Honestly, I too am not having too high an expectation for Show. As long as it doesn’t fall into periods of doldrums like Moon/Sun, or goes in circles like Gu Family Book, I’ll be eternally grateful. That said, I’m happy that the first two episodes doesn’t seem too over the top, and has enough stakes to keep me interested. I’ve read some people expressed they hope the epilogue of Show wouldn’t be so epic like that of Gu Family Book, that it overshadows the entire drama, and I’m glad to say it doesn’t.

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One point that I’d like to bring up is, the synopsis released prior to airing of Show seems relatively different from Show, given that King Dad (Choi Won Young) is dead halfway through Episode 3, and the synopsis said it’s a struggle between Rin (Jung Il Woo) and King Dad who was kind initially but became evil. Show has now become a (power) struggle between Rin and his half-brother (Kim Heung Soo) instead.

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Anyway, the core of Show is the big bad, Mask of Joseon later known as Sa-dam (the fantastic Kim Sung Oh), is the leader of a mysterious clan deep in Mt Baekdu, the Dragon God Clan. They worship the imugi (some kind of dragon), which had been magically sealed up by Dangun, the legendary founder of Gojoseon (sounds like The Legend). The clan managed to get their claws hands on a top secret scroll hidden in the palace, which notes the way to release the imugi from its magical seal. And since the Mask resurfaces as Sa-dam in Episode 3, I’m guessing Show is going to be an ultimate showdown between Rin and Sa-dam.

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The purpose of the first two episodes, besides serving as a background for Show, also relates how King Dad re-sealed the imugi, while trying to get this certain Thousand Year Flower, which would revive Rin, who was struck by evil spirits. And before King Dad can get the flower, he must first save a sorceress (cameo by Yoo Da In) from the Ma-go Clan, also from Mt Baekdu (because she’s the only person who can cultivate the flower). She’s abducted by the Dragon God Clan, which intends to sacrifice her as part of their attempt to awaken the imugi. She’s tainted with the Dragon God Clan seal, and after the big battle with the imugi (where everyone thought the Mask is dead), she returns to her clan and magically grows the Thousand Year Flower. The evil energy in her transfers itself to the flower (and how could she not know it?!), and in turn, when she presents the flower to King Dad, it hoodwinks him. That’s how King Dad turned bad.

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The writing is not the best; loopholes here and there (like how kiddo Rin actually recovered without the help of the Flower eventually [so what’s the whole blardy point of King Dad’s excursion to Mt Baekdu?!]), and I definitely understand why many people would be snarking at it. The writing may even be clunky at times, but as long as it’s not boring and provides the (unintentional) humor, I’ll continue watching (refer to Age of Feelings).

On an unrelated note (to the plot), I was amused by the presence of two veteran actors, Seo Yi Sook and Lee Jae Young, because they’re currently playing a squabbling couple in My Dear Cat, but here, as the Queen Dowager (I have no idea if she’s good or bad) and the Right Minister (he’s definitely bad) respectively. Man, I love Lee Jae Young in sageuks. I may very well watch this solely for him.