Joseon Gunman – Episode 2

If the previous episode gives us the background of Show, annd hints at the imminent danger, then the danger is very real in this episode. Our OTP continues their bickering, which is going to be put aside as they fight to survive together. Death is scary when you have nothing to fight it with, especially at gunpoint.


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We continue from where we left off, and Soo-in fires with her eyes closed. The scene is intercut with another gunshot fired at the same time, by the assassin. General Park pushes Oh Kyung down to the ground right at the moment, saving Oh Kyung’s life. He tells Oh Kyung to run, and runs straight for the sniper. General Park slashes at the sniper before he can reload his rifle, and a chase ensues as the sniper runs away.

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We return to Soo-in and Yoon Kang, where Yoon Kang is in total disbelief that his sword is broken in halves by the shot from Soo-in. She screams at him that guns are dangerous, and he asks if she really is not related to the assassins. Soo-in can’t believe how obstinate he is, and says if she really is related to them, he would have been dead already. She tells Yoon Kang to not fight the assassins if he comes across them, as he had just experienced firsthand how powerful guns are, and swords are of no match. Soo-in then leaves a shell-shocked Yoon Kang on the street while she rushes to meet Oh Kyung.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-42-15]

The fight between General Park and the sniper continues, and it’s apparent that Yoon Kang takes after his father in terms of nifty movements and excellent sword fighting skills. The sniper escapes on horseback, and General Park gives chase by jumping atop roofs. This gives him the advantage of reaching where the sniper will pass by before him, and leaps down the roof to delivers a blow which knocks the sniper down his horse.

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Soo-in reaches where she’s supposed to meet Oh Kyung, and sees an empty bullet shell on the ground. Yoon Kang brings his broken sword to Jung Hoon, and tells him dejectedly that Soo-in is not related to the assassins. Jung Hoon asks how does he know that, and Yoon Kang replies that he just knows, after interacting with him. He adds that Soo-in wears “his” heart on the sleeves, and Jung Hoon jokes if it’s a girl, if not how would Yoon Kang know how “he” thinks. Gotta love Jung Hoon’s humor.

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Yoon Kang heads back to the Jung residence, and replays in his mind his various encounters with Soo-in the nobleman. He asks Soo-in’s maid if there’s any other nobleman who stays at their residence, and she stutters that the Parks are the only guests they’re hosting now. He then asks for Soo-in, and her maid and Soo-in fret over what to reply Yoon Kang when he voices his suspicions. Her maid urges Soo-in to deny everything, if not she’d disgrace the entire family. Soo-in nods.

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Yoon Kang removes his hat and places it on Soo-in’s head, much to her annoyance. She throws his hat on the ground, and scolds him for being rude. Yoon Kang retorts that he’s not a fool; how long does she think that he wouldn’t recognise her, even if he meets her in her disguise. He teases her that the nobleman and her share very similar features, and she tries to deny politely that he must have mixed her up with whoever he had met. Yoon Kang stops her halfway and claims that even the voice is the same.

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Soo-in turns and leave, and Yoon Kang starts blackmailing her by saying he’s been to the constables, and they’re looking for any clues related to the snipers. She tries to act nonchalant and goads him to report her then. Yoon Kang asks if she’s sure about it, because what if the constables really come and search her room and find something “dangerous”, it’s going to be a serious offence. She tells him to do whatever he deems fit, and warns him not to order her around. Soo-in then turns and returns to her quarters, while Yoon Kang smirks.

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Soo-in tries to find somewhere safe to hide her pistol and bullets, and decides to hide them underneath a pile of tiles. She takes a tile, perhaps intending to cover up the gap between the tiles and the ground, and Yoon Kang’s voice come out from nowhere. Soo-in looks around in fright, and drops the tile when Yoon Kang appears. He asks teasingly if he’s so ugly that she’s in fright seeing him, and asks if “that place is safe”. He then tells her he’ll now go to the constables, and she pleads with him not to. It takes several pleads with Yoon Kang to stop him from reporting her, and it confirms Yoon Kang’s suspicions that Soo-in is the nobleman.

