It’s a cat-and-mouse hunt everywhere in Show, between Hanzo and Choi, King Gojong and the mastermind. While history tells us how the bigger picture turns out, we have no idea whether Hanzo will succeed in his revenge.


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After a brief recap, we return to Hanzo being surrounded by Choi and his men, at Mapo Port. Hanzo prepares to take aim, but Choi raises his hand and tells him he means no harm but he’d like to know ninja Hanzo’s identity. Hanzo fires, and makes use of the distraction to escape. Choi’s right-hand man gives chase, and the two man starts sparring on top of a roof. Soo-in and gang also hears the gunshot, and Jung Hoon leads his men to check it out.

Choi’s right-hand man is no match for the agile Hanzo, and gets kicked off a connecting bridge between some warehouses. It’s interesting to see how Hanzo wields the rifle as if it’s a gun. Jung Hoon and his men reach just as Hanzo has ran off, and they thought he’s the man they have to catch. Choi arrives at the moment and tells them they’ve gotten the wrong man, and Jung Hoon recognizes who Choi is. He asks if Choi has seen any human traffickers with young girls, but doesn’t get any affirmation from Choi.

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Yeon Ha and the other girls are forced to get into some enclosed cart, and Hanzo returns to the warehouse where they were held, after they were led away. Soo-in and Ho Kyung also come along at the same moment, and split up inside the warehouse trying to look for Yeon Ha. She sees ninja Hanzo, who immediately clasps his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. It’s a step too late, and Ho Kyung comes running. He tells Hanzo to let go of Soo-in, and he’s willing to be his hostage in her place. He inches forward and Hanzo retreats with Soo-in. Hanzo lets go of her and escapes when he hears Jung Hoon and his men nearing.

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On the way home, Soo-in asks why did Ho Kyung volunteer to be the hostage. He replies that he doesn’t know either, and his only thoughts then were to save Soo-in. She looks grateful, and adds that she doesn’t think ninja Hanzo meant to harm them. Ho Kyung asks her incredulously why would she think so, and she replies it’s Hanzo’s eyes that made her feel that way.

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A gisaeng tries to wake Hanzo up to no avail, but he is forced to wake up when Kanemaru comes. The mysterious man who’s keeping tabs on Hanzo reports back to Choi, that Hanzo spent the whole night with a gisaeng, and only left his room in the morning together. He adds that he saw no one leaving the room at night, when Choi prods.

Choi’s right-hand man guesses Hanzo may have known he’s being watched, thus is taking precautions with his whereabouts. But Choi thinks they can’t rely on mere conjectures to oust Hanzo’s real identiy; he is afterall My Yamamoto’s trusted aide.

It’s the opening day of Hanzo’s office, and Je Mi is already at work with Kanemaru supervising. Hanzo

조선 총잡이.E07.140716.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-58-36] tells Sang Choo Choi was at Mapo Port last night too, claiming that one of his warehouse was broken into. Sang Choo doesn’t believe the coincidence, and Hanzo tells him to run along to the police station. He also asks Sang Choo to pass a letter to someone there.

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Choi brings Hye-won and Soo-in to congratulate the opening of Hanzo’s new office. Both men agree to proceed with their gold mining business, and Hanzo tells them he’ll have the gunpowder ready by the next day. He adds that he’d like to see her skills ASAP, maybe tomorrow? Soo-in freaks out at having to demonstrate so quickly, and tries to wriggle her way out by saying there’s alot of perparation she has to do, and she’ll require ten days. Hanzo waves her off and gives her three days.

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Hanzo starts bragging to Choi about how the gisaeng keeps him busy all night long, and Soo-in looks mad at him. Hye-won rises and requests that she and Soo-in to be excused. Once outside, Soo-in grumbles to Hye-won that she must had been mad to think Hanzo is Yoon Kang. Oh dearie, if only you know why he has to pretend to be a playboy. Hye-won tells Soo-in to try her best, and assures her that even if she fails, it’s not her fault. Soo-in looks worried despite Hye-won’s kind words.

Hanzo relates to Choi about his past, that he used to mix with the ronins (masterless samurais), and slowly approached Yamamoto. Hanzo jokingly says he’s being locked down by Choi, otherwise he wouldn’t have revealed susch intimate details about himself. Choi replies that he’s happy to be closer to Hanzo. Hanzo asks Choi to tell him more about himself next time; he feels he’s losing out that he’s always the one revealing private details. Them fightin’ words, these two mortal enemies.

Choi tells his right-hand man that Hanzo’s “story” fits everything that they’ve gotten from Haneda, and his right-hand man asks if that’s so, is Hanzo not Yoon Kang? Choi believes not, and decides that his show hand would have to be Yeon Ha.

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Hanzo recalls his fateful meeting with the real Hasegawa Hanzo. It was at Osaka, when Yoon Kang got into a scuffle with some ruffians, and the real Hanzo seemed impressed with Yoon Kang’s fighting skills and agility. Yoon Kang ignores Hanzo when he asks if Yoon Kang wants to work for their merchant group, but stops when Hanzo mentions Yamamoto.

