The misundertanding continues as Mi Young (or Ellie Kim) remains in the dark as to why Gun pushes her away three years ago. She’s still hurt from losing Kkedongie, but it’s rather a poignant scene seeing both him and Gun return to the site on the day of the accident which happened three years ago. It appears that Gun did it annually, and while he brings cake this year, Mi Young brought a bouquet of flowers. She’s understandably cold to him, and she was equally annoyed at him for keeping in touch with her mother.


The “Lee Young Ja” ruse is still going on until Episode 16, which continues to give us the conversation/messages scene between Gun and Mi Young which I pretty much liked in the previous week of Show, but here, I thought the ruse was abit too long and was wondering when Mi Young will find out that Gun is actually Lee Young Ja. It felt a little contrieved the revelation, because whoever leaves their workshop/room door, as well as the main door, unlocked? The revelation scene serve another purpose: for Gun to see Mi Young’s first painting of a silhoutte of a man covered by many heart-shaped lollies (the one Mi Young gave Gun in Macau). I understand Show wants to tell us Mi Young still likes Gun as well, but hey, unrealistic and contrieved manner of getting to the point is a no-no.


I like that the bromance between Gun, Secretary Tak and Yong is still going strong. I feel it is extra meaningful for Yong, who had been seeking approval and acceptance from Gun all these years. It’s also aww-inducing to see how Secretary Tak and Yong understand Gun so well, and took the extra effort to cheer Gun up. While I appreciate Yong still appears in almost all episode, it’s a shame that his character is so underutilized and the loveline between him and Ji-yeon is oof, so negligible that I feel upset for them.


I think it is a no-brainer that Daniel has no hope in winning the race against Gun since the beginning, since well, he’s fighting against Fate actually. Still, Show did a pretty good job of making Daniel a good guy till the end, ie, no annoying interfering behaviors nor backstabby actions. I think Mi Young is lucky to have two guys who really love her and always on a look out for her welfare. That aside, I’m still wondering how long would Show take to let Daniel and Sera reunite as siblings, because like the “Lee Young Ja” plot point, this is taking way too long.


I do feel Jang Hyuk is a little over the board on and off as Gun, especially the laughs, but Gun in the hands of a lesser actor, may end up as a complete caricature and also less likely to get the audience to root for him. The emotional scenes are on the other hand, excellent, and together with Jang Nara, both Gun and Mi Young feels exactly like real people, and we feel the angst they feel. Bravo!