I have no idea how the original was, but I’m happy to say that the Korean version is pulling me in. Granted, the plot is fairly straightforward and predictable, so it’s not so much of what the plot is, but rather how it’ll unfold. Execution is important when the story is simple, on top of good chemistry between the leads.


Fated to Love You has, so far, kind of fulfilled my very simple criteria, because I find myself waiting to see how the story unfolds. Characterizations are still fairly 2D at the moment, especially for the side characters. Jang Nara‘s Mi Young may be a little too much of a pushover, but she’s not a fool. She may be trusting, yes, so much so that I/we can’t help but shake some sense in her, but Jang Nara has a way of charming her way into my/our hearts. Mi Young admits it’s her fault that she’s a pushover, but she’s so thoughtful of other people’s feelings that she can’t bring herself to reject others. She however, needs a lesson on how to discern douchebags from sincere men. That Lawyer Min (Kim Young Hoon, that crazy ass lawyer from Ugly Alert) just screams bad mojo from a mile away but poor girl, she thinks he’s a kind person because he doesn’t bully her like her other colleagues does.


On the other hand, Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is full of himself, being the precious only descendent from the main branch of the Jeonju Lee Clan. He may seem arrogant, but he is not oblivious to a true kind heart. Lee Gun is perhaps someone who yearns for true love, and is patient for it. But 6 years is not a short period of time, and at the knowledge of his beloved has yet again chose her dreams over him, his heart may be broken for good by her.


As all cliched troupes go, coincidence (or if you prefer, FATE) plays a huge role in getting the OTPs together. Here, we have some manmade interference of a factory owner, whose factory had not only been bought over by Lee Gun, but also his staff were all fired. The said factory owner, Mr Park (Jung Eun Pyo), and his friend Mr Choi (Im Hyung Joon), who also happens to be Mi Young’s brother-in-law, cook up a plan, which is to blackmail Lee Gun with some sex tapes, hoping to revoke the purchase of the factory. But of couse FATE has other plans in mind, and instead of the woman Mr Park asked to get into Lee Gun’s bed, Mi Young somehow ended up there instead, in a series of events that happened which required some suspension of disbelief. Which is fine by my book, really, because this is a drama afterall.


What I like so far is Lee Gun DOES have a heart, and even though he may be suspicious and hopping mad about his somehow staged one night stand with Mi Young, he recognizes a fellow broken heart, as well as understand that Mi Young is considerate to others. Show is not particularly hilarious, but I sure find myself LOL-ing whenever Lee Gun laughs. Jang Hyuk does this borderline maniac laughter which is downright hilarious. I also like that Show doesn’t take itself too seriously, although the inserting of cartoony scenes had me raising my eyebrows.


I’ll definitely be following this (Wed-Thu drama offerings had been pretty good so far), and may Show stay good and heartwarming and cute!

PS: Can I ask for more of Jang Hyuk’s abs?