kooriyuki: Ok, so I managed to convince another of my friend to come join us in blogging, and what’s better than a conversation post to initiate a newcomer onboard? (though she has actually posted the Angel Eyes entry already)

axerine: *Peeps in* Hello everybadi~ this is axerine here! Great to be onboard…will try my best to contribute as much as possible whenever I could squeeze time out from watching a gazillion amount of stuff ..and..eh what else should I say? LOL


sab: Ooh…our first minion? (lol) Ok, we are not at the level to recruit minions yet, so axerine is a PARTNER. I hope she has mastered kooriyuki’s cloning techniques, cos I failed miserably. kooriyuki, can you lend me your clone no. 5 to watch God’s Quiz 3?

kooriyuki: It doesn’t mean I’m doing research I can clone myself hokays? =D I can only tell you I have LOTSA dramas that are KIVed and the new ones are around the corner.


axerine: Me too…makes me wonder all the time if I ever get to watch everything before I kick the bucket..I have Kmovies as well and somewhere stashed away there’s Cdramas, Cmovies, Emovies..yeshh I am ambitious LOL!

sab: …and that’s why I never, ever watch anything beyond 20 eps. And talking about KIVs: kooriyuki, may I remind you that you have so many unpublished drafts in the blog? (evil cackles)

kooriyuki: *shhh* What happens behind the scene stays behind the scenes! That’s why I told you I don’t have any clones. I’m no Jeon Woo Chi.

sab: you juz dun want to lend me a clone…selfish you. Anywaysss…I am so hot and bothered about the new upcoming shows! (Lee Seung-gi! Lee Jong-suk! whee!) And how in the world am I going to watch all??? Lend me your clones, kooriyuki!!

kooriyuki: There’s always the fast foward button on the player.

doctor stranger lee jong suk 2

axerine: OR there’s an app called AV player which can play vid at 1.5x speed…won’t miss a scene and you can listen the dialogues in chipmunks’ voices…*downloads Golden Cross*

sab: I might as well read recaps. zzz =__= Although Lee Jong-suk in chipmunk voice may be cute. Lol.

kooriyuki: All this talk about Lee Jong-suk…I assume sab will be watching Doctor Stranger? I’m not sure if I’ll be watching that, but I’m sure I’ll be watching You’re All Surrounded while waiting for Joseon Gunman to roll by!

 axerine: I am not a fan of him but I am interested in stuff relating to North Korea..and the director is JIN HYUK! And there’s everywhere-girl Jin Se-yeon! By the way anyone started Golden Cross? I was going ‘ewww ewww’ in the first episode ‘cos Lee Si-young‘s Dad in the drama is a pervyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!


sab: I read the recap in Dramabeans. Whoa, we already have corruption, rape and murder (and not necessarily in that order) in ep1. That does it. I am not watching Golden Cross. Too heavy…I might get indigestion trying to process all that is happening on-screen. Shall stick to fluffly rom-coms and psycho + ghost + thrillers. Bring on You’re All Surrounded, Witch’s Romance (A Witch’s Love), Gap-dong, God’s Quiz 4 and not to forget, Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team! That’s 5 shows I will definitely watch, with or without kooriyuki‘s clone magic.

axerine: At this point I’ll say I’ll watch everything since there are many pretty faces to look at and no one’s from my hate list..particularly excited about Big Man and You’re Surrounded..I miss watching Cha Seung Won and Kang Ji Hwan~

kooriyuki: We’ll all need either clones or access to the fourth dimension OR time turners to watch everything AND blog!