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General Park interrogates the sniper who’s now being caught, and tries to get him to reveal who is he working for, by appealing him to think of his family. The tactic seems to work, as the sniper looks uncertain whether to confess or not. General Park requests that his subordinates treat the sniper’s wounds, and to continue the interrogation at a later time.

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The Sugu faction get together, as the news of the sniper being caught has apparently reached them. The mastermind reassures his cronies that the matter has been discussed thoroughly and ordered someone reliable to “carry it out”, and none of them will be implicated even if the sniper confesses. General Park receives updates of the sniper from his subordinate, who tells him that the sniper seems torn between the thoughts of his family and loyalty to whoever he serves. Just then another subordinate comes running into the office and tells General Park that the sniper seems poisoned. They rush to the jail and the sniper looks like he’s going to die soon. He really dies before revealing who he’s working for, though he seems to know that he’s being poisoned by his boss. He also reveals that he and the assassin who killed Hyun Am are less skilled that their boss in using a rifle.

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A prison guard reports to Choi that the sniper has already been taken care of, using poisoned ice cubes, which will be untrackable after they have melted. Back at the jail, a kitchen helper has also been found murdered in the kitchen, and General Park’s subordinate guesses that there’s a spy among them.

Choi updates the mastermind about the sniper, and informs the mastermind that he will personally carry out the murder of Oh Kyung. The mastermind reminds him about the book Hyun Am left, and tells him that it is a dangerous book full of rebellion philosophies which will change the world that they know, and it’s even more dangerous than the Bible. (In Joseon and Edo Japan, the Bible is deem as dangerous because it threatens the social fabric and foundation the government is built upon.)

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Jung Hoon rejects Yoon Kang to go drinking, explaining that there’s a huge bounty reward for anyone who apprehends the sniper, and Jung Hoon desperately wants the gold. Heh. He heads to the Choi residence, hiding at a corner taking peeps at the residence. Hye Won and her guards come from behind (all on horseback no less), and asks Jung Hoon who he is looking for. Jung Hoon tries to brush it away and attempts to escape, but is surrounded by Hye Won and her guards in no time.

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A hand gesture from Hye Won has all her guards drawing out their swords, and Jung Hoon is visibly shaken. He draws his sword too, intending to fight like a real constable that he is, but Hye Won changes her mind at the last minute and her guards sheath their swords. She adds that illegal firearm trades is not part of their business, and not to always suspect only them when something strange happens in town. Jung Hoon mutters to himself, after Hye Won and her guards have left, that how can such a beautiful lady be so scary.

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Yoon Kang returns to the Jung’s and is told by Soo-in’s maid that Soo-in wants to talk to him. He feigns surprise at the request in front of Soo-in, and says that she must be feeling terrible having to see his ugly face. She denies politely that he is ugly, and says he is quite handsome actually. She adds that alot of yangban girls must be staring at him secretly when he walks down the street, and he asks if she likes him. She lies that she does a little, and when he harps on it, she says she likes him. A lot. Haha. And she does this cute wanna-beat-you gesture behind his back.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-47-33]

Soo-in the requests that Yoon Kang doesn’t tell anyone about her disguise, and he agrees readily, but with a catch. He asks why she has to disguise herself, but stops her when she starts to explain, saying it’s late and she can tell him tomorrow. He also requests that she brings tea to him the next morning. Oppa, stop teasing a girl!

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-49-06]

Soo-in complains to her maid that Yoon Kang starts to bully/blackmail her now that he knows her secret, and her maid sighs that it’s no mundane secret. On the other hand, Yoon Kang lies on his futon with a broad grin, “This is how you develop feelings!” Oh so you want her to fall for you as revenge, Oppa?

