We’re now in full swing of the boys’ love lives, which makes me think: is the curse a hoax, and just a coincidence, because hey, sucky love life happens any time.

Uncle Kwangsoo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-05-59]

Kwangsoo simply cannot bring himself to ask Da In the reason why she was so furious at him 10 years ago, despite his friends’ endless encouragement to just ask, since it’s been a whole 10 years.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN].mkv0000

Kwang Soo, remembering only being happy seeing Da In happy…

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-21-43]

Da In, remembering only dates with Kwang Soo with him nodding off every time.

We get the perspectives from both Da In and Kwang Soo, and it boils down to miscommunication. No one is in the absolute wrong; both parties contributed to the breakup. On Da In’s part, she should have told Kwang Soo that’s she’s not okay each and every time he is late or cancels their date/trip last minute, and he should have told Da In the hardship he had to endure (taking the risk to leave a recording early which almost resulted in him being fired, or relying excessively on coffee or energy drinks to stay awake at work AND meeting Da In).

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-38-16]

It’s unfortunate that Kwang Soo has no idea where he went wrong, and Da In withhold the crucial information from him. I figured that she’s probably of those personalities who find it difficult to pinpoint people’s flaws at them, and believes it’s best that maintaining a harmonious¬†relationship by keeping their real feelings to themselves. It’s kinda Japanese (the concept of Wa).

And there was this cameo from Jeon Hyeon Mu (the MC from jTBC’s Hidden Singer), whom Kwangsoo is trying to persuade to go on his program, only to have MC Jeon suggests an idea to a new variety – Hidden Fighters. Puahahaha. I love all the meta in Show.

Jin Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-09-21]

Oh Ji Goo. It’s all your fault for being so flirty and frivolous to girls in the past. I totally can understand why Se Young is mad at you. She saw you kissing another girl when she took the effort to dress up prettily, which I assume is for a date? Boy, you sure were a lowlife. And she’s still not over you.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-08-30]

You have lots to do, brother. Sitting at the bus stop waiting for her to come home is not enough. Whatcha gonna do when she refuses to alight at her stop because she sees you waiting?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-04-57]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-09-30]

Se Young proceeds to treat Jin Goo as air, and setting up “barriers” at their work stations. She leaves when he appears, and refuses to sit next to Jin Goo when they happen to eat at the same restaurant.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-40-10]

It takes a rainy night when they both had to OT for Jin Goo to lay down the terms, in hope to not even lose Se Young as a friend, despite him still liking her loads. He thinks it’s best that they stay as friends, and it was wrong of him to hope for anything more.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-40-22]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-40-27]

And we see them on the bus post Jin Goo’s final plea to Se Young, lest we think that he’s still taking the same bus as her…

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-40-47]

They’re just sitting on separate seats…

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-40-36]

On different buses. Sigh.

On a side note, Jae Bum’s relegated to the sidelines totally in Episode 5, and only has what, a line in Episode 6. *sadface*

Min Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-05-32]

Han Soo Ah turns out to be a third-timer sitting for universitys’ entrance exam, and she remains cryptically silent to Min Goo’s barrage of questions…until a scene with her friends reveal the truth: she’s leading Min Goo on. Ouch.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-13-03]

Min Goo simply never says die, which is getting under her nerve, and she suggests a “game” which will reveal whether she’s really his destiny: taking separate lifts at the same building, and if both gets off at the same floor, voila. It’s in a bid to shake him off her life, and Min Goo is afraid at the chances of failing.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-39-36]

Min Goo’s friends thought up of an idea: to bribe the security guard, and view through the CCTV to see which floor Soo Ah pressed. Of course it has to be the 9th floor, and because 9 is such a terrible curse, Min Goo gets stopped at the 7th floor when an uncle took his time to move huge bottles of water into the lift. It’s hilarious to see both Soo Ah and Min Goo looking at the reflections in the lifts and touch up themselves. They’re each others’ destiny alright, despite whatever Soo Ah is thinking now.

Dong Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-02-07]

I seriously laughed my head off at Dong Goo’s segment. I love how Do Min Joon is the opportunist to snatch Baek Ji away from Dong Goo (just because), and Baek Ji is craving for attention since boyfriend Dong Goo is being a prick now.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-02-49]

I also love how Dong Goo changed his mind after telling Baek Ji off harshly since she’s bugging him to play piano together, and turns back only to see how Baek Ji is happily playing the piano with Do Min Joon. Gawd, the reenactments by kids of adults’ messy and dramatic love lives are pure comedic gold. Do Min Joon even did the “cheek pinching special praise” that originated from Secret Love Affair. ZOMG some gags never get old.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][005][KO_CN][01-10-44]

And Dong Goo plays the iconic opening of Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 on a melodica repeatedly in frustration. I died laughing.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-13-27]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-18-12]

Yet another day at the acting academy, Dong Goo’s horribly stilted acting has Baek Ji embarassed, and of course Do Min Joon is a million times better than Dong Goo.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-18-04]

See that moony eyes Baek Ji has?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-34-44]

Ever the opportunist, Do Min Joon swoops in to a wavering Baek Ji and asks her to be his girlfriend. He promises to play with her everyday, play piano together, cycle together, and buy delicious food for her. Poor Dong Goo overheard everything.ZOMG the kids sequence is officially my favorite moments in Show.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][006][KO_CN][20-35-05]

Dong Goo narrates, “Baek Ji, whom shared one-third of my life with. This is how we broke up.” Cue heartbreak.