Frankly speaking I don’t know how to start this review. Partly because I finished this really a long time ago, it’s also because the latter half of Show kept adhering to KDrama norm it was such a letdown. I believe the feeling of disappointment after watching the finale of a drama is not unfamiliar. Can We Love? could have been so much better.


I have no idea why Eugene (almost) always plays the role of a self-sacrificing character, to the point of noble idiocy. One would have thought her Jung-wan here would be different from her other roles, being a divorcee in her late thirties, and having a 10-year-old son no less, but as Show unfolds, Jung-wan is always the self-sacrifing person who doesn’t know how to say no. It’s therefore a consolation that Kyung-soo (Uhm Tae Woong) chides her for it and expresses his (our) exasperation at her decisions, but ultimately he also could not get through her thick skull that she can get married even if she’s an aspiring scriptwriter.


There were unhappiness over the way Ji-hyun’s (Choi Jung Yoon) problem was resolved, but I don’t think she attempted suicide, as some (or maybe most) viewers assumed. My take on her overtaking sleeping pills is probably her strong desire to have a good sleep, because the events that unfolded around her took too much a toll on her. I wish her mother-in-law would be taught even a bigger lesson, but it seems that the old lady is one lost cause, so I accept that Ji-hyun finally stood up against her. I still wish she’d divorce Gyu Shik (Nam Sung Jin), and while idealistically I hope she’ll get back with Do Young (Kim Sung Soo), realistically I thought it’d be better for her to not be with either man.

I also didn’t like how Ji-hyun’s daughter, Se Ra’s (Jin Ji Hee) teenage pregnancy issue, was not even properly resolved. So she decided to have the child and give it up for adoption. And? I don’t understand why this issue was introduced when it can’t even be given the appropriate screen time. Did Gyu Shik come to terms with it? How is the family going to go about their daily lives during the pregnancy? It is such a wonderful topic yet towards the end it was just brushed aside to give way to all the adult problems, I don’t even understand why it was included in the script in the first place.


Moving on to Seon Mi (Kim Yoo Mi), even though I utterly disliked her in the middle of Show, when she played the card of a single woman desparately wanting to get married, I thought her open ending with Yoon Seok (Park Min Woo) was apt. Since she’s always depicted as the so called “modern” woman, narratively (but not necessarily morally or politically) it works with Seon Mi deciding to have a child before getting married officially.


Can We Love? is definitely not without its flaws; however it was engaging, though towards the end frustrating because it treads on grounds every other show treaded on, and we get thrown irritating family members who exist just because. It was a shame that the writer did not have the guts to write something unconventional, choosing to write a politically correct (translate = boring) story of love and friendship between three women.