I’m more than happy to have the cute (and K-I-double-S!!) back this week, because all the noble idoicy and angst is getting tiresome. However, it feels yet again like the calm before the storm, for both Gun and Mi Young to keep mentioning “treasure the time together now”, “no time to waste”, etc. This is a romcom, MBC, not a melo! I don’t really suppose Gun will ย die, but I foresee Episode 19 ending in some middle finger raising cliffhanger (pardon me).


Anyway, I thought Episode 17 was quite a filler because Gun and Mi Young behaved like some petty grade school kids, especially at her Mom’s eatery, bickering and ending each of their sentences with “tell him/her that”, which was directed to Mom. It was funny, but tiring to watch because the whole hour was going nowhere. I understand that Mi Young was upset about Gun pretending to be the non-existent Lee Young Ja, and thus she kind of bites his head off when she read the letter he left together with her drawing of Kkeddongie. What I don’t really like is her grudging acknowledgement and gratitude of him understanding her more than she thinks he does, and making it known to him in the passive manner at the talk show. There’s just too much coincidence in the writing which frankly speaking, mars the story.


There’s still yet very little progress in the Daniel-Sera plotline, mostly because we spend most of the time of Episode 18 on our OTP. Sera is the one who realises their relationship, thanks to helping Daniel home and thus seeing their childhood photo. And it just stops there. Do we have to have the siblings reunion that late in Show? Sigh. And must Show drive home the point of them being unlucky in love because they’re related? Well at least they are second leads that’re not so hateful that most of us can sympathize with.


I wasn’t expecting the twist behind Yong and his mother’s story, so I really felt sorry for Yong when he realised he’s not related to Gun in any way at all. It’s kind of random, but I do like that ice and fire superpowers Yong and Gun “have”, and I interpret it as they’re brothers in that sense, being childish and have superpowers. The twist also reveals the truth of Gun’s Dad, and at long last Gun understands that his Dad never had an affair (actually I thought it was a little ambiguous there), and they’re truly father and son, noble idiots and all.


Lastly, what’s with the last minute objection from Mi Young’s Mom? I understand where she’s coming from, but hey, it’s only 2 episodes away from the finale and what’s the point of having some parental obstacle that’s going to be resolved likely within the next episode? I find the writing in Show pretty cliche when it comes to building climaxes and angst, and it’s a shame really, for a show that had so much potential to be a true romcom. Oh well.