This week’s focus is on the girls of our boys (with the exception of Dong Goo’s “girlfriend” Baek Ji), and we begin with the secret thoughts of each girl in the beginning of Episode 9.

“Women’s heart is as if surronded by many layers of iron wall, no matter what’s inside, no matter how to penetrate the walls, even as women, we have no idea. However despite it being sealed tightly, it can also melt away in an instant…that’s a woman’s heart.”

Uncle Kwangsoo

33 years old Joo Da In – The guy from my most painful memories, is always appearing in front of me

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN].mkv0046

Kwang Soo continue to hover around Da In, hiding near the lift lobby waiting for Da In and her daughter to come home, and pretending that it is a coincidental meeting; or, leaving a book which Da In gave him many years back, to invoke her memories; or, going to her cafe and just look at her. Oh man, he has the most never-say-die attitude which, while deserving praise for his perserverence, it’s getting a lil difficult to watch.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-49-23]

He actually bought tickets to a Loveholic concert, because she used to love the band loads (me too me too!). Well, it’s a good thing his perserverance paid off (as well as endless nagging from her friend), and Da In turned up at the concert venue (Kwang Soo was pacing around, getting increasingly nervous and worried that she doesn’t turn up). While Kwang Soo is really enjoying himself, Da In is overwhelmed with emotions and memories and most likely wondering if she did the correct thing of letting down the wall around her heart.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-57-46]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-59-48]

Kwang Soo again, bugged Da In endlessly, this time targeting her daughter Eun Seo, by suggesting going to the zoo. It’s cute seeing how Kwang Soo tries bonding with Eun Seo.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-03-37]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-05-02]

I love the above screenshot because ZOMG how cute it is to see Kwang Soo falling asleep, head near Eun Seo’s baby car seat, and her tiny arm over his neck? It’s way too aww-inducing.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-05-35]

And the difference between a 39 and a 29: Kwang Soo just grabs Da In’s hand, while for Jin Goo (below), he didn’t dare to hold Se Young’s hand. Kya~~~

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-07-23]

I have to agree with lollypip over at Dramabeans that despite Kwang Soo getting back together with Da In now, it’s not going to progress any further unless Da In comes clean about 10 years ago. It’s gonna be a thorn in the relationship if Da In continues to keep quiet about it, because I believe it’ll just keep bothering her. However, I do think Kwang Soo has got an inkling about it, because he told her, “Now I think I understand how it feels – to keep having expectations but no matter how long you wait for it, it doesn’t happen.” Even so, for them to really move on, I think Da In has to confess her real feelings.

Jin Goo

26 years old Ma Se Young – The guy whom I always thought is a rubbish…Perhaps he truly likes me

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-45-34]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-46-08]

Oh Jae Bum-sshi, why must you be so sweet yet clueless at the same time? I’m glad that he’s getting more screen time this week, but as Show progresses, it also means the time draws nigh to Jae Bum’s heartbreak. He’s got to be the sweetest guy of this year’s KDrama (or at least those that I’ve seen this year), and it’s just his bad luck that he likes someone who’s liking yet another someone else. I can’t imagine how betrayed he’s going to feel, and MY heart breaks for him already.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-46-38]

It’s Se Young’s birthday, but her face broke out in the biggest smile not when Jae Bum cooked an awesome steak for her, but when Jin Goo comes over late at night bearing her birthday present – egg in seaweed soup. It totally shows how huge her crush on Jin Goo is, because no amount of sweetness from Jae Bum can waver her, and she only cares about what Jin Goo gives her. Have I mentioned it? I feel totally bad for Jae Bum.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-58-53]

But no matter what it is, Se Young has decided to step up her game, and transfer into a pretty young lady (like Go Eun), which leaves both Jae Bum’s and Jin Goo’s mouths hanging at her beauty.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-00-11]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-00-19]

They go on a movie date, to which Se Young continues to dress up, which makes Jin Goo rather happy. The smile on his face – “My girl is pretty” is what it is saying.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-00-37]

And of course it must be a horror movie that they watch. Nothing beats having the girl burying her face in fear, in your shoulder, right, guys?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-04-03]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-04-25]

Jin Goo just can’t help but tease Se Young, and he must also confess in a rather roundabout way, “Let’s stop…being friends.” Luckily for him, both Jae Bum (albeit unwittingly) and the fried chicker-beer friend helped him by telling Se Young how he felt, which made her buck up the courage to plant a kiss on his lips. Which leads to the kiss below for realsies. Sigh, you two, now make up for your lost time by giving us lotsa cute ok!

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-08-12]

Min Goo

21 years old Han Soo Ah – My 2 years younger boyfriend doesn’t know the real me

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-49-41]

I screencapped this because look at the heart Min Goo’s making with the book. It’s so embarassingly cute to see him in love that I can’t even.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][009][KO_CN][23-50-13]

Jin Goo’s not the only “Goo” brother who’s kissed their girl for this week’s episodes; Min Goo too. I like how we see increasing activeness for kisses among the boys as we get down the age (or recklessness in love, should I say), because it totally reflects how much one considers in a relationship as one ages. For the 19 year-old Min Goo, he actively goes after his “destiny” and bombards her with “Today is the Nth day we’re dating!”.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-01-22]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][00-01-58]

We’re starting to see glimpses of Soo Ah’s real self, by first knowing her real name “Bong Sook”, and then with a mysterious guy who appeared at the library during Soo Ah and Min Goo’s library date, who mentioned about some club which she used to frequent supposedly, and also in the above screencap, where the person who overlooks this bumper thing, mentioned that Soo Ah looks really like someone who used to visit really frequently, and asked if she has gotten a new boyfriend again. Hmm.

Dong Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-55-10]

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-55-32]

Oh poor Dong Goo. Not only has he not been able to regain his previous glory, he has to witness his “ex-girlfriend” being chummy with his rival. Life sucks.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][010][KO_CN][23-57-14]

Dong Goo tries to win back Baek Ji by offering her his Pororo ring, to which she scoffed, “What? I don’t like Pororo anymore! I’m no longer a kid!” And when Dong Goo tries a different tactic, by promising to play piano together and go cycling together, Baek Ji just gave him a “look”, and stops short at rolling her eyes, before brushing past him.

I’m pretty sure Dong Goo’s heart broke into a million pieces. Why is it that his hyungs and Uncle are having a good time with their girls, but Dong Goo just can’t get a break? Writer-nim, show some love to uri Dong Goo please!