At the halfway mark of Show now, I still can’t get Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun). I think she’s definitely got a victim mindset, and she also definitely has alot of self-pity. I get the impression that she blames Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) solely on the fact that Se Young is crazy rich, and there’s alot of jealousy at play here. I want to facepalm everytime Hong Joo blames Se Young for her failed marriage, and do a fist pump every time Se Young counters her argument.


For the umpteenth time, although Se Young set the ball rolling for this warped proposal, there were many chances to stop it, but Hong Joo is just so annoyingly self-righteous and refuses to see that it’s not anyone else’s fault for her marriage ending in a divorce. I would go as far as to say Hong Joo caused her marriage to fail, for if we look at the situation carefully, she gave Seok Hoon (Kwon Sang Woo) and Se Young chances to be together. Seok Hoon had, repeatedly tried to salvage the marriage, and he had not once, betrayed his wife. Se Young too, had not even once seduced Seok Hoon. For anyone to think that Se Young tried to seduce Seok Hoon, I’m not sure if we’re watching the same drama.

The confrontation Hong Joo and Se Young had at the latter’s office building had spelt things rather clearly. I applaud Se Young for being forthright in her feelings, and she is definitely not wrong when she said to Hong Joo that since Seok Hoon is so loyal to Hong Joo, nothing would waver his heart, not even her confession. She proved it, and even if Seok Hoon admits that he likes Se Young, he still remained loyal to Hong Joo. Since when and why did he like Se Young is not important here, for he was still trying his best to suppress it because he loves Hong Joo. There’s wordplay here, because we can argue that liking Se Young is not equivalent to loving her.


For the past few episodes Show felt like it’s the first love story of SeYoung, for we hear her declaring that this is her first love. It feels a tad whimsical, because here we have Se Young, a successful business woman who’s likely to be nearing her 40s, at least, yet she speaks of her newly discovered feelings of love like a young teenager. She is, in Min Woo’s (Lee Jung Jin) words, blindly in love. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to cause her downfall, if any, and if she’s ever going to overcome it.


And speaking of Min Woo, man, Lee Jung Jin is my new oppa love. He is such an awesome shit-stirrer here, and I love his dynamics with Se Young. Their thinly veiled barbed threats to each other reveals so much about their antagonism towards each other. They’re obviously very familiar with each other, and Min Woo’s need to defeat Se Young at business likely stems from Se Young’s rejection of his advances, as told to the audience.


I love how calculative and scheming he is, for he applies it not only at work but also on his wife. I wasn’t quite sure if the wife had an affair, and thought he just wanted to pay back how she had him tailed. However, when Show revealed that his wife is indeed cheating on him, I can’t help but find Min Woo a scary character, but charming nonetheless. I do however, think he does like Hong Joo, perhaps solely because she is different from the other women he had previously.

What I like about Show so far is, no one is the absolute angel nor the devil here, and Show fully depicts humans’ perceptions of a single event. I can’t wait to see how things will unfold, and whether anyone will find their happiness in the end.


PS: Min Woo’s office has so many toys I thought he’s running a toy conglomerate =X