After a half-year hiatus from watching never-ending long weekend family dramas, I’ve decided to pick up the new kid on the block on KBS. What’s With This Family is written by Kang Eun Kyung, who also wrote the classics Hotelier and Glass Slippers, but also the increasingly meh dramas such as Baker King and Gu Family Book (she penned Dal Ja’s Spring, which had quite a following back then). So her dramas had been hits and misses, more of the latter of late, so I’m definitely apprehensive about this newest work of hers.

However, the first few episodes were engaging (I’m at episode 3 now), hilarious even. I’m not sure if makjang will kick in anywhere(too bad KBS did not make a declaration like SBS did), but I’m enjoying Show so far. I only knew of Show as the love triangle between Park Hyung Sik, Nam Ji Hyun and Seo Kang Joon‘s characters, and I was wondering who would be the OTP between them. Unless writer Kang decides to Chilbong us (hey you’ve been warned, kooriyuki is a Yoo Yeon Seok fan), I’m betting my dollar on Park Hyung Sik getting the girl in the end.


We kick off the premiere with a classic misunderstanding between leads setup, with Park Hyung Sik as Cha Dal Bong and Nam Ji Hyun as Kang Seo Wool. Seo Wool heads for Seoul alone one day, leaving her granddad alone at the countryside. She doesn’t mean to be unfilial, but she left because she wants to fulfil a promise made exactly 12 years ago – a boy named Cha Dal Bong promised to marry her, and they’ll meet at Namsan Tower exactly 12 years later on the same day they promised to get married. I’m utterly tickled that Seo Wool actually marked on her calendar the date, and a poster of Namsan Tower is on her wall.


She makes her way to Seoul, firmly believing that Dal Bong will remember their promises. Meanwhile, Dal Bong is starting his first job on the very same day, and they meet for the first time after 12 years on the subway. Unfortunately, they meet with a pickpocket on the train, who’s as inexperienced as he can be, as he accidentally slashes against Dal Bong’s thigh before nicking his wallet successfully. Dal Bong mistook Seo Wool asking him for directions to Namsan Towers as an attempt to distract him for the pickpocket to make his move, and hauls Seo Wool to the police station.


Seo Wool manages to get into an agreement with Dal Bong after much hijinks, to stay at his place for the time being. Dal Bong is the youngest child among three siblings, eldest sister Kang Shim (Kim Hyun Joo) and an older brother Kang Jae (Yoon Park). They live with their Dad (Yoo Dong Geun) and paternal aunt (Yang Hee Kyung). Dad runs a small handmade tofu shop, while Aunt and her son-in-law (Kim Jung Min) operates a fried chicken shop. According to the family members, Dal Bong is nothing but trouble, but it’s all harmless trouble. It’s hilarious the first thing on everyone’s mind when Seo Wool announced that she’s marrying Dal Bong, is he got her pregnant. Dal Bong insists it is not him who made the promise, and from the flashback, it is indeed not him, but his friend who somehow claims he is Cha Dal Bong. We’re not told yet why is this so, but I’m guessing Dal Bong is too shy to tell Seo Wool he likes her back then, and asks his friend to do him a favor. The friend is likely played by Seo Kang Joon, and his name is Yoon Eun Ho.


We have stories on the side too, mainly revolving around Kang Shim and Kang Jae. Kang Shim is the no-nonsense secretary of the Chairman Moon (Kim Yong Gun) of GK Group, and she squabbles with his son, Moon Tae Joo (Kim Sang Kyung). Both Kang Shim and Tae Joo are no-nonsense and proud people, which make them unwilling to acknowledge each other’s opinions, hence the squabbles. Tae Joo also mistakes Kang Shim as his father’s romantic partner, which further antagonizes his relationship with Kang Shim. There’s no doubt this two will end up together, so I’ll definitely be watching for how they fall in love with each other.


Kang Jae on the other hand, is the least likeable character among the siblings, as he is full of himself, and feels his family is shameful. He appears to be a competent oncologist, and the junior doctors are afraid of him. He is an asshole to his girlfriend, who is also a doctor in the same department. He lashed out at her in front of the nurses because of a mistake she made, and on another occassion, when she asked when is he going to introduce her to his family, he told her she can break up if she wants to settle down because he had already told her clearly when they started dating, that he’s not intending to get married. I hope he gets a peg or two down, because that’s not how you treat your family or girlfriend, no matter how smart or successful you are.

The synopsis of Show given by KBSWorld is as follows:

A family drama about happenings when children’s daddy sues his selfish children for being undutiful to parents. The drama wants to talk about the gratitude as a family which we all have taken for granted and the secret of happiness when saying “Thank you,” “I am sorry,” and “I love you.” It will mostly center on how old and young generations resolve their conflicts and come to live in harmony.


I assume it’s Daddy Cha here, because on the fateful day of Seo Wool’s arrival in Seoul, it was his birthday (funny coincidence, it’s Chairman Moon’s birthday too), yet all three of his children forgot about it. I hope the Cha children learn to appreciate their father and aunt, especially Kang Jae, because without them, the children can never achieve what they are now.