MyGirl_Posterkooriyuki: There must be something in the water/air because KDrama OTP reunions are taking place faster than we watch our dramas! There’s My Girl reunion, Successful Story of a Bright Girl reunion, and now a highly possible Time Between Dog and Wolf reunion.

sab: Yup, I loved the chemistry between Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook, though it might be cos My Girl belongs to the fluffy rom-coms I like to watch. Oh, and not juz OTPs, but actors/actresses who previously have collaborated are working together again. I’m referring to Joo Sang-wook and Lee Min-jung. Though I think they weren’t the leads in their previous show (Kimchi Radish Cubes), having worked together once helps in building up chemistry? Cos they are good in Sly and Single again. And could we also have some bromance re-pairing too? I juz finished God’s Quiz 3 and absolutely ship Ahn Nae-sang and Ryu Deok-hwan.

kooriyuki: Speaking of bromances, I’m reading kakashi’s recap of TEN2 and I think Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sang Ho has one of the best bromances ever. But I digress.

ams5xerine: I would scream loudly for a particular couple…SOGONG (So Ji Sub and  Gong Hyo Jin)!!!!!!! But heaven knows when will they reunite again for a project. I am anticipating for the two Jangs though. I remember how crazy I was over  Successful Story of a Bright Girl and plus, I did watch the Taiwanese version of Fated To Love You…I dig such angst in a rom-com (and a hot bed scene puhahaha)~ For the two Lees, I think they were rumoured to be dating after My Girl  but they gave me a feeling like they’re two old friends getting together for a project again. Coincidentally Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk co-starred THREE times within 5 years. NO FAIR!!!! GIMME SOGONG EVERY YEAR!!!  Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo pairing in That Winter The Wind Blows was kinda cool…it’s like they have been around FOREVER but never got paired up till now…speaking of Song Hye Gyo, I would like to see her paired up once again with her Autumn In My Heart co-star, Song Seung Heun!

sab: Or Song Hye-gyo and Rain? I shipped them in Full House. But er, maybe it might be awkward pairing true life ex-couple back?

axerine: Wallace Huo and Joe Chen did in a drama last year…? But that’s in a non-kdrama world…so far none?

saTime_Between_Dog_and_Wolftvb: Sorry axerine, non k-drama OTPs don’t count. Boss’ order. (lol) But while on the topic (if there is one) of Gong Hyo-jin, why not her with Cha Seung-won? I ❤ them in Greatest Love.

kooriyuki: I fully support a SoGong reunion. Personally I wish for a Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min Ah reunion, so in the mean time I shall just watch Arang when the pangs hit.

axerine: Erm…Kang Ji Hwan and Park Si Yeon…? I really love their chemistry in Coffee House but I guess we might never see her on our screens about our next conversation topic to be ‘couples we don’t wish to see’? HAHAHAHAHAH!

kooriyuki: Before we move on to that topic, I just wanna say, how can anyone forget the awesome pairing of Jae Hee and Lee Chae Young? They were so awesome in Delightful Chun Hyang!

sab: And to go totally OFF topic, why don’t we have a drama where Song Ji-hyo gets really paired up with Gary? 😛 Gary‘s surprised cameo as a representative driver in Emergency Couple was so cute. Plus his (teasing?) comments on Running Man…those two should juz marry already.