hslo1I’ve not been watching Reset or Three Musketeers or Discovery of Love  (ok, i sorta stopped at ep12 for the latter…), cos I’m in hiding. The adult world of crime, political intrigue and love (horrors!!) cannot compare to the innocence of puppy love. Or I’m juz hooked to fresh-faced Seul-bi (Kim sae-ron).

My evasion of adult responsibilites has let me catch up to the half-way mark of High (oh, about ep6/7 thereabouts). Since I’ve nothing much to write on the other shows, High shall get its mid-show review today. 😛

The story

Straight as an arrow. If you take away the alien-angel-shinigami (Jap for Death God) persona (Seul-bi), and replace her with the usual (human) transfer student, the plot is nothing more than the popular-boys-fall-for-awkward-transfer-student romance. But it is still entertaining. Puppy love has always been. And the show reminds us by having everyone call Woo-hyun a “puppy” — Grandma Kong started it and now Seul-bi is also calling Woo-hyun “my puppy”. (dawww…)

Picking up from my intro piece, Woo-hyun gradually realises he is in love with Seul-bi. Refreshingly, he doesn’t hem and haw about it (read: Monstar) and confesses to her in her face. Plus in the faces of their rivals — Ye-na (who is infatuated with Woo-hyun) and Sung-yeol (the second lead and contender for Seul-bi’s affections). Unfortunately, it’s the female lead who is unsure here. Although we can cut her some slack, since Seul-bi has only been a human for a few months. Dealing with a first love has never been easy, even for a human adolescent.

hslo4Thankfully, because of her inexperience, she doesn’t feel awkward for long. Woo-hyun confronts her (easy to do, since they stay together), and agrees to give her space. But, he doesn’t do that nobly idiotic thing and avoids her. Rather, he very cleverly manipulates it into a situation such that he can openly date her. And Seul-bi clearly enjoys the dates. (verdict: Woo-hyun is a player… even at such a tender young age) 

So, as early as ep 5/6, we get to see loads of cuteness from the pair. Since Kim Sae-ron is only 14, I don’t expect the heavy kissings like what we see from adult romcoms. However, lack of skinship doesn’t mean there’s a lack in rapport between our two leads. In fact, the innocence of the two youngsters only adds to the cuteness-meter.

Dark clouds loom at the fringes of the story though. Grandma Kong likely suffers from a terminal illness (or cancer)…which she is unwilling to tell her grandson, Woo-hyun, about. And Woo-hyun’s biological mum — Ethics teacher + Sung-yeol’s stepmum, Ji-hye  — finds out that Woo-hyun is the boy she abandoned (?) years ago. However, Ji-hye refuses to acknowledge Woo-hyun, even though she is clearly in pain for keeping this a secret (for reasons unknown to me now). With Grandma Kong’s eventual demise, Ji-hye’s secret will definitely be leaked…and I worry for the budding friendship between Sung-yeol and Woo-hyun.

The characters’ development

hslo3Seul-bi’s sunbae has found a way for her to return to angel-land, but unsurprisingly, she is reluctant to give up being a human. We all know why, and are patiently waiting for her to find out the answer herself. Although the show has been giving clues to her via the other humans. For examples, Seul-bi is curious over a novel a classmate is reading — where an angel gives up her powers to become human, because she falls in love…but classmate refuses to tell Seul-bi the ending. Seul-bi’s sunbae tells her that there are angels who willingly forgo returning to their former statuses and thus, he has procured the Death note from one of them. But he never tells her WHY those angels choose to remain humans. Seul-bi needs to pay attention — if she can figure out that the weird knocking feelings in her chest is the budding love for Woo-hyun, she needs to make a decision on whether to stay and die a human, or stop things now to return to angel-land.

Woo-hyun, of cos, is blissfully unaware of Seul-bi’s impending dilemma. To him, Seul-bi was and still is the weirdo (but kind and exuberant) girl whom he has fallen head over heels with. His life now is mainly all roses (despite the usual high school’s thorns of bullying and exams)…I expect that will change once he knows his grandma’s illness and that his teacher is also his mum.

hslo6Sung-yeol in contrast, is all teenage angst…especially against his stepmom. But we see a gradual softening of his attitude towards her, as he sees her sincerity in trying to include herself into his life. Also, Seul-bi’s positiveness has rubbed off on him. Again, the secret that Ji-hye harbours may turn everything to naught.