Fated to Love You

Lee Gun is awesome. I love how he actually is aware of his own feelings for Mi Young, and that he likes her for exactly who she is. Gone are the days where the female leads fall in love first! He takes it upon himself to take care of her welfare, despite it always in the name of the baby.


I also like that Gun treats Mi Young’s family like his own, and it’s not exactly out of obligation but rather he loves them too. That said, he has absolutely no obligation towards them, especially if he DOES intend to divorce Mi Young after their baby is born. However, his actions is speaking otherwise, and that is what makes Gun awesome.

I also find Gun endearingly childish, especially at his display of being the alpha male around Daniel. Gun is not perfect, definitely, but he is kind and righteous, and most importantly he has once again shown us here, he knows when to protect his loved ones.


Mi Young on the other hand, always puts others before herself, which is perhaps why most people treat her as a post-it. I do admire her courage, especially at that gala dinner scene where first she was thrown a glass of wine by that ill-mannered friend of Sera’s, and yet she remains composed. Just as you thought there can’t be any more lowlifes at such a gala party, Mi Young’s actually surrounded by loads, who didn’t make it an effort to keep the rumors about Mi Young a secret, but instead point at her and discuss about it openly.


The douchebag of KDrama Year 2014 has to belong to Lawyer Min who makes it a point to insult Mi Young left right and center AND on the stage. It is again Gun to the rescue, though I didn’t feel Mi Young is portrayed as the damsel in distress. No matter how she defends herself (if she tries), there’s no way those supposedly rich people who NOT label her as a gold digger. It has to come from Gun, as he is supposedly the victim where Mi Young is the villain.


Back to Mi Young, I’m glad the whole issue about her knowing of the sale of the island factory fiasco is resolved in the middle of episode 7, and it actually leads to even more of Gun’s involvement with Mi Young’s family, it’s winning writing. The entire scene of Gun helping Mi Young’s sister in labor, and the scene of him holding the baby in the hospital; Gun has firmly think of himself as part of the family.


Hence, I really appreciated Gun’s resolve to tell Se Ra the truth, and while I understand Mi Young would hate to hurt others, I have to go along with Gun’s decision, because it’s for the best for everyone that no truths are hidden. Even though Mi Young doesn’t know that Gun is in love with her, she doesn’t feel like the noble idiot here for keeping her feelings to herself. Her decisions and actions feel organic, and kudos to Jang Nara for her utterly convincing performances.

Marriage Not Dating


Again, we get the male lead who’s aware of his feelings before the female lead, and I really welcome this recent change in dramaland. I found it hilarious that Gi-tae plays racing XBox games (I assume it is XBox360) like any other guys, yet the kiss from Episode 6 is all that he thinks about. And for the sake of it being a drama, his jealousy and alpha male behavior (not unlike Gun), adds to the funny, though I’m not sure how I’d react to such a guy in real life.


Gi-tae is definitely petty, though I believe his unwillingness to share with others is a form of self-defence. Hence, I thought it was brilliant to have Yeo Reum crashing at his house, which not only reinforces Gi-tae’s feelings towards Jang Mi, but also tears down the walls he erected to protect himself. The whole sequence of the three of them enjoying an impromptu home party is like the calm before a storm. It also serves to prove to Yeo Reum that Gi-tae and Jang Mi are on closer terms than they both would admit.


I’d like to say, at this point, it is obvious that Yeo Reum will only play a second fiddle and I think Jang Mi has never really liked him. Jang Mi was probably just confused for the past few episodes, newly coming off a relationship and Gi-tae was mostly prickly and it is deeply ingrained in her that he isn’t looking for any long term relationships to commit in.


I’d also want to add that I dislike Se Ah much more than Yeo Reum (having seen many people who actually dislikes Yeo Reum with a passion). Perhaps because I know of a good number of ambiguous guys, Yeo Reum doesn’t really bother me much. He serves more like a plot device, while Se Ah is actively meddling/blackmailing Gi-tae, and the things she say are downright weird.

Se Ah totally spells trouble when she was revealed to pay Yeo Reum to dig out the secret between Gi-tae and Jang Mi, and then telling Gi-tae she doesn’t mind not being married BUT she wants HIS kid. Excuse me, what kind of sane people say such things to their exes? The scene at the gym in Episode 8 where she answered Gi-tae’s phone and told Jang Mi he’s showering, and says aloud after hanging up, “Oh, she’s gonna misunderstand”, is totally bewildering. I’m perplexed at Se Ah as a character, and I feel she’s way more enigmatic than Yeo Reum.


The biggest disappointment in this week’s episodes would be Gi-tae’s mother. I can’t believe she stooped this low – giving her consent to the marriage YET torturing Jang Mi mentally throughout Episode 8. It’s impolite of her that she keeps bothering Jang Mi at work, but to even drag her to try wedding gowns AND criticize her endlessly? It’s a new low in the history of KDrama mother-in-laws. Gi-tae’s mother’s attitude of never giving in is causing great grief to not only herself but also all around her. And she refuses to admit to her flaws. I don’t know what will it take to get her to admit she needs help, and I really hope her issues can get resolved.

PS: Screenies for this posts are all taken from Dramabeans, just for this time!