fated1The part I have been dreading the most in Fated has finally rolled in. Well, at least I didn’t spoil your “fun” by telling you earlier that the baby will be gone. (i hope u had a good cry over the last 2eps of Fated) I decided to spare myself the tears by juz cowardly coldly reading Dramabeans’ recaps — cos I remembered I cried buckets when Xin Yi lost her child in the Tdrama version of  Fated. It’s same same here, but different. And I think the Kdrama version of the miscarriage is much, much more crueller than the Tdrama’s.

From what I remembered of the Tdrama’s version, the miscarriage is largely due to Xin Yi’s misunderstanding engineered by Anna. Although the same instrument — the divorce papers — is used in both, the Kdrama version had Se-ra and then Gun, shoving the divorce papers into Mi-young’s face. In Tdrama version, Anna passes the papers to Xin Yi, with the objective to make her back off — lying to her that Cun Xi doesn’t want her and the baby. Which is the same cheap trick that Se-ra uses. A stunned Xin Yi meets with an accident and suffers a miscarriage after receiving the bombshell from Anna.

In Kdrama’s version, Gun has to hurt poor Mi-young twice. Even though his intention is supposedly “good” and the second divorce papers, which Mi-young doesn’t have the chance to look through, purportedly confirms his love for her…the end result is still the same. Or maybe it’s worse. Since the person who pushes the knife into Mi-young’s heart and twists it around is someone whom she loves and father to the innocent child she is carrying. In the Tdrama version, Xin Yi gets into an accident running AWAY from Cun Xi, cos she thinks he hates her — and Cun Xi is chasing AFTER Xin Yi cos he wanna tell her he loves her. In the Kdrama version, Mi-young loses her child while trying to run after Gun…cos she believes he still loves her. While he walks away, cos…he “loves” (??!) her.

fated7So no prizes for guessing who I feel is the greater villain — it’s the Nobly Idiotic Gun. Yes, yes…we know he carries the genetic defect for Huntington Disease, but seriously, Dr Octopus hasn’t confirm that he IS suffering from the disease now. His amnesia can be a result from the stressful week he has from trying to placate Se-ra, then the media leak about the original divorce papers, and finally the danger of being ousted from his CEO position. He juz leaps to conclusion that his Huntington Disease is starting to eat into his brain…yes, it’s a POSSIBILITY, but not a SURETY.

Well, even if he will be dying in another week’s time, there is no need to deliver the “I-love-you-but-you-need-to-forget-me” news to Mi-young in such a harsh way. I don’t even feel it is justified to hurt another person cos you think it’s in his/her “best interest”, like who are you to determine anyone’s “best interest”?

So if Cun Xi does heaps of grovelling to win Xin Yi back in Tdrama’s Fated, I want Gun to do double (no, triple that) the grovelling. After all, it is entirely HIS fault that he loses both his wife and his child. (and thankfully, Jang Hyuk replaced his hairstylist from ep13. that wet dog floppy hair look is really starting to irritate me)