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Sang Choo reports to Hanzo that the letter has been passed to “him”, and worries whether “he” will pose as a danger to them. Hanzo smiles that it’s not them, but the gisaengs will be in danger. Ah, it’s Jung Hoon! The scene immediately changes to at the police station, and Jung Hoon tries to smoke his way through his report to Officer Moon. Officer Moon knows he’s been to the gibang, and reprimands Jung Hoon. He orders Jung Hoon to find the identity of Mu-deok immediately.

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The mastermind of the Conservatives gives Choi a good scolding for not reporting Mu-deok’s death to him, and gives him a reminder of his status – the gunmen that he is training do not belong to him. Choi appeases the mastermind by bringing him to the training site, where the gunmen displayed their superb skills. The mastermind is pleased.

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Jung Hoon, upon receiving the letter from Hanzo, appears at the gibang, thrilled that Myeong-wol (the gisaeng he and Yoon Kang once were extremely enamored with) has written to him. Oooh, so that’s how Hanzo penned his letter to Jung Hoon. He enters a room on tiptoes, hoping to give “Myeong-wol” a surprise. He’s the one who meets with a shock when Hanzo (in his commonfolk disguise) turns around. Jung Hoon then bombards Hanzo with questions that only Yoon Kang knows the answers, and it’s such a heartwarming moment that these two are friends since young.

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The friends then have a tearful reunion after Jung Hoon is thoroughly convinced that Hanzo is Yoon Kang. Jung Hoon wants to tell Soo-in immediately, but Hanzo stops him and tells him he MUST keep it a secret. I hope Jung Hoon will keep his end of the promise, because he’s such a bumbly person sometimes. Hanzo also requests that Jung Hoon takes charge of the edict of managing Japanese merchants, in a bid to meet more easily in the future. Hanzo reveals to Jung Hoon his purpose of returning to Joseon – Yeon Ha. Jung Hoon tells him both he and Soo-in are also looking for Yeon Ha, and Hanzo asks Jung Hoon to update him whenever there’s news of his sister.

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Interpreter Jung reports to King Gojong about the new government agency that the reformists had come up with, and the King presses for it to be passed through. As Jung expected, it is met with strong oppositions from the Conservatives, but King Gojong is adamant to see it through.

Gyeonggi Trade Group faces yet another problem, which is a group of villagers are upset about having to move their village cemetry due to the developments of the gold mine.

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Hanzo brings Soo-in to inspect the gunpowder, and she criticizes that he must have gotten them ready hastily, because the gunpowder is of inferior quality. She displays her knowledge of gunpowder, and tells Hanzo that black and spicy soil will produce better gunpowder, while the Hanzo’s is mixed with salty soil and white. He scoffs at her, and she holds a fistful of the gunpowder, forcing it into his face and asks him to taste it. He gets offended and clutches her wrist angrily. Oooh, charged moment. He drops her wrist immediately and leaves the warehouse.

On their way out of the forest where the warehouse is, Hanzo reminds her repeatedly that the gunpowder must not be removed, and she is irritated at his incessant nagging and asks if he distrusts people that much. She makes him promise to apologize to her if her demonstration is successful, which he says, “IF it’s successful, I will.”

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They meet with the group of angry villagers, many whom wields their plows and other farming tools. The elder of the group chastises Soo-in for mixing with Japanese, and is furious that Hanzo can speak Korean. He accuses Hanzo for being behind the moving of cemetry, and the villagers close up upon Hanzo and Soo-in. Hanzo sees how Soo-in is trembling with fright, and he makes the decision of flashing out his pistol and fires into the air. He makes use of the distraction and escapes with Soo-in.

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They hide behind some huge rocks, and before they realise, their hands are tightly clasped together. Hanzo recalls the times when they had to hide together, in the abandoned hut in the mountains, and just before Yoon Kang had to take the boat to leave Joseon. Hanzo releases her hand, and both are embarassed.

As they bid their time to come out from behind the rocks, Soo-in asks Hanzo why he pointed his gun at the village elder. Hanzo replies that he despises those who kill with guns, and he brings a pistol around for self-defence. Soo-in says, “Even if so, once you use it, somebody will die. This thing takes away one’s life in a split second; it doesn’t even give the person a last chance to gaze, ending everything cruelly.” Hanzo asks if she had seen someone died in front of her, and Soo-in replies it’s just common knowledge.

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Hanzo then asks if she still thinks he is Park Yoon Kang, and how much she likes him, if she still can’t forget about him. Soo-in replies that she’ll never forget him for as long as she lives, for they’d not just smiled and cried together, they’d also faced death together before. She adds that even though the days they were together were short, they were the happiest days in her life. Soo-in turns the table around and asks Hanzo if he really isn’t Yoon Kang, because she feels Yoon Kang’s vibes from him. She presses on, “Have I misunderstood something? Or you’re really him but there’s a reason that you’re pretending you’re not?” Hanzo’s face hardens immediately, and brushes her off. Just then, Hye-won’s voice ring out, shouting their names.