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-49-20]

Soo-in brings tea to Yoon Kang’s room the next morning, only to have him reject her because he doesn’t like the tea she brings. Soo-in can’t take it any more, but still changes a flavour for him anyway. She returns with the new tea, but meets Yoon Kang in a rush to go out. She’s perplexed and Yoon Kang tells her that he has forgotten about a meeting in the morning, and tells her to bring him tea again the next day. Soo-in looks like she’s going to hurl something at Yoon Kang.

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Yoon Kang is about to step out of the house when a young boy comes with a letter, who calls Yoon Kang “young lady” when he affirms that he stays here. Yoon Kang asks if he looks like one, and the young boy says he’s told that the young lady of the residence will sometimes dress as a nobleman. LOL. It is actually a letter from Oh Kyung, telling Soo-in he’s leaving Joseon for the time being, and asks to meet at the harbor before he leaves.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-50-31]

Soo-in explains to Yoon Kang the reason behind her disguise, and he asks her how is she going to the habor. He offers to ride together, to her alarm. How can we ride together, Soo-in exclaims. It’s the only way however, if she wants to reach home before the city gates close, and Soo-in agrees reluctantly.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-50-51]

Yoon Kang goes to Jung Hoon to borrow a horse, and Jung Hoon asks if he’s riding with a gisaeng. I think we can officially call Oppa a good-for-nothing for now. Anyway, Yoon Kang tells Jung Hoon about Oh Kyung, which Jung Hoon immediately reports to his superiors, and they are eavesdropped by the prison guard working for Choi.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-51-38]

Soo-in has difficulties mounting the horse, and Yoon Kang gives her a lift up. She’s uncomfortable with the closeness between them, but Yoon Kang rides them away to the habor. They take a rest at a field, and Yoon Kang takes a look at the book Hyun Am left.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-52-23]

He disagrees with the philosophies written, saying that how can everyone be equal when everyone is divided by class. Soo-in is upset about what Yoon Kang says, and wants to leave immediately. She tries to mount the horse on her own and ride away, but falls when the horse starts moving. Yoon Kang catches Soo-in and teases her.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-52-43]

At the harbor, the constables are all dressed like common folks, not unlike the ambush missions police these days carry out. Yoon Kang and Soo-in scans for Oh Kyung from higher grounds, and she runs for Oh Kyung once she spots him. She hands the book over the him, and walks with him towards the boat he’s taking. Just then, a fisherman stands up and raises his rifle. Yoon Kang shouts out and General Park who’s nearby, springs into action with his subordinates.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-53-10]

The fisherman is Choi, and it takes only one aim from him to kill Oh Kyung. Yoon Kang leads Soo-in to safety, while General Park and his men fires countless arrows at Choi. Choi hides behind a raised structure on his boat, evading the arrows. He takes the time lapse for the constables to reload and aims for Yoon Kang’s horse as they reach it. The horse is down too, and Yoon Kang realises that they too, are in danger.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-55-04]

Choi leaps into the water and swims towards Yoon Kang and Soo-in. They run into a forest, with Choi following them, and General Park and his men hot on the trail as well. It’s soon nightfall, and it seems that Yoon Kang and Soo-in are quite some distance in front of Choi. They remove the outer robes, possibly for swifter movements, and Yoon Kang asks Soo-in if she’s brought her pistol. She doesn’t, and they bicker over why she doesn’t, and Yoon Kang is without his sword as well (Yoon Kang: “You broke it into half!” Soo-in: “Don’t you have another?” Yoon Kang: “I don’t sell swords! How will I have more than one!”)

