Fantasy Tower is an omnibus drama that was aired on tvN last summer, with 8 episodes in count, and roughly 2 short stories for each episode. The premise is fantasy and mystery, and because the love for Song Jae Rim should be spreaded, I’ve decided to do a recap of the story he is in, “Spoiler”.



Park Yong-hwa (Song Jae Rim) has the special power of foreseeing the future, and he proves his power at a press conference. He correctly predicts the score for four different soccer matches, and all the journalists are beyond shock.

One particular journalist accuses him of a conspiracy with the soccer teams, and Yong-hwa says amusedly that he’ll be asked for a divorce before tomorrow, the reason being he’s cheating with a junior colleague. The journalist bites back (not without the shifty eyes at the accusation of an affair) that he’s going to sue Yong-hwa for libel. Yong-hwa adds that if they don’t believe his powers, he’s going to reveal something that’s going to happen soon, and that would be that particular journalist will sprain his ankle very soon. Yong-hwa counts down “three, two, one” and that journalist slips and sprains his ankle.

This prompts all the other journalists to barrage Yong-hwa with questions, and Yong-hwa just tells them in his laidback manner that he doesn’t tell fortune; he’s only gifted with the power to see the future.


He starts appearing on the headlines of different newspapers, and we cut to another press conference, where Yong-hwa announces the winning numbers for the next lotto. Unsurprisingly hordes of people buy the set of numbers that he announced, and cause the winning money to be split into so many portions that each winner only receives only $3.

This prompts yet another press conference, and a female journalist asks him if he is playing a prank on the public by announcing the winning numbers. She accuses him of causing grief on many, and when he meets her eyes, his eyes betray a look of fear, and he hurriedly finishes the conference without answering any other questions.

The next thing we know, that female journalist, Jung Eun-sung (Sol Bi) comes ringing Yong-hwa’s doorbell. She wonders why no other journalists are here yet, and Yong-hwa tells her he’s the anonymous tipper about his whereabouts to her only. He asks her to date him, which catches her by surprise. He says they shouldn’t waste time and should just go on a date now, and she calls him a lunatic and kicks him at the shin. Heh. He claims that she’ll come begging him to date her later in the day.


Eun-sung leaves his place in a huff, and heads back to the magazine company she’s working at. The president of the company is her uncle, and he persuades her to grab the chance to date Yong-hwa, telling her it’s the only way to get an insider scoop. And so she heads back begging Yong-hwa to date her. He brings her to some cafe-like place, which apparently is a bar. He guesses correctly the drink she likes, and also the song she likes.

We then get scenes of them dating, the sped-up process. We’re told via some news report that only the magazine Eun-sung is working at knows the whereabout of Yong-hwa, and they’re the only outlet where predictions about the future are released. This rises the price of the stocks of the company.

One day they are just lazing around on Yong-hwa’s couch, and the doorbell rings when he swoops in for a kiss, to silence her from asking about their future together. It’s some police detectives, hoping to use Yong-hwa’s power to stop a serial killer who has already murdered 17 people. Yong-hwa squirms in his seat at the request, and tells the detective he can only tell them the murderer will be caught after he kills three more victims. He adds that he cannot change the fate of people; he’ll die if he does so.

After the detectives leave, Eun-sung presses him again for their future together, after suggesting they should get married. Yong-hwa falls silent, and Eun-sung wonders if they wouldn’t get married. She is angry at his silence and makes her leave. Yong-hwa looks distressed, and we cut to some other day. He gives her a call, and asks to meet, telling her he’ll tell her everything.


He tells Eun-sung the wedding will be on August 15th next year, the honeymoon will be at Australia, and there’ll be two sons from the marriage. She asks him excitedly if the sons will be like him, and he says forlornly they’ll look like her. He then hands her a tablet, and makes her promise to watch the video only on the specific date (the video is suppose to play automatically at a specific time and date).

They then leave the cafe and he makes her wait for him to drive over. Before he leaves to get his car, Yong-hwa makes Eun-sung hold the tablet in front of her abdomen/chest area, telling her she looks like a student like that. She jokes if it’s a fetish of his, and he just smiles. In his absence, a masked man creeps behind Eun-sung and attempts the stab her (but fails, of course). Yong-hwa turns back at her scream, and a patrol car pulls up just then. The attacker is subdued, and the scene changes to some police station.


Unsurprisingly Yong-hwa already knew that Eun-sung will be attacked. The attacker is someone sent by Eun-sung’s uncle, who wanted to get rid of her such that he can be the major shareholder of the magazine company (the company was set up by Eun-byul’s late parents). Outside the police station, Eun-sung realises Yong-hwa saved her from being killed, which means Yong-hwa will die. And then we get a truck of doom from nowhere, knocking down Yong-hwa. Wut.

Days later, Eun-sung is consumed with grief with the passing of Yong-hwa, and she attempts suicide at Han River. Some random guy pulls her out of the water, and the tablet Yong-hwa gave her previously starts playing the video. It is a pre-recording of Yong-hwa, on the day when he hands her this very tablet. He tells her through tears that this random guy who just appeared will be the person she’ll marry, and she’ll be very happy with him. Yong-hwa also reveals that the moment he saw her at the press conference regarding the winning lotto numbers, he knew about their intertwined fate, and he wanted to avoid it. But, he adds, love is not something one can avoid. Yong-hwa then thanks Eun-sung for the short period of time they were together.



It’s a very simple story with much suspension of disbelief, and I literally facepalmed at the truck-o-doom. The writing is whimsical at the beginning, until the point Eun-byul agrees to date Yong-hwa. From that point onwards, loopholes get difficult to ignore. For example the song the gets played at the cafe/bar, did he know that place will be playing this song when they’re there, or he requested for it to be played, or what? This is still a minor loophole compared to when Eun-byul gets attacked. Why don’t Yong-hwa just get her to go with him to the car? He is still changing her fate anyway. The ultimatum is still the truck-o-doom, imo.


Anyway, this is a rather quick watch, lasting approximately 23 minutes. Spread the Song Jae Rim love!