The most thick-skinned people continue their rampage against the innocent and unwilling parties, forcing their will and not taking “no” as answers. What’s worse is more and more people get the wrong idea of things and suddenly the party in the wrong has become somewhat like a matyr. King’s Family is never not crazy and this episode is one of the best example.



We resume with the showdown between Soo-bak and Aunt, and while the former launches into her tirade against Aunt, the latter stands firm in her stand that she has nothing to do with their divorce, yet doesn’t explain herself. Well naturally Soo-bak gets increasingly agitated and asks if Aunt wants to be splashed by a glass of water, and proceeds to do so when Aunt refuses to budge in her stand. Aunt leaves, not before telling Soo -bak that Min Joong will not go back to her, leaving Soo-bak in denial. She goes home and tells Mom about it, and says she was afraid throughout the meeting with Aunt, and Mom actually says, “Why should you be afraid? You’re not in any wrong!” O rly.


The scene then cuts to a cute interlude of Miho and Dae-bak, who says they have to breakup because their families are now enemies. He likens them to Romeo and Juliet, and Miho cries she doesn’t want to be Juliet! Aww. She goes crying to Aunt and asked if “Mom did anything wrong.” Aunt tells her she’s never done anything wrong, and Aunt sounds really upset about it.


Dad thinks back to what the representative of the board of directors told him, and with a heavy heart he hands in his resignation letter. Dad walks out of school, wiping away the tears that fell despite himself. Meanwhile, Daddy Choi asks if Sang Nam is free for the night, but Sang Nam tells him he has an important appointment that cannot be pushed back. Turns out Sang Nam has invited the entire Wang Family (sans Ho-bak and family) to a meal of samgyeopsal. And as dramaland rules dictate, Daddy Choi also turns up at the same restaurant with his friend, and sees Sang Nam enjoying his “important appointment”, and leaves in a huff.


Gwang-bak and Sang Nam then adjourn to the one and only cafe in this drama, where she is touched by Sang Nam’s generous gesture to treat her whole family. But things soon turn sour when Sang Nam says he sometimes feels tired in the married life, and Gwang-bak immediately assumes the way he explains himself sounds as if he’s regretting getting married to her. Sang Nam gets exasperated and tries to explain himself more, but that silly girl is too worked up and leaves in a huff. She heads for the Wangs, while Sang Nam goes home and complains to Aunt that he doesn’t understand women. Hee. Aunt gives him some advice, and tells him to always listen to what the wife has to say and gives in to her.


He heads back to his room to give her a call, and Gwang-bak is just about to reach home. He hangs up after telling her he’ll go pick her up, while she backtracks a few steps to pretend that she is still some distance away from home. This two silly nuts. Gwang-bak presses the doorbell, and while Aunt and Daddy Choi is watching and listening to their bickering from the living room, the silly couple continues to bicker and Sang Nam does some silly antics to make her laugh. Daddy Choi fumes the whole time and Aunt had to calm him down.

Dad can’t sleep at night, and he tries asking what Mom thinks if he retires, and that’s the furthest thing from Mom’s mind now, because she thinks Dad’s retirement is still a few years away. She asks him to go talk to Min Joong instead, and Dad heads out of the room, frustrated. He goes to work as usual the next morning, but when the students greet him as per usual, he is reminded that he is no longer the discipline master, and looks lost.

Se Dal continues his cryptic but irritating antics at Ho-bak, bringing up “pregnant women” several times.


Min Joong has lunch with Aunt, and tells her that he’ll go to her, and will also treat Miho like his own child. Well, she IS your child anyway, just that I’m wondering when he’ll know. Aunt is overwhelmed with joy, though she doesn’t really show it. She goes home and tells Miho, and Miho is happy that her mother has finally found her happiness. She goes to find Min Joong and asks him to make her mother happy. Miho also adds not to worry about her, and she knows she’ll have sisters, and she’ll look after them well. Aww. Miho sticks out her pinky and Min Joong seals the promise with her. D’aww.


Min Joong goes home, and Soo-bak has already brought her children to wait for him. She tries to stay for the night with the children, but Min Joong insists on sending them back to the Wangs. Mom scolds Soo-bak for her failure to stay for the night. Meanwhile, Aunt asks where Miho went, and Miho lies, but Aunt has already heard from Min Joong about the pinky promise and smiles to herself.

Se Dal sees a message from an unsaved number on Ho-bak’s phone, and he gets worked up over the content. He confronts Ho-bak about the guy, and she continues to lead him on in thinking she has a young and rich suitor. I’m not exactly fond of the Se Dal-Ho-bak arc, so let’s go on to the next scene.

Aunt prepares some food and brings over for Min Joong, while Mom is doing the same for Soo-bak to bring over. The air is tense when the two women meet, as Aunt is leaving and Soo-bak has just reached. Soo-bak cleans out the fridge of everything from Aunt, and also removes the pot of stew and replaces with what Mom prepared. She throws out everything from Aunt, and lies to Min Joong when he’s back home, that they’ve turned sour that’s why. Aunt’s head is filled with imaginations of Min Joong and Soo-bak eating together like a family, and she heads over to his place, in time to see Soo-bak treating her food like garbage.


