Uncle Kwangsoo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-04-41]

In a bid to get Kwang Soo to know more girls, his friend Young Hoon the PD brings him to learn dancing in a class full of women. Gotta love this friend despite he’s not being very helpful all the time, but he’s really concerned about Kwang Soo’s welfare.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-06-34]

Things remain awkward between Da In and Kwang Soo, and this time round Da In took his car because her daughter was running a high fever, and Mom kind of just pushed Kwang Soo to send them to the hospital.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-08-48]

Despite going for endless blind dates, Kwang Soo just can’t stop thinking of Da In. She’s appearing everywhere.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-09-32]

And yays to Kwang Soo for finally picking up the courage to face Da In headon, asking her relentlessly about what happened 10 years ago. Da In is one strong iron wall, but Kwang Soo has decided not to give up until he hears her explanation.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-11-43]

Kwang Soo has changed so much after deciding that he’s going to win back Da In no matter what, and he’s actually more forgiving to his new team, and even invites them to Da In’s cafe for a break (it was a 30 minute drive from office to the cafe, we were told). And while his team is discussing about the upcoming episode, Kwang Soo just stares and stares at Da In, making her uncomfortable. Aww.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-12-44]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-14-23]

Orange coat and orange shoes. I can’t even.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-15-56]

Kwang Soo is not about to give up on his new quest, and manages to irritate Da In so much that she drops the jondaemal on him. He’s happy that she has stopped being overtly polite with him. I like that Kwang Soo is stepping up his game, and hopes Da In will soften because hey girl, you effectively made someone waste 10 years of his life because of you. You’ve gotta make up for it.

Jin Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-06-10]

Kwang Soo’s not the only person who had to deal with awkwardness with someone he likes, Jin Goo too. Se Young has stopped treating him as air, but her deliberate refrain of eye contact and keeping things between them as civil as possible…I think it’s worse than treating him as air. I understand the hurt she felt years ago, and it may still feel pretty fresh, but hmm I think Se Young needs to be honest about how she feels about Jin Goo, pronto.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-10-04]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-11-11]

Go Eun (Min Ha) has been eyeing Jin Goo for the longest time ever, and finally makes her move after confirming with Se Young that Jin Goo’s not yet taken. Jin Goo’s definitely taken aback by the sudden confession, but Go Eun is also a girl who is as smooth as Jin Goo. Well, I can only say that I’m sorry girl, OTP’s not you.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-12-21]

Oh Jae Bum-sshi, I’m sorry that the OTP is not you too, even though you’re an awesome guy and I wish Se Young would like you instead. He lets her in the fact that Jin Goo has long moved away from her neighborhood, which is something really new to her, and she starts thinking back to how over the past year Jin Goo always take the same bus as her, just because. She feels she’s miunderstood Jin Goo, but being an earnest person, she can’t bring herself to forgive him that easily.

Now I know why she wouldn’t like Jae Bum – they’re pretty much similar. And we know opposites attract is the number 1 rule in a romantic relationship.

Min Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-08-26]

Min Goo is true to his words that he’ll stop bothering Soo Ah, only for some days. He really pretended that he doesn’t know her, and so does she, but I guess, this “destiny” is too strong to ignore.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-09-19]

And thus, Min Goo returns to stalking Soo Ah, much to her feigned irritation. Heh. I suppose the hearts of younger girls are easier to melt?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-12-02]

Here, Min Goo gets to know of Soo Ah’s music preferences, which gives him the chance to impress her, as seen below. He made a (small) fool of himself, by pretending that he loves espresso (made a “yuck” face while drinking), and also not knowing any indie bands despite claiming he loves them.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-14-08]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][22-15-22]

And thus, at the help of Uncle Kwang Soo, Min Goo gets the tickets to go for a mini Standing Egg concert (which, he found out from Soo Ah’s KakaoTalk status that she’s sad she couldn’t get the tickets), and brings Soo Ah to it. Min Goo takes it a step further to confess (for the Nth time) by singing a song of Standing Egg’s to her, which was the song that he didn’t know at the cafe “date”. The lyrics go something like this:

I’m going to confess today

Please help me

From the head to toes, am I okay?

If the shirt is unsuitable, should I change into something else?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-16-18]

Min Goo is over the moon when Soo Ah finally agrees to be his girlfriend. Cue awww!!

Dong Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-05-14]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][007][KO_CN][12-07-51]

Dong Goo tries his hardest to regain his former glory, and even tries learning how to speak his lines properly. However, he continues to get overshadowed by Do Min Joon, and ends up only getting small roles or beggars or even ghosts (was that a throwback meta to The Master’s Sun?) He even accepts doing underwear CFs, which is so hilarious when there’s yet another meta for it, about how Jang Geun Seok became famous even though he did underwear CFs before when he was much younger.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][008][KO_CN][12-13-14]Dong Goo made his utmost effort in the Dancing9 Kids competition, and must he get assigned as contestant #9? The 9 curse is most severe for Dong Goo I think, as he gets completely overshadowed by his PK rival, who danced seamlessly to Psy’s Gangnam Style (a cameo by Hwang Min Woo, the kid who’s a mini-Psy). Now I feel so bad for Dong Goo.