My Love From Another Star – How will it end??

Although I want demand a happy ending, certain factors like Min-joon’s health issues for his overstaying on Earth may point to a tragedy. (noooo…noooo..) Just for fun and to alleviate the tension while waiting for show to end (it’s getting an extension!), let’s see which of the below scenarios may be your favourite ending:

9 thoughts on “My Love From Another Star – How will it end??

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    1. That’s possible too. But we mustn’t discount hui kyeong’s involvement. He is in the best position to stop his mad brother.

      1. Good point! He most probably has a role to play still. I really do want a happy ending, but I don’t want to hope too much in case my hopes get completely crushed. I’m just being a coward ㅋ

    2. what about this. Its been 400 years when he was away from his planet. Now there technology is upgraded to a very high level, that gives give an additional power to travel from earth to his planet and vice versa

  1. i think do min joon will be back to his place..may be lawyer jang will inform song yi that do min joon must leave otherwise he will die..and song yi don’t have any option she must let him go and she will wait for him…and do min joon will coming back to the earth because he knows that song yi is waiting for him…this is just my opinion…i hope this is true…

  2. I think his illness is caused by the meteor approaching the earth, because during those 400 years he never suffered from anything until now that the meteor is close, maybe once the meteor passes he will be the same again

    1. Possible. There are more speculations that his weakened condition points to him either becoming human or it’s temporary.

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