Resolutions are still not in sight for the major conflicts, though more people get to know of more secrets that some characters are dying to keep. Just get it movin’, folks!



Mom gets sent to the hospital, and Soo-bak calls Dad to inform him. Unfortunately Dad cannot leave his post, and he is disposing trash when Soo-bak calls. He tells Soo-bak to let Mom stay in the hospital if need be, and to take good care of Mom. The family is informed by the doctor that Mom’s pelvic bone is cracked, and they can’t do much either but only to wait for the injury to heal by itself. Hence it doesn’t matter if she’s admitted to the hospital or not. Mom insists on being discharged, and pushes Soo-bak to snatch her children back from Min Joong.


So apparently Min Joong left the children in Aunt’s care, and Soo-bak literally grabs a sleeping Joong Ji from Aunt’s arms. Ae Ji has been crying for Grandma, and when Soo-bak comes, she makes Ae Ji leave with her ASAP. Aunt calls Min Joong, and he tells her to hold back Soo-bak and he’ll rush back. Soo-bak is hellbent on leaving, and Aunt has no means to stop them. Ae Ji falls down on the road trying to keep up with her mother, and luckily Aunt is following behind. Aunt immediately helps Ae Ji, and coos over her. And is that a flicker of shame I see on Soo-bak’s face (because she has never showed such concern to her own children, unlike Aunt)? Whatever it is, Aunt piggybacks Ae Ji, and they all return to the Wangs’.


Min Joong finds his room empty, and rushes over to the Wangs. Soo-bak screams at him that Ae Ji is hurt, implying it’s all his fault. He goes inside to see Mom, and Mom once again uses the argument that no woman on Earth will treat children not born to them as their own, in a bid to get Min Joong to give up on taking the children away. Soo-bak starts butting in and insists that she’ll raise the children, to which Min Joong rebutts that she is incompetent as a mother, and Soo-bak bites back that he’s even more so because he cheated on her and is a liar. It evolves into a heated argument which Mom keeps trying to stop Soo-bak, to Soo-bak’s ire since she can’t understand why Mom is suddenly siding with Min Joong. Mom finally manages to get Min Joong to leave, and once alone with Soo-bak, Mom reveals that Min Joong already knows everything. What they don’t know is Young Dal is eavesdropping all the while after Min Joong left.

Just then Ho-bak comes, and Soo-bak asks her icily if it was her who told Min Joong. Ho-bak insists it’s not her (and we know it’s NOT her), and the conversation is stopped short when Dad comes running home. Dad returns to his new job after seeing that Mom is being taken care of by the daughters, and his absence earns him a scolding from the nasty ahjumma ownder of the building.


Gwang-bak comes running home too to see Mom, and of all daughters, it is Ho-bak who cooked and feeds Mom. So much for disliking a daughter for no reason. Before going home, Gwang-bak tells Soo-bak that she’s more apologetic to her, because she’s living with Aunt now. I think objectivity is not in the Wangs genes. And Aunt waits for Gwang-bak to come home, before moving out with her luggage. Aunt tries to explain to her once again that she has nothing to do with Min Joong’s divorce, and how she helped to nurse his Dad because he had no choice, and they did not have any contact until after his divorce. But Gwang-bak refuses to listen, and Aunt has no choice but to tell her to live well with Sang Nam and Daddy Choi. Gwang-bak breaks down in tears after Aunt leaves, and chases after her a while later, only to see Aunt walking further and further away. This Gwang-bak, I don’t understand her anymore. And so Aunt goes to pick up Miho after school, and they begin staying with Min Joong at his little rooftop room.


Gwang-bak starts moping and crying alone in bed, thinking of the times Aunt comforts her, and Sang Nam comes running home. He is shocked that such things happen, and Gwang-bak says, “I’m sorry it involves my sister.” Sang Nam asks why does she sound sacarstic, and she asks how can Aunt get involved with married man, and break up a family? Sang Nam says it must have been a misunderstanding, and Gwang-bak bites back even if it’s so, even if Aunt and Min Joong are not in the wrong and it’s Soo-bak who has sinned, she will still be on Soo-bak’s side because she’s her family, her blood relative. She continues that Aunt is the winner and her sister is the loser, and implies that she can’t take it lying, and starts crying again. I suppose she has never heard of the olden teaching of “placing righteousness above family loyalty”. I feel as exasperated as Sang Nam.

Min Joong comes home, and the three of them enjoys the first snow of the new year, and Aunt recalls Miho musing last time, if only there’s a shop where she can buy a Dad. Aunt says aloud that it’s strange that it’ll snow when good things happen to her and Min Joong, and Min Joong agrees. It’s a lovely sight.

Se Dal nags at Ho-bak to be careful, citing the doctor’s concern, but Ho-bak brushes it aside. Se Dal treats her like royalty, which earns him the ire of his Mom. Ho-bak asks if she should introduce men to Mdm Park, and Se Dal gets angry at the topic.


Dae-bak overhears some schoolmates snickering about Dad’s retrenchment, and becomes the first person who finds out that Dad has lost his job. Meanwhile Dad faces an unhappy inhabitant of the building, just because he cannot deliver a parcel to her doorstep. His reason is a security guard cannot leave his post, and that unhappy ahjumma complains that the previous guard always delivers her stuff to her doorstep. The husband of the unhappy ahjumma comes along, and recognizes Dad as his teacher in school. Cue awkward meeting. Dae-bak chances upon this, and Dad brings him aside to tell him not to tell the family about his new job. Dae-bak sobs, and tells Dad he’ll grow up quickly and take care of Dad. Awww.


