Our leads have grown up! Seung Ri appears! Noble idiocy is back again! *pulls hair*

Episodes 3-4 move us forward to 12 years later in Seoul. Park Dong Joo has returned and enjoys cycling around his old neighbourhood while reminiscing about his teenage years and his first love. He’s now a surgeon at Se Young Hospital, which is also the same hospital where Soo Wan’s Dad (I’ll refer to him as Daddy Yoon from now) works. Daddy Yoon didn’t look as pleased as Dong Joo was when they met. We then learnt Daddy Yoon and Dong Joo has this ‘father and son’ relationship since Jung Hwa-ssi died and Daddy Yoon helped Dong Joo fulfil his medical studies overseas (guilt? just being nice?). Interestingly, Dong Joo knew Daddy Yoon has a daughter (he even said ‘will nuna like me?’) but never knew it is Soo Wan. Me thinks Daddy Yoon has a hidden agenda sending Dong Joo to the States for studies so he was obviously not happy to see him being back and working in the same hospital.

Oh one important tidbit, Dong Joo is now officially known as Dylan Park. No one knows his Korean name except for Daddy Yoon.

Our heroine Soo Wan (I have to say Goo Hye Sun looks refreshingly vibrant, maybe it’s the hair colour against her fair skin?), no longer blind, is now a gungho emergency rescue worker at Se Young Fire Station (of course it has to be in Se Young..if not how would our leads meet?). Her stubborn temper often lands her into trouble with people and that makes her a frequent at the police station, where her friend Min Soo (played by Juni) works. Min Soo is kinda chummy with that ahjussi cop who was on Dong Joo’s mom case but he’s now a total bum. Soo Wan’s relationship with her Dad seemed to have mended over the years as well and they are now an adorable father-daughter pair.

So one fine day, while Dong Joo was crossing the road, there was an accident scene nearby and he heard someone yelling ‘Yoon Soo Wan!’ He turned to look and saw Soo Wan in the line of duty. Everything became slow-mo as Dong Joo processed that the girl he was searching for 12 years (did he? we need more evidence for this) was just in front of him. Being a good citizen he didn’t interrupt the rescue work but patiently waited at the fire station.

And there she was…washing the fire truck…and playing with her colleague’s kid, whom Dong Joo mistook as her child and husband. Glad this misunderstanding didn’t stretch out for more than 10 minutes. Guy approached girl…..to ask for directions to the planetarium! Gahhhhh I don’t know if he still wasn’t sure she’s Soo Wan or he just wanna fool around with her. I got to constantly remind myself this is a Kdrama so he cannot just say ‘Hi there I am Dong Joo. Long time no see’

Time for another important character to appear! Kang Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk) is also a doctor at Se Young hospital, whom takes a buddy-liking to Dong Joo. A psychopath brought to the hospital by the rescue team puts Soo Wan in danger as he took her hostage. Dong Joo’s quick thinking saved the damsel in distress…but also to find out the hard truth that Ji Woon is Soo Wan’s fiancé and her Dad is Daddy Yoon.

This drama could be called ‘Angel Heart’ because since then, Dong Joo, with the heart of an angel, decided to step back from the triangular relationship so he pretended to be cold to Soo Wan (who now kinda thinks he’s an arse hole too). He also planned to leave Korea a year later…after he’s done doing what he needs to do…hmmm finding out who killed Mom?

Another traffic accident on one early morning involving a mother and child brought the triangle trio together again. Dong Joo and Soo Wan sent the mother to the hospital via ambulance but it was too late. The child was saved but Soo Wan was too emotionally affected by the incident as it reminded her of her mother. Dong Joo wanted to comfort Soo Wan but Ji Woon suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the hospital and gave her a hug (strikeeeeeeee twooooo).

That night Soo Wan brought some soju, planning to drown her sorrows at the planetarium. She saw a wishing tree and went to hang a wish she has written. One wish caught her eye as it was written ‘hoping to find you, by Dong Joo’. Soo Wan ran around the planetarium searching for her Dong Joo. And watcha know, there was Dylan Park sitting in the empty theatre (taking a nap) when he heard Soo Wan saying: ‘Dong Joo is that you?’ Her heart sank when she saw it was Dylan, whom went all snappy on her for disturbing his beauty sleep. He got up to leave but Soo Wan realized he was drowning his sorrows in soju as well so she invited him for a drinking session with her.

Over soju they talked about stars and Soo Wan disclosed a little about her first love. Poor Dong Joo, how he wished he could admit who he was. Soo Wan then dozed off due to the alcohol effect and Dong Joo wanting to touch her hair with his fingers…but couldn’t bring himself to….

There were so many chances for Dong Joo to grab Soo Wan by the shoulders and tell her ‘I AM PARK DONG JOO!’ but I guess he wasn’t mentally prepared yet to explain why he went MIA over the years and if she still likes him, though he did see her wearing the whistle as a necklace. Or maybe he doesn’t want to complicate things by being a third party her relationship with Ji Woon. Soo Wan isn’t all that dense too. She did suspect Dylan was Dong Joo when she asked him whether they had met before (totally comes off as a hit-off line). As a seasoned kdrama watcher, I won’t expect Dong Joo to go all-blah and admit to Soo Wan that he’s THE Dong Joo. My guess Soo Wan will eventually pick up clues, hunches etc etc and will have this grand revelation of ‘he is truly my first love’. Hands up those who think there will a scene where there will be Soo Wan running towards/searching for Dong Joo when that happens.


Kim Ji Suk always never gets the girl in dramas and sadly he’s not going this one too. He is like stuck in this second fiddle position…somewhat like a male version of Wang Ji Hye but without the wicked heart. Maybe these two can be paired up one day as an OTP!

And Seung Riiiiiiii!!! He’s new member on the emergency rescue team and his name is T-E-D-D-Y. I am wondering if they deliberately named him after their songwriter. Teddy cracked me up on his first scene because of his funny accent…a mix of satori (Korean dialect) and English. He introduced himself as a dude from Texas in English then suddenly broke in satori. Soo Wan told him to either use English or satori, just one! Hilarious! He comes off a little naïve and airhead but whatever…I am loving his character already!

Seung Ri

This drama is packed with Kdrama clichés but surprisingly it didn’t bore me and my finger wasn’t looking for the fast-forward button. What magic has it cast upon me?

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