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-56-05]

Soo-in is exhausted and sits on the ground, all the while Choi is following steathily behind them. Yoon Kang spots movements, and offers to piggyback Soo-in. They continue moving and Choi comes across their outer robes, strewn on the ground. General Park and his troop come across the same spot not long after, and pursue in the same direction.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-56-53]

Yoon Kang and Soo-in come to an abandoned hut, and she takes out a compass to find the direction to head for the next morning. Yoon Kang asks her what it is, and she explains to him that it’ll always point to the north no matter where and when. Yoon Kang jokes that it sure is stubborn, and although Soo-in looks exasperated, she smiles. They decide to spend a night at the hut before heading back to the city. She looks at him in alarm, and he tells her that since the sniper is also in the forest, it is best they move in daylight. Yoon Kang explains that in the dark, whoever moves first loses.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-57-08]

General Park’s subordinate advises that it’s futile to search in the dark, and General Park gives oder to camp at a suitable site. Their conversation is overheard by Choi. Soo-in stays up while Yoon Kang sleeps, and she hears Choi nearing the hut where they are. She tries to shake Yoon Kang awake, which takes quite a while. He was about to speak when she hurriedly covers his mouth, and he understands immediately by her alarmed look.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-57-55]

Choi enters the abandoned hut, but Soo-in and Yoon Kang are no longer there. They’re hiding under then planks of the hut, and Choi enters each room to search. Yoon Kang covers his hands over Soo-in’s, seeing her trembling in fear. He spots a mouse running towards them, and cover Soo-in’s mouth before she screams. Choi however hears the sucking in of breathe from Soo-in, and fires at planks.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-58-14]

Interpreter Jung and his wife assembled their servants, as well as Yeon Ha. His wife is worried sick about Soo-in’s disappearance, and when Jung asks Yeon Ha to get her brother to search for Soo-in together, Yeon Ha tells them that her brother is missing as well.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-58-22]

Yoon Kang leads Soo-in out of the hut, and hides at a cave. She says it’s the first time she sees someone dies in front of her, and Yoon Kang asks her if she’s afraid why did she agree to such a dangerous mission. He starts saying that Hyun Am is a terrible person for exposing Soo-in to such dangers, and Soo-in stops him from talking bad about her teacher. She then begins to cry, remembering about her teacher.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-58-34]

Soo-in wakes up from sleeping on Yoon Kang’s arm, and recoils in fright at the sight of a sleeping Yoon Kang. LOL. She pretends to sleep, and Yoon Kang wakes up. He wakes up her for good, and they head for a stream to wash up.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-59-35]

They are about to leave after washing up, and Yoon Kang spots Choi some distance down the stream. He urges Soo-in to leave, and Choi sees them at the moment. It’s another chase again, and this time Soo-in and Yoon Kang runs until a cliff, and Choi closes in on them. He asks them to hand over the book, and Soo-in does so reluctantly. Just as they thought they’d be safe, Choi raises his rifle at them…


조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-44-30]

Joseon Gunman keeps getting better. I love that Yoon Kang is steadily having his beliefs challenged, first by seeing how fragile a sword is against gunfire, and then reading the philosophies of Hyun Am. He is not exactly a conservative, I’d say, but rather he’s living a sheltered life and has never been exposed to dangers and challenges. Hence, it’ll really take alot for him to change his way of life and thinking, and I can see that we’re heading there.

조선 총잡이.E02.140626.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[17-41-52]

Soo-in continues to be an interesting female lead, squirmish as she may be about being close to a man physically, she will overcome her worries and fears if it can help her achieve what she believes is correct. She embodies the conservative upbringing and modern philosophies, full of conflicts which will force her to choose who she really wants to be as Show progresses.

My gripe with Show is somehow the constables are quite a lousy bunch of officials, or maybe the writer wants to exaggerate the power of firearms over swords and bows and arrows? I understand that at this point of time the bad will prevail, to step up the conflicts, but hey, the good can’t be THAT pathetic, right? Can I hope that they can take the bad a peg or two down?

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  1. My gripe with Show is somehow the constables are quite a lousy bunch of officials
    That’s more or less my gripe with most actiony dramas. The baddies always seem to have been attending the ‘How to win over your enemies the most effective way’ – 101 but the good guys probably got lost on their way to class.^^ It usually evens out about half way through, if TPTB know what they are doing. As Joseon Gunman is moving along quite briskly, that may happen even faster.
    Other than that I’m pretty happy with the drama so far.

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