2014 being the year of reunions of vintage KDramas OTPs, Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo headline Temptation, 9 years after their first outing together in Stairways to Heaven (that, is one drama that I didn’t bother watching because it’s. So. Cliche). It’s being touted as the dramatized Indecent Proposal, as Choi Ji Woo plays a chaebol heiress who offers 1 million for Kwon Sang Woo’s three days of service. I’m intrigued.


Kwon Sang Woo’s Cha Seok Hoon is a married man, and he runs into the trouble of being convicted of misappropriation of funds (which is, by no means his fault). He and his wife, Na Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun) goes to Hong Kong to look for the person who landed them into this trouble. At this point, I’m curious because I thought Seok Hoon is bankrupt, and how can he still travel abroad? Maybe the Korean law is different, but anyway. The man they are looking for comitted suicide, but leaves behind 3 grand USD for them.


Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) is also in Hong Kong on a business trip, and she seems to dislike Kang Min Woo (Lee Jung Jin) immensely, but she always plays cool and puts on a poker face, and it appears to be a cordial business-only relationship between them (but of course it’s not as simple as it seems). Se Young saves Hong Joo from killing herself, and gets to know that the couple face immense money problems.


At an earlier scene at some restaurant, when Seok Hoon and Hong Joo tries to revive someone whom Se Young met moments ago (Hong Joo is a nurse), a flicker of recognition flashes across both Se Young’s and Seok Hoon’s faces, and flashbacks tell us Seok Hoon once applied for job at Se Young’s company, but was coldly rejected by Se Young despite acing in both the written test and interview (she tells him it’s only him who thinks he aced the interview). We also learn from the flashbacks that Seok Hoon values humanism in running a company, while Se Young’s strictly systematic and cold in her ways.


Se Young then proposes buying three days of Seok Hoon’s time, which he turned down immediately, indignant. However as he returns to his hotel room, he starts to consider it more favorably (it’s a freaking 1 million), given his situation, he’d be a fool to turn it down, no? He didn’t intend to let Hong Joo knows of it, but the truth just tumbles out as their quarrel about him not coming clean about him going to see Se Young.


By the end of episode 2, absolutely nothing happened between Se Young and Seok Hoon, and he tried to assure Hong Joo, but she simply doesn’t buy it. Hong Joo’s victim mentality irritates me, I regret to say. I understand why she is upset about it, and Seok Hoon could have just turned proposal down, because why jeopardize your marriage? But looking at the big picture, the money can save him from rotting in jail, as well as her father, as her father invested in Seok Hoon’s business and put up his house as collateral for Seok Hoon.

I don’t know how long they’ve been married, but it’s definitely more than a year. Shouldn’t you know your huband well enough, from his tone over the phone? Seok Hoon actually sounds elated that Hong Joon finally picked up the phone and relieved as he was telling her it was purely business between him and Se Young. Maybe because I don’t really feel jealousy or distrust easily, I cannot relate to Hong Joo.


On the other hand, I’m absolutely loving Se Young. The reason behind her proposal is relatively simple, yet warped. She only wants to test if the love between Seok Hoon and Hong Joo can withstand trials. Se Young only wants to know if marriage and love can be indestructible. It’s so warped I love it. Se Young is one who only knows work, and she is sincere in wanting to know about love (although the way she does it is morally unacceptable, somewhat).


Looking at the set up, Hong Joo’s definitely going to be tangled up with Min Woo because of his son born out of wedlock. The boy’s developing a liking to Hong Joo, and she’s definitely going to be firmly in the picture when everyone heads back to Korea. Min Woo’s got a wife who’s, should I say, mentally unstable because of the incessant complains from the mother-in-law, simply because she’s given birth to three daughters. The son from nowhere is going to be a threat to Min Woo’s wife, and so is Hong Joo. We’re told Min Woo is a cassanova, and it is rather obvious he is interested in Hong Joo. The wife is likely going to be more cunning than she appears to be.


Like I said above, I’m intrigued. I’m glad that I’m only starting Temptation when it’s already half-way through its broadcast, so I can watch without having to wait too long for the new episodes. I’ve read that Seok Hoon and Hong Joo are getting their divorce; I’m pretty certain there’s absolutely no going back for this couple. The problem is, will there be a happily ever after for our main foursome? I hope the ending will be something open ended; leave the happily ever afters for the romcoms.

PS: Jung Shin from CNBlue is in this too! He plays Hong Joo’s younger brother, Hong Kyu. I ❤ Jung Shin. Heck, I ❤ the entire CNBlue XD

PPS: Is blue Se Young’s favorite color? She’s wearing so many blue dresses complete with a blue watch.