With two episodes left till the end, loose ends finally get tied, and we get some character revelations, as well as makeup. Secrets continue to be revealed, but it’s nothing we viewers don’t know.



Min Joong thinks back to earlier that night, where Dad brought Soo-bak to him to beg for forgiveness. Inside his room, Aunt can’t sleep either, and comes out to see Min Joong. She asks if he’s troubled, and he just vaguely says it’s busy at the company, and returns to his room. Meanwhile, Soo-bak too, is having a sleepless night, and takes refuge in soju.

Mom wakes up to Dad’s toss and turns, and remarks that his hands now feel like someone who does alot of chores. If only you knew.


Ho-bak comes to see Mom, only to have Mom accusing her as the cause behind Soo-bak’s divorce (since it IS true that Min Joong went ahead with submitting the papers after knowing about Soo-bak’s shady past). Mom goes even further to say Ho-bak should have applied for leave from work and nurse her back to health. Ho-bak is exasperated why Mom is always angry at the sight of her, and retorts that she wouldn’t ever drop by again. We all know Ho-bak is a toothless tiger, so let’s see how long she’ll refrain from dropping by the Wangs.


So Grandma has been continuing her cardboard picking-and-selling activity, and this time it leads her to where Dad is currently working at, and Dad turns around to avoid being seen by Grandma, and ends up hiding in his office, back facing Grandma when she asks if she can take the cardboards.

Soo-bak tries to clean Mom with a towel, but Mom screams at her for not being able to differentiate between a face towel and dish towel. She then splashes some water from the tub accidentally, and Mom berates her for being able to do anything. Soo-bak rebukes back that it’s tough trying to accomodate to Mom, and runs out of the room. And she brings Joong Ji out and goes to the top of some hill. This lady always like to play victim it’s not funny.


Back at the shop, Ho-bak’s colleague ask if she’s not applying for leave to take care of her Mom, and Ho-bak replies that she’s not ever going again. And it lasted for like, 2 minutes? Before she changes her mind and tells her colleague she’ll go afterall, for the peace of her mind. So much for all raised voices. Anyway, she ends up doing ALL the chores that came along with taking care of Mom, such as changing the soiled sheets, washing the sheets and hanging them to dry, boiling water, etc etc. You just can’t blame Se Dal for being worked up at his pregnant wife doing all this strenous work when her doctor has already instructed her to be careful.


Mdm Park and Daddy Choi frolick (yes, they frolicked) along where I presume is the Han River Park, and return home only after nightfall. They continue to play around like some teenagers in love, and Se Dal chances upon Daddy Choi piggybacking Mdm Park. He looks absolutely disgusted and angry, and Mdm Park follows behind him hurriedly, leaving Daddy Choi alone.


Turns out that I’m wrong when I mentioned in the previous recap that we most likely wouldn’t know the history of why Se Dal hates his mother dating, because apparently when he was nine, Mdm Park was left with an incredulous amount of debt that was left by a man she was seeing, and Se Dal was then afraid that his Mom will abadon him and Young Dal to run away from the debt. Hence he is always afraid Mdm Park will be cheated by men again. Well, that’s some childhood trauma, but you’re a man in your mid-thirties, you can’t possibly hold on tightly to your Mom’s skirt even in your sleep like when you were nine? Anyway, Ho-bak overhears their conversation and sheds some tears.

Grandma tells Dad she saw someone who looks really like him from the behind, working as a security guard, and is proud that her own son has always been a teacher. And Grandma has also told what she saw to Mom.


Min Joong is overworking, and at Miho’s suggestion, Aunt brings some dishes over to his office, only to see that Soo-bak is down at her knees in front of Min Joong at the carpark, in a rainy night no less. Soo-bak continues to hound Min Joong, begging for his forgiveness, and even hugs him and says she cannot live without him, yada yada. Aunt turns and walks away in disappointment, and what she fail to see is Min Joong pushes Soo-bak away, and sends her into a taxi to go home. And the resident love triangle in this last stretch spend yet another sleepless night separately.

Ae Ji calls Min Joong the next day and ask him to attend her show-and-tell, citing that Soo-bak is sick. However, when Miho passes by Ae Ji’s kindergarten later that day, she sees Soo-bak carrying Joong Ji, and entering the kindergarten with Min Joong. She goes home and relates to Aunt, who decides to bring some food to Min Joong at his office. She confronts him when he claims that he worked overtime last night, thus did not go home. Min Joong explains that he doesn’t want to tell her the truth in a bid to not hurt her, but Aunt is obviously worked up with the increasing number of times she sees Min Joong and Soo-bak together. They stop short of a full blown quarrel, and Min Joong tries his best to calm Aunt down, by telling her that she’s the only woman for him. I understand where Aunt is coming from, but, poor Min Joong too.


Gwang-bak finds Chewing Gum (she’s still alive!) hovering outside the Chois, and allows her in when she asks for some food. Apparently it’s all amicable now, and Chewing Gum claims that she has broken up with the live-in boyfriend, after being punched and had all her money stolen by him. She tells Gwang-bak she intends to open a coffee shop at Dokdo (?!), if not some other random islands, because she’s had her hay day with a coffee shop proprietress. Gwang-bak then sends her to the bus terminal, and yes, this will be the last (I promise!) we see of Chewing Gum. One loose end tied.


