Cos this show airs only once a week, I feel like it’s taking fooorreeevaaa to reach where it is today. And having to wait (at a cliffhanger, no less) for 7 days is the ultimate test of my patience. Luckily there’s only 2 more eps to go. (omg, we are ending that soon??)

The sizzling love triangle

le8Like cooking meat over a coal brazier, the love triangle took a hefty 12 eps to FINALLY make its appearance. But at least it’s juicy.

Although we already know Attorney Kim has a decade long crush on Soo-kyung, it takes Soo-kyung’s resignation to shake him up and turn him from meanie lil’ boss to sexually harassing boss sweet boyfriend-hopeful. Though I can understand why Soo-kyung rejects him a second time (this time, much more nicely) — having had him verbally torture her for many years can have negative side effects. Then again, that guy really tries very hard. He books a whole sushi restaurant for her (knowing she likes good food) and even manages to overcome his canine phobia to bring her beloved Barashi to the animal hospital. (so…aww. but dude, too late)

The second angle of the love triangle has also heated up his act. Goo Dae-young realises his affection for Soo-kyung noona runs deeper than juz having her as another food connoisseur. We have to thank Attorney Kim for waking Dae-young’s latent love interest though. If Kim hasn’t gone ahead and confess to Soo-kyung, Dae-young won’t have felt that (weird) stab of jealousy and discomfiture at seeing them together. It finally, finally hits him (hard) when he assumes Soo-kyung is in danger and a possible victim of the next “Don’t Ask” assailant. He does the Superman thingy and runs to her rescue, even getting hit by a car in the process.

le7The last leg of the love triangle — Soo-kyung. To her credit, she realises very early on that her friendship with Dae-young and her fanservice to him as Mr Shiksha (the food blogger) mask her growing romantic inclination towards him. Although she tries to not acknowledge it, given that he is much younger than her and she knows Jin-yee is infatuated with him, she eventually caves in — but limits it only to an one-sided love. Again, that limitation is lifted with Dae-young plants a kiss on her during a dinner at a pojangmacha. (er, yah..comparing it to Attorney Kim’s reservation of a whole up-class Jap restaurant…it’s kinda cheapskate)

The kiss though, is witnessed by Jin-yee, who in the last 2 eps will start to play the role of the spurned, love lorned, second bit*hy female lead. Hopefully she snaps out of it fast, I kinda like her as a character.

The mystery angle heating up

le2Yes, we finally arrested that annoying “Don’t Ask” assailant, with Soo-kyung’s help. I admit, I was biting my nails when she met with the assailant (who pretended to be the victim’s “brother” and kept asking her out for a meal). But turns out, she is smarter than I (and Dae-young/ Attorney Kim) thought. She suspects immediately that the caller is not related to the victim, and does a check on him with the police. Turns out she is right. The victim has no brother. So she allows herself to be used as bait to lure the assailant out.

And JUZ as I thought that is the end of the mystery in Let’s Eat, we are introduced to yet ANOTHER fishy character. Kwang-suk (played by Feeldog, a member of the boyband Big Star). He supposedly comes from Busan, and like Jin-yee, his once rich family is now bankrupt. So he comes to Seoul and works as a courier boy. He is really cute in a fumbling, earnest way and has good rapport with Jin-yee. So much so that the ever trusting Jin-yee tells him her room’s security code so that he can come in and leave her parcels in her apartment when she is out. (facepalm) I had hopes that he will be matched with Jin-yee, so at least that poor rich girl also gets a doting boyfriend.

le1But, of all things…Kwang-suk starts to exhibit traits of a stalker. We see him hiding in stairwells, observing Jin-yee (and even Soo-kyung). He is caught on occasion by Dae-young too (with an arm twist). Next, we begin to suspect he is opening and hiding parcels/mails belonging to Jin-yee and Soo-kyung. And in the recent ep14, he disappears. Jin-yee asks his colleague about his whereabouts, and she is told he has quit the courier job. BUT…in a scene where Jin-yee is alone in her flat and pops out to pass Soo-kyung and Dae-young their surprise gifts…we see a man’s HAND crawling out from under Jin-yee’s bed. (i’m totally freaked out now)

With only 2 more eps to go, Let’s Eat has to wrap up the two burning hot issues before we all get an indigestion from their twists and turns.