Fated to Love You


Gun finally cut his hair! Even if he looks different, the maniac laughter is still there. Apparently in the three years of absence of Mi Young, he is no longer the arrogant CEO, and how awesome it is that he has built a fine rapport with Mi Young’s mother? I love that her mother treats him like her own son, and it seems that he’d go visit her daily. She even makes their meeting secret, chasing away her own family members, and I see it as protecting Gun.

I think the highlight of this week’s Show is in Episode 14, where Gun and Mi Young get to meet properly post divorce. Gun is obviously not over her yet, while Mi Young is trying her best to leave her past. She’s all re-packaged and returns to Korea as a budding new artist, and Gun apparently has been tracking her development over the years. I like that the Korean remake is putting more heart into Show, instead of in the original where the OTP had yet another one night stand (initiated by the female, no less). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, but I think given the context where Mi Young was extremely hurt, I prefer this version.


Although it’s not exactly the most creative method, I like how Gun and Mi Young actually conversed with each other over messages, despite Mi Young believing that Gun is an older lady who bought her first drawing. I really like the editing when they were having their chats, where it seemed as if they were just beside each other. I think it highlights the key problem between Gun and Mi Young – communication. Gun really needs to work hard to win Mi Young back; it’s not enough that she’s feeling something lacking when being with Daniel, Gun also needs to prove that he’s worthy of her again.

I appreciate that Yong is now part of the team with Gun and Secretary Tak, instead of teaming up with his Mom. It’s also cute that he’s fond of Mi Young, and I hope he’ll play a part in getting Gun and Mi Young together. That said, I want more of his loveline with Ji Yeon!

Marriage Not Dating


After a few episodes of merry-go-round-of-feelings, I’m glad that Ki-tae steps up his game and be a man with regards to his feelings. The ordering of countless fried chicken is hilarious, and I love it that he just keeps ordering despite knowing he can’t possibly finish them all, nor forcing them down the throats of people around him. The sense of loss he felt is reflected on his sloppy lifestyle post-Jang Mi. I’m also glad that he confessed, because if not Jang Mi wouldn’t face her feelings properly.


Episode 14 then returns to the zippy fun of Show in its initial stage, though we are also presented with the reversal of roles between our OTP, where Ki-tae is now facing the prospects of closing down his clinic, while Jang Mi is busy with her newfound job, running a fusion bar with Yeo Reum and Hyun Hee. Jang Mi also proposes to just date coolly, while Ki-tae is the one eager to get married. How great is this? They’re now in each other’s shoes, which I have no doubt will allow them to understand each other even better in the future. Ki-tae’s eagerness to have some physical intimacy post confession at the park in Episode 13 provided the sorely needed laughs in Show.


We then get to see that for the OTP, life is never as simple as they hope to be, and to date “coolly”? It’s a good thing that they address the issue of Jang Mi working with Yeo Reum rather early in Episode 14, and subsequently Jang Mi also comes to understand why Ki-tae needs Se Ah’s help. It is however, not an easy adjustment they have to make in life if they want to stay together, as Jang Mi is tired everyday from serving customers, and Show tells her she’s falling asleep everywhere even with Ki-tae by her side. She also doesn’t understand Ki-tae’s line of work, and instead of the usual drama troupe of not voicing out concerns, she takes the initiative to talk things out, despite barging into Ki-tae’s house in the middle of a magazine interview. I’m glad that Show doesn’t take the usual drama route, and instead show how normal people in real life work out problems.


This week also see our OTP’s parents heading towards resolving their long standing problems, although I have to say Jang Mi’s father is rather comical with his three postcards letter. Comparatively, Ki-tae’s father is a coward who wants the best of both worlds, and I say, ahjusshi, there’s no way you have your cake AND eat it.