back to the office to hand in the form. And so, the divorce is finalized. Huzzah!!

He goes back to his room, only to find Aunt waiting for him. They head out for a celebratory drink, and he admits that he’s relieved that he’s finally divorced. Aunt says that she likes Min Joong for being loyal and single-minded when it comes to people he likes, and admires him for always putting his family first when he was still married.

Dad goes back to their old home to retrieve letters, and comes across the registered mail adressed to Soo-bak. Meanwhile Mom decides to phone Min Joong, and Aunt happens to be away at that moment. Mom asks Min Joong to come back often to see his children, and just then Aunt calls out to Min Joong, and Mom hears from her side of the call. Dad comes back and tells Mom to stop using the children as an excuse to call Min Joong. He adds that the divorce is likely finalized and Min Joong is no longer related to their family.


Mdm Park and Daddy Choi goes on a date, and that crazy woman laments that the street is not crowded enough for her to be even closer to Daddy Choi physically. Excuse me while I puke. He brings her for a walk in the park, and pulls her close as they walk, and she’s on cloud nine.

Aunt asks Sang Nam out during work the next day, and tells him that Gwang-bak is suffering alot these days, because of what happened to her family. He’s appalled that such a thing happened and yet she never tells him, and tells Aunt that a married couple shouldn’t keep things from each other. Aunt advices him that there’s pride even between a married couple, and Gwang-bak probably felt ashamed and couldn’t bring herself to say the truth. Aunt tells Sang Nam to keep it from his father, and console Gwang-bak.


Time for showdown between Gwang-bak and Chewing Gum! They sit down for their exchange, and Gwang-bak insists on checking the box for the key. Alas it’s an empty box, and Chewing Gum says Gwang-bak is not as stupid as she thought, and if they open a coffee shop together, it’d be full of business. Whatever. Chewing Gum then takes out the key and the tie pin from her handbag, and the two women exchange their items and money on a count of three. They both snatch what they want at the count of two, and Chewing Gum is appalled to find that the envelope contains only white paper. She fumes and starts lashing out at Gwang-bak and raises her arm to slap her…only to have her wrist grabbed by Sang Nam. FINALLY. He’s overheard the incriminating evidence against her Mom, and throws her out in an instant. THANK YOU, WRITER-NIM! And our Bab Couple finally makes up. About time, I say.

Soo-bak confirms that the divorce is finalized, and walks to a pharmacy in a blur. She buys some medicine for her cold, and sits down in a slump.

Mom recalls about the times she snooped around Min Joong’s room, and decides to head over again. She sees his blanket and shirts hung out neatly, and his room spick and span. She then runs into Aunt while walking back home, and only after they’ve bidded each other goodbye then Mom has her suspicions about Aunt.


Min Joong comes back and tells Aunt, who’s waiting for him at his room, that it snowed. It’s the first snow of the year, and they kiss!! HUZZAH!!


If Min Joong doesn’t end up with Aunt I’m going to blacklist the writer, along with the writer behind Reply Me 1994, and the writer behind Heirs (and a couple more others). There’s no way he’ll go back to Soo-bak, because as Ho-bak said, no man will like that their wife cohabitated with another man before. This is especially true for Asian men.

(My Mom and I were cheering loudly at the last scene =p)

I’m glad that whatever misunderstandings there were between Gwang-bak and Sang Nam is cleared up finally, and Chewing Gum is ousted. It’s high time and if this drags on any longer it’s going to be meaningless. That said, I don’t think it’s the last we’ll see of Chewing Gum, because there’s another conflict that involves her – the blossoming (albeit disgusting) love between Mdm Park and Daddy Choi. That, would be entertaining, because both ahjummas are unreasonable and vulgar, and it’ll be interesting to see who wins the catfight.


(No, Dae-bak fell asleep before studying. Hwaiting, Dae-bak!)