Mom flares up at Soo-bak, who is doing lousy job taking care of Mom. She finds that the hot water she has just boiled is all used up, and starts bickering with Young Dal, who used the hot water. Grandma pops by, and Soo-bak immediately slaps on an innocent face, and asks Young Dal to help wash dishes politely. Young Dal pouts to Uncle Don, demanding that Uncle Don lectures Soo-bak about it. Uncle Don pretends to raise his voice, but once he and Soo-bak is outside the house, he lowers his voice and begs Soo-bak to be nice to Young Dal. Hee.

Sang Nam comes to visit Mom, and Mom barely contains her displeasure that it’s his Aunt who inadvertently causes the divorce of her daughter. Sang Nam appears apologetic, and leaves her an envelope, which Mom brightens up at the sight of money in the envelope once Sang Nam leaves. Dae-bak hangs around waiting for Sang Nam to come out of the house, and Sang Nam treats him to lunch. Dae-bak asks if he can learn how to operate heavy machineries like Sang Nam, because he wants to earn money to give his family. Sang Nam tells him to finish high school first, because he’s still in middle school, and Dae-bak looks dejected.


Mom soils herself, and Soo-bak has no idea what to do, and so Mom calls Dad, while Soo-bak calls Ho-bak, who’s at work. Dad was being ordered to clean the building’s toilet and so he can’t go home, and Ho-bak rushes home immediately. She goes to see the doctor afterwards, and we hear a voiceover (the doctor’s) who advises her to not stress herself, and the baby is currently unstable in her womb.

Min Joong comes over to visit Mom, and Mom begs him to forgive Soo-bak just this once. Min Joong cuts her short and asks her to not bring up the past.


Uncle Joo tells Daddy Choi about the Wangs, and he goes home and asks her about the money he gave them during lunar new year. She has no idea about the money, and Sang Nam gets summoned by Daddy Choi, who accuses him of squirreling money away to give his in-laws, without telling his own Dad. He also tells Sang Nam about Dad losing his job as a teacher, which gets overheard by Gwang-bak. And we cut to the next scene which is Gwang-bak meeting her two older sisters outside the Wangs’ house, and the three sisters fret over poor Dad. I have no idea why they have to huddle outside the house to talk about such matters.

Se Dal finds a relatively new office chair without the legs at the recycling bin, and happily brings it over to give Mom, who shows no gratitude to both him and Ho-bak.

Soo-bak heeds Ho-bak’s advice and requests to meet Aunt again, and asks for Aunt’s forgiveness, which also means to ask Aunt to return Min Joong to her. Aunt says just as Soo-bak has all the reasons to want Min Joong back, she has the same reasons to not let Min Joong leave her side. I really wonder what Mom and Soo-bak will think when they know Miho is actually Min Joong’s daughter.


Se Dal is angry at Mom for ordering Ho-bak around like a maid, and not appreciating her abit, but Ho-bak brushes his concerns aside as usual.

Daddy Choi asks Gwang-bak where’s some drinks he always has, and she replies that he had finished the last bottle some days ago. He laments that the household chores are in a mess now that Aunt is not around, and side dishes are diminishing too. He adds if she has removed the side dishes to give her own family, and Gwang-bak looks bewildered.


Young Dal and Mdm Park runs into Dad on their way home from spa, and Mdm Park reveals that Soo-bak had an affair, which was why her marriage ended in divorce. I’m not sure if it’s a slip of tongue, but she sounded totally bitter about the treatment Young Dal is getting at the Wangs (not being able to use hot water freely, etc).


Dad rushes home and grabs Soo-bak out of the house, and head for Min Joong’s office. He gets Soo-bak to kneel in front of Min Joong, to beg for forgiveness, and Dad himself too, confesses that he deliberated between telling Min Joong all about Soo-bak’s past, or keep it as a secret, and he chose the latter, hoping that it’ll be forgotten as time passes. Dad can’t forgive himself forbeing despicable like that, and asks for Min Joong to forgive him too. And Aunt comes along, witnessing the scene…


Show has finally kick in the final gear, hinting at character redeemptions in this episode, though I think many of us would find it too little too late. I find that King’s Family although boasts of some rather new and creative storyline, the narrative is rather old-fashioned, which is probably why it makes me reeeaaaalllllly frustrated watching this final stretch. I believe most of us regular K-drama viewers would have noticed that recent dramas that are enjoyable tend to have conflicts resolved ASAP, and secrets are ousted before you know it, and King’s Family is doing the exact opposite. Perhaps this is why it’s a family drama, but not those trendies, but there ARE family dramas that are brisk (see You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly).


I particularly do not like how Gwang-bak and Sang Nam turn out, they’re resolved people who suddenly turn into a puddle of goo at the mention of their family members, and I think Gwang-bak is worse than Sang Nam in that she doesn’t even care what actually happen between Min Joong and Soo-bak, and conveniently dismisses the good Aunt did to her, just because Soo-bak is her blood relative. I say, good riddance to her as a teacher, because she cannot be impartial.