Sang Nam visits Aunt and Miho at Min Joong’s, and learns that Miho has caught a cold. Aunt worries if Gwang-bak can get along with Daddy Choi in her absence, and Sang Nam heads back home to relate it to Gwang-bak, who’s packing for his work trip to China. But that silly girl is still hung up about Aunt being the cause of her sister’s failed marriage (or so she thinks), and Sang Nam realises that there’s no point talking to her any longer. He snatches away his luggage, leaving for his overseas trip at that instant.

Gwang-bak must have been in a uber bad mood, because she actually retorts to Daddy Choi in this scene. Daddy Choi comes home, just as she is preparing to dispose the trash. He asks where she’s heading to, and then said, “Could you be…”, and she snipes, “Are you going to ask if I’m going to give this bag to my family? Yes! I’m going to give this bag of trash to my family! I’m upset that you become suspicious of me ever since you know my family has gone bankrupt!” Well, I suppose I can’t really blame Gwang-bak for blowing her top here, since Daddy Choi did assume Sang Nam/Gwang-bak squirreling money/food to the Wangs.


Daddy Choi then finds Gwang-bak sitting like a gangsta outside the neighborhood convenience store half-drunk, and at the sight of him, she starts rattling away how happy her family is when she brought the trash to give them (snerk). She continues to shoot her mouth off at Daddy Choi at home, which Daddy Choi can’t figure out if she’s really drunk or putting on an act. She finally concusses on the couch, after crying that she really wishes to do well as a daughter-in-law, but somehow she always does or says the wrong thing, and asks for Daddy Choi to forgive her. Aww. He covers her with a duvet, and couldn’t sleep at night due to her loud snorings in the living room. LOL. And he even cooks her soup the following morning for her hangover, before leaving for work. Aww, so Daddy Choi is actually a softie at heart!

Mom asks Dae-bak about Dad, and Dae-bak replies that Dad’s not in school, and he tries to cover it up by saying he doesn’t see Dad in school, and runs away when Mom presses him about why Dad isn’t in school. Mom shouts for Grandma, and asks her about the security guard Grandma saw the other day who looks like Dad. And so Grandma pops by the building, and this time she sees the nasty owner ahjumma ordering Dad around, mopping the stairs.


Grandma come home mad, and screams at Mom. Ho-bak tries to calm Grandma down, but is pushed to the ground by Grandma.  Mom calls the board of directors, and starts screaming at them for firing Dad. Dad rushes back in time to grab the phone and leaves the house in the huff. Ho-bak follows behind him, but stops after a few steps down the stairs because her tummy hurts. She returns to Mom, only to have Mom verbally (and physically, by throwing something at her) abusing her, accusing her for keeping quiet even though she knows Dad is retrenched, or for telling Min Joong about Soo-bak’s past. Just then, Min Joong arrives and hears the last part. Ho-bak cries and runs out of the house, while Min Joong goes to Mom and tells her he overheard Mom herself bringing up Soo-bak’s past. Mom looks stricken.


Half-way down the stairs, Ho-bak feels her tummy hurt again, and it feels seriously wrong this time round. She calls Se Dal and tells him to go to the hospital. Not come to her? I’m baffled. Anyway, she has a miscarriage, and Se Dal is really mad. He sprints to the Wangs, and blurts out everything in front of Mom and Soo-bak. Mom looks stricken for the second time of the day. That’s alot of shocking news in a day for Mom.


The whole family (minus Mom and Soo-bak) appears at the hospital, and Ho-bak is surprised to see everyone there. Dad asks why she kept her pregnancy to  herself, and tells her Mom is really sorry. And so everyone adjorns back home, where Mom and Ho-bak have a tearful makeup, with Mom apologizing for her past mistreatment of Ho-bak.



I find it ridiculous each time it happens in dramaland, that characters appear at different places with the blink of an eye, in successive scenes. I know especially in such long dramas, most of scenes are filmed at sets, but that doesn’t mean we can have a whole group of characters appearing together at different places like an apparition.

One failure in the writing of this drama is that as viewers, we know ALL the supposedly big secrets way before the characters themselves know it, and it makes viewing extra tedious because we keep wondering when will everyone know everything. It also plays down the big revelation, and when characters finally know the secrets, all WE feel is, “Ok, next please.”


I know alot of people are unhappy with how Mom and Ho-bak make up, and while I understand Ho-bak accepts Mom’s apology easily, I also agree that Mom gets off the hook too easily. It feels like a letdown, that with all the abuse over the years to Ho-bak, it has to take YET another suffering on Ho-bak’s part to let Mom acknowledge her wrongdoings. It’s like, why is Ho-bak the one who’s suffering all the time? The logic in this drama is way off the tangent, which I accepted in the early part of this drama, but I can no longer do so at the end, because it is not for comedic effects, but something that’s challenging morals and ethics.