Fated to Love You

I’ve read that the amnesia part is not in the original, and I’m happy to see that this version took the liberty to add in new plot lines. It’s a good thing that it last for all of an episode, because I’m not sure if I’ll drum my fingers impatiently should it last longer than that. Compared to Marriage Not Dating, the second leads here are less meddling and therefore more likeable/pitiable. I find it totally believable about Se Ra grabbing the chance to stick around Gun during his amnesia, and asking Mi Young to stay away, citing doctor’s order. It makes total sense, and I’m sorry for Se Ra. That said, I don’t understand the purpose of the scene of her giving Mi Young the divorce documents, and probably I missed it, but how on earth did it end up in her hands?


I’m not fond of Gun’s display of noble idoicy however, and if this is not a remake, surely there’re better ways of developing the story? I do question the purpose of having the obligatory separation of the OTP, and people I know who watched the original claims that the miscarriage and separation for the OTP actually make them realise how they really need each other. This just makes me facepalm because this troupe is passe. I suppose because this is a remake, important events are not to be written out huh.

I understand Mi Young’s hurt, and throughout Episode 12 I felt like slapping Gun because just tell her about your disease and that you have regained your memories, you mongchong-ah. Why go such a big round being a noble idiot. The development definitely feels contrieved and I just *headdesk*


The saving grace for this week would be no meddling family members, as Mi Young’s Mom is calm and never blame Gun about Mi Young’s miscarriage (as would be so common in other dramas). I also like that Grandma in this remake is not a meddlesome old lady who keeps trying to push the OTP together, and step-mother has taken a back seat.

Marriage Not Dating

I’m glad now the parents know about the marriage scam, but I hated Jang Mi for her noble idoicy at the end of Episode 12. It’s not unexpected, but come on. It’s totally unneccesary when after she threw the phone (ZOMG you could have traded it in, just throw away the SIM card), she changed her mind and went to look for Ki-tae. I understand this running and find each other motif looks good on the cinematography level, but narratively it totally made me roll my eyes.


On the other hand, I’m those minority who’s pretty alright with our second leads here, because despite their cray cray actions, we know they wouldn’t be part of the OTP any way. I couldn’t believe it when Se Ah actually asks Ki-tae to marry her despite being rejected for N times, because woman, are you blind or stupid or both? And for Yeo Reum to hug Jang Mi when he saw Ki-tae’s Mom coming, I suppose it’s just some last ditch (but futile) effort to keep Jang Mi and Ki-tae apart. It’s of course some headdesk writing there, but I’ll close one eye on it since we’re just 4 episodes away to a happy ending.

I do like, however, that both Jang Mi and Ki-tae has different agenda on keeping up with the ruse, and while Ki-tae’s reason is more selfish (since he likes Jang Mi), Jang Mi wants more than anything for her parents to recouncil. Despite both of them having grown up in a family where both parents have problems with each other, the experience affects them differently. While Ki-tae used to be quite fine being alone (and of course that is also because of cray cray Se Ah) and unmarried, Jang Mi wishes to get married despite seeing how her parents always argue heatedly.


Besides our main couple, I’m glad to see Hyun Hee and Hoon Dong getting married, and I think Hyun Hee is a better match for Hoon Dong because I feel she can control him better than Jang Mi. I love that Hoon Dong’s Mom is not as unreasonable as portrayed, and her disappointment in Hyun Hee lying about her parents was pretty heartwarming.

I’m glad to see Show is not just about romantic love and courtship, but also about family. Keep it up!