Fated To Love You

Week 5 is what I call the calm before the storm, before the angst kicks in and the shit hits the ceiling. Mi Young’s fear of the impending divorce (though it’s not going to happen until 8 months later), and thus losing Gun, is very real, for hey, who can be cool about losing something you love, right? And to have Se Ra throwing back the doubt of Gun’s motive for marrying Mi Young, is terrible. Mi Young is not someone who has alot of confidence to begin with, and we can say she’s a pushover. Even so, there’re some lines not to be crossed, some limits to which she can handle before exploding, for no matter how much a pushover someone is, there’s still pride. It’s a good thing Gun reassures her at the auction, finally letting his feelings be known to Mi Young.


What happens next is happy, lovey-dovey moments, which are a must in all Korean dramas, before angst sets it and the OTP will have to separate. It’s foolproof writing, which though cliche, still works its charm if the writer does variations to it. Jang Hyuk adds in the comedic moments as a guy who desires his wife, and kudos to him for bringing life to Gun’s character, interjecting seriousness and sincerity in the otherwise over-the-top performance should a lesser actor takes the role of Gun. I also love his petty rivalry with Daniel. What I didn’t see coming is that mysterious genetic disease that he has actually made him faint at the end of Episode 10, which I suppose is a prologue to the shit that is heading our way.


I’d say this week’s episodes felt somewhat like filler episodes; nothing much really happened, but gave us lots of cute OTP moments. I’m happy that we get a glimpse into Se Ra’s life, and her mother seems like a total horror. I appreciate that Se Ra isn’t plotting anything evil (yet), and I hope she’s not going down the path of despicable second lead like that in the original (which I never watched, but read about). I also like that Daniel is faithful to his role of neighborhood oppa, knowing better than to step over the boundaries. That’s not to say he wouldn’t, but there’s always a correct timing for the second lead to swoop in, to make him an honorable rival for the female lead’s affection.


My disappointment is with Gun’s unofficial step-mother, who is the 2D villain in fact. It’s a shame that she has stooped so low to snoop around Gun and Mi Young’s room, and why doesn’t gun lock the door to his secret hideout? In contrast, Yong is redeeming himself, and I like the loveline between him and Ji-yeon, despite it feeling a wee bit abrupt. Fated to Love You is supposed to be a light romcom, and I’m glad that it’s staying that way until now. I hope the angst wouldn’t last too long!

Marriage Not Dating

I’ll admit that I find Marriage Not Dating a better romcom than Fated to Love You, because it feels less cliche, despite a crazy second female lead. Whoever insists on having a baby with their exes?! Se Ah is one character that I really cannot buy, and frankly speaking, I’m also in the minority of being okay with Jinwoon’s Yeo Reum.


What I’m not particularly fond of with this week’s episodes is how convenient it was for everyone important in Show to all show up at the beach, and I have to say, why doesn’t Jang Mi turn off the GPS on her phone is beyond me. Isn’t it also illegal for Ki-tae to track her endlessly? That aside, Episode 9 felt contrieved because I thought everything happened just for the sake of The Kiss at the end of it. Of course, we also get the rejection that Se Ah really needs, though I don’t think it’s going to make her give up on Ki-tae just yet. She’s a cray cray character who should have been written off like, now.


It’s too neat to have Hoon Dong accept Hyun-hee now, though predictably his Mom is going to be a roadblock for them to get married. I do like how Hyun-hee is honest about scheming to tie Hoon Dong to herself, though she just had to lie about her parents.

I’m also alright with the pace of Ki-tae and Jang Mi keeping up the facade, because it gives us hijinks and endless bickerings between them. I like how they complement each other, and how they’re actually starting to rub their personalities off each other. It’s a shame that Grandma finds out about their scam, because I believe Grandma genuinely likes Jang Mi. I can’t understand Ki-tae’s Mom, and though I understand she had suffered in a loveless marriage over the years, it doesn’t mean that she can mistreat Jang Mi and micro-controls Ki-tae’s love life.


I do think that keeping up the facade till now is a buildup to Ki-tae and Jang Mi acknowledge their feelings for each other, for there’s no way for anyone to know the “real self” of someone in such a short time, right? And by short I do mean one or two months. I’m guessing it’s already several months in Show’s timeline, which is ample time for them to develop feelings for each other. Like I mentioned before in the Week 4 review, I love that Ki-tae acknowledges his feelings for Jang Mi, but please, take action!

Marriage Not Dating is definitely one drama which I can’t wait for new episodes every week. Week 6 reviews will be up soon!