Daddy Choi surprises Mdm Park from the back at her shop, and she faints from the scare. He hands her a bouquet when she comes to, and she assumes that it is a proposal when he hasn’t said anything. Daddy Choi is taken aback, but never correct her either. She goes home happily with the bouquet, and even calls Uncle Don “our son-in-law”, which totally makes Uncle Don’s day. Young Dal guesses correctly who the bouquet is from, and Mdm Park asks her to keep it a secret from Se Dal. Se Dal enters the room and Young Dal slips away, and he warns his mother not to be fooled by a man again “like last time”. I don’t suppose we’ll know what the “last time” was all about, though it doesn’t matter at all.

Daddy Choi confides in Aunt that he has no intention of proposing, and since Mdm Park assumed he proposed, he’s now feeling uncertain and insecure because he has no confidence in being married and living with someone else. Aunt encourages him to be positive and reveals that she thinks it’s good that he get married after such a long time.


Joong Ji falls asleep and Soo-bak tries to make it an excuse to stay overnight at Min Joong’s. Min Joong agrees to it, and says he’ll go back to the office. And the love triangle spends a sleepless night.

Ho-bak receives news of a one-month work trip to Italy, and she is over the moon. Se Dal is unhappy at the turn of events, and seek out Uncle Don for a talk. He admits to feeling inferior and insecure since he became a house-husband, and is worried that Ho-bak will abandon him because she is getting increasingly popular with other males (or so he thinks).


Daddy Choi meets with Min Joong and Aunt, and Aunt stops him from revealing that Miho is Min Joong’s daughter. Aunt and Min Joong then go looking for a new place to stay as a family of three (or five, if he manages to get Ae Ji and Joong Ji over). Min Joong is still a little cash-strapped, and it seems that Aunt will be the one paying for the downpayment and stuff.


Meanwhile, Daddy Choi heads home for a nap after lunch with Min Joong and Aunt, and Gwang-bak and Sang Nam return home from grocery shopping, not knowing that Daddy Choi is at home. They start a silly game of the loser of rock scissors paper will have to role play as a cleaning robot, and they are noisy enough to wake Daddy Choi up. He is extremely displeased at Sang Nam being bossed around by Gwang-bak, wearing an apron and all, AND cleaning the floor. Aunt comes home just in time to understand the situation, and tries to put in a good word for Gwang-bak again.

Mom decides to give Aunt a call, and Aunt rejects Mom’s demand to meet, and hangs up on Mom. Way to go, Aunt!


Dad takes another walk along Han River, looking as lost as ever. He goes drinking with Uncle Joo again, and Uncle Joo again advises him to tell his family about his retrenchment. Dad goes home to see everyone (save Mom and Soo-bak) folding envelopes, and is called by Mom, who demands that Dad goes talk to Min Joong about taking Soo-bak back.

Ho-bak goes to see a gynaecologist, afraid that she is having menopause or tumor growth, but is told she’s pregnant.


Aunt drops by Min Joong’s again, and finds the small pots of plants she placed at the sill replaced by other pots. She finds hers sitting outside the room, and just then Soo-bak drops by. The two women begins another round of verbal war, and Aunt is pushed by Soo-bak. Min Joong arrives just in time to see it and helps Aunt up. He tells Soo-bak not to come ever again.



The problem of King’s Family to me, at this point, is that we keep going in circles for the various story arcs, and I guess this is probably why there’s no extension despite the high viewership ratings. We’re no closer to tying loose ends, instead leaving them more open as ever, and it is admitedly frustrating to watch. Sure, there’re some comic relief here and there, but it’s getting repetitive and no longer funny. The prank Ho-bak and her colleague pulls on Se Dal is childish to boot, and while I understand it is an attempt to make Se Dal pay, and possibly redeem his character, it is senseless.


I also do get that Mom and Soo-bak are extremely selfish and thick-skinned, so can we just move on from the entire Min Joong issue? I like how Aunt is written though, she is gentle but no pushover; there’re more dimensions to her character than Mom and Soo-bak add together. What I don’t understand is why she keeps withholding the information of Miho’s parentage, because the only reason I can come up with is for the narrative impact for it to be left till the very end. Again, this makes the Aunt-Min Joong-Soo-bak arc extremely frustrating to watch because honestly, aren’t we all just dying to see Soo-bak give up, and give Min Joong and Aunt their happy ending? Or perhaps it is to highlight the difference between Mom/Soo-bak and Aunt, for the former continuously makes use of the children to hold Min Joong back, while Aunt never once uses that ruse. Whatever it is, the slower this entire mess is resolved, the more tortuorous it is to watch. There, I’ve said it.