Yep, the reason behind why nekosdrama is so quiet these days is because kooriyuki took yet another holiday, and dropped by Seoul again. It’s like my second home country. So I’ve decided to seek out the house where Yoona (and almost everyone else in that drama) stays, because it seems relatively easier to find, given it’s at the vincinity of Changdeokgung. So here we go:

1) Take a train to Anguk Station (line 3, orange). Come out from exit 3, walk straight towards Changdeokgung.

anguk station


2) You’re on the right path when you see this (the huge word 空間/SPACE):

20130713_1219473) Turn left when you see this:


4) Just keep walking straight. If you turn left at the first junction, it’s leading into Bukchon. I’ve took a couple of photos of the various buildings you’ll see along the way towards Yoona’s house:


This is on the left. It’s some Korean Buddhism place.


Further up would be the Museum of Korean Art.


And this is Insa Art Space. This is about 200-300m away from Yoona’s house.

5) Voila! Yoona’s house is on your right.

20140728_123734It’s near Bukchon, so if you ever want to go to Changdeokgung/Bukchon, take some time off (wouldn’t take more than 30min) if you want to see where Yoona and Chang Man lives! The road leading up to this house from Anguk Station is the road where they usually take while walking home =)