Honestly, I was pretty confused after watching the first two episodes of Show. I’m certain every single character here has some kind of psychological problems (heck, don’t we all). I was in love with Writer Noh Hee Kyung‘s The World They Live In, for the dialogue is really good and witty, and it’s such an unassuming love story that it will always have a special place in my heart. The dialogue here is clever as well, a trademark of Writer Noh. It’s fast-flying and the tone light. We’re thrown deep into the story with very little exposition (except for Jo In Sung‘s Jang Jae Yeol), knowing only the main characters either have some psychological problems, or are psychiatrists themselves, or both.


Gong Hyo Jin plays the role of Ji Hae Soo, a no-nonsense psychiatrist to her junior doctors, but is actually a person who parties hard. She has fear of having intimate relationships with men, but is currently seeing a TV program PD because she feels different around him.


On the other hand, Jae Yeol is a bestselling author, whose books often explore human relationships and crime. We know he has an older brother who believes Jae Yeol is the one who killed their father, and 26 months prior to the current timeline in Show, Older Bro (Yang Ik Joon) was released from jail. He beelines for Jae Yeol’s birthday party and freaking stabbed him with a fork (?!). The brothers have a strange relationship, because Jae Yeol calls his brother in jail, and they two just have a seriously nonchalant chat of murderous threats. I’m amused.


Hae Soo stays in a share house with another psychiatrist Jo Dong Min (Sung Dong Il) and a Tourette Syndrome patient Park Soo Kwang (Lee Kwang Soo). Synopsis says Dong Min is Hae Soo’s first love, but it has not been explained in the first two episodes. Jae Yeol joins them at the share house, because he has to abandon his own apartment due to an ongoing lawsuit with his (ex-)girlfriend Lee Pool Yip (Yoon Jin Yi), who accuses Jae Yeol of copying her book. There’s alot going on there, for 26 months ago they were a loving couple (or rather, I feels she loves him more), and it appears that Jae Yeol’s manager is betraying him and is on Pool Yip’s side.


And back to Hae Soo’s backstory, she was traumatised since young after seeing her Mom cheating on her Dad, which results in her fear of physical intimacy with men. She’s dating the TV program PD, who is actually cheating on her, and the cheating couple was caught in the act by Jae Yeol. Jae Yeol actually ousted them in front of everyone at the share house, and instantly made himself the #1 Public Enemy of the share house. It’s cute to see how Soo Kwang takes sides with Hae Soo, and Lee Kwang Soo is doing a good job as the maknae of the share house.


Tonally Show feels rather lighthearted, despite the topics being dealt with are pretty sensitive issues. There’s alot of psychiatry going on, and in the first episode we get a cameo from Lee El as a transgender, who has been heavily physically abused by her own family just because she did a sex change from a male to a female. Hae Soo urges her to assert her right (if I never remember wrongly), and tells her she cannot let her family dictate her life. We get quite a bit of snippets from the patients in the psychiatric ward, interspersed with the problems our main cast face, so it’s alot of heavy mental health problems here. This is what made me a little confused tonally because Show looks so vibrant and vivid, but the narrative is very serious issues. Despite so, I’ll definitely catch up with this.