Hye-won seems to have successfully appeased the villagers, and reports back to Hanzo. She’s extremely apologetic that Hanzo always meet with danger because of them, and Soo-in is indignant that Hanzo doesn’t appreciate Hye-won’s heartfelt apologies. She asks Hye-won why she’s so accomodating to Hanzo, and Hye-won relates to her how Hanzo saved her previously. Hye-won admits that that’s not the entire reason why: “He has entered my eyes. There’s and unexpected side of him, which you may not have seen it.”

Yet another meeting convenes at the Conservatives Headquarters, and the mastermind laughs like a madman at King Gojong’s latest declaration. His minions do not share his humor, and are rather worried that the King’s new move is going to destroy the Joseon as they know it. The mastermind declares that he’s going to request for a meeting with the King.

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Interpreter Jung walks along a bamboo path with Ho Kyung, and tells him the King has granted him a lofty governmental position of overseeing the new agency. Ho Kyung is delighted for him, and promises to visit Jung more often to discuss about possible reformation plans. Jung tells him that’s not what he wants, and invites Ho Kyung to join him as an official in the new government. Jung promises him that familial background will not be important in the new government, for a lowly interpreter like him is given such a high post, and Ho Kyung will definitely be given a position as well.

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Sang Choo seems to take joy in just looking at Je-mi, and makes small talk to her while she’s washing clothes. He freaks out when she replies it’s Hanzo’s suits that she’s washing, and snatches them from her immediately. Hanzo is outraged that Je-mi has entered his room despite him telling Sang Choo to tell her to keep out, and orders to send her away. Sang Choo pleads on her behalf, and in a bid of desperation, he tells Hanzo Yeon Ha has been found. The scene cuts to Choi and his right-hand man, when Hanzo asks where Yeon Ha is.

Hanzo is in his commonfolk disguise again, and Sang Choo is alongside him in the yangban wear. He brings Hanzo to where the slave sellers are, and they’re a step too late. The seller tells them Yeon Ha has been bought by some rich merchant, and Hanzo gives chase immediately. Choi brings Yeon Ha home, and tells his right-hand man that he’s giving a party tomorrow, and Hanzo must be invited.

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Soo-in is troubled that no matter how she studies her book, she cannot be certain how to make the explosives. Jan-yi tells her irritatedly that she should just tell Hye-won she can’t do it, but Soo-in wouldn’t hear of it. Annoyed, Jan-yi tells Soo-in she might as well go and steal some gunpowder, which Soo-in is elated at the idea of it.

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She proceeds to Hanzo’s office, and lies to Je-mi Hanzo asks her to check on the gunpowder. She then takes a little of each that she needs, sneakily. In her haste to leave the warehouse, she bumps into Sang Choo, and her hastily packed gunpowder drop to the floor.

Yeon Ha begins to help out at the Choi residence, and Hye-won begins to receive guests. Some of those invited are probably the mastermind’s cronies, and one of them glances at Yeon Ha lecherously. Eww. Hanzo also graces the party, and Choi invites him for tea privately. Choi asks if Soo-in still thinks Hanzo is Yoon Kang, and Hanzo brushes it off saying he’s not going to concern himself with such trivial matters, as there’re so many people in the world who looks alike. Choi agrees, and unless it’s blood relatives, or else no one will know for sure. He then excuses himself, but hangs around outside the room, waiting for Yeon Ha to give tea to Hanzo.

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Yeon Ha enters the room, and when Hanzo turns around, Yeon Ha is so shocked to see Hanzo and drops the tea. Choi hears the commotion, and pushes open the door slightly to observe what happens. Yeon Ha cries out, “Oraboni!” and rushes forward to hug Hanzo.


I’m really not sure if Hanzo telling Jung Hoon his real identity is the wisest move, though I understand that he needs someone in the government who can help him. I really hope Jung Hoon wouldn’t reveal his identity to anyone accidentally, because it’s going to be really disastrous. Of course, that would mean that we get more conflicts = more drama, but I’ll also probably have to watch between my fingers in fear of what’s in store for Hanzo.

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Despite Choi being the main villain to our hero, I don’t really hate him. He’s a pawn himself as well, and I’m rather interested in knowing why he’s so willing to work for the mastermind. He doesn’t seem to have any political aspirations, and he is mainly a businessman. I admire his resourcefulness, and although he’s shrewd, he seem to care genuinely for Hye-won, and that makes him a rather complex character.

I’ve read that some viewers do not really like the arrangment of Hye-won falling for Hanzo, worried that it’ll sour the friendship between her and Soo-in. Until Hanzo’s real identity is ousted, I don’t think Soo-in will really mind? She may have felt Yoon Kang’s vibes from Hanzo, but his asshole behavior to her irks her much as well.