Bad Guys is sexy…not in the broody-shower-scene kinda sexy, but sexy in the story’s premise. We are all familiar with the underdogs seizing the day, but these underdogs have a problem. They are rabid.

Main cast:

  • Kim Sang-joong (from Doctor Stranger) as Oh Goo-tak. Nicknamed “mad dog”; a detective who is shunned by mainstream police officers. Reasons being, he is known for his unorthodox case solving methods and has zero regards for authority. He lost his only kin (a daughter) in a crime, and from then on, has become even more of a loner.
  • Ma Dong-seok (from Shut Up Flower Boy Band) as Park Woong-cheol. An ex-gangster, whose rep sheet includes kidnapping, gangsterism, torture, murder…blahblah. He is the muscle man in the group; although not very smart, his biceps are enough to scare off most people.
  • Jo Dong-hyeok (from Inspiring Generation) as Jung Tae-soo. A professional assassin, who one day decides to give himself up after a contract. Unlike Woong-cheol, his combat skills are fluid and don’t involve barrelling through a bunch of people.
  • Park Hae-jin (from You Who Come From the Stars) as Lee Jung-moon. A psycho with a super high IQ and loves the kick of murder. The worst of the lot. He manages to murder several women before his ex-girlfriend (whom he also tried to kill) reports him to the police. Somehow, he claims he can’t remember killing any of his victims — including his parents.
  • Gang Ye-won (from The Huntresses) as Yoo Mi-young. A fairly high ranking police officer. She is the liaison between Goo-tak and the Police Commissioner, who agrees to the release of the three madmen prisoners. She is skeptical, yet impressed, with Goo-tak’s methods of investigations.


bg5The release of our 3 highly dangerous prisoners stems from the death of the Police Commissioner’s son, who died in the line of duty trying to capture a serial killer who has been evading arrest. Desperate, the Police Comm goes to his ex-colleague, Goo-tak, for help. Goo-tak promises to help, but on condition that he gets 3 people to help him — Woong-cheol, Tae-soo and Jung-moon. Officer Mi-young is reluctant to agree to Goo-tak’s request when she reports it to the Police Comm, but the Police Comm calmly agrees, saying that without throwing in disgusting baits, the fish will never bite.

And so, we see all 3 prisoners being sent separately to the rendezvous briefing place. Woong-cheol and Tae-soo reach without issues, but Jung-moon manages to escape on the way. Goo-tak tells Woong-cheol and Tae-soo that whoever manages to capture Jung-moon first will get their sentence reduced. The team manages to track Jung-moon to Busan, where he locates his ex-girlfriend. Luckily the team arrives before Jung-moon kills his ex-girlfriend. A chase ensue and Woong-cheol manages to capture Jung-moon.

The men are briefed on the reason why they are brought together, and Mi-young dangles the sentence reduction as a carrot for capturing the serial killer. The 3 prisoners agree to help.


bg1One of the better OCN shows this year. The opening is dark, slick and very fast paced. We waste no time setting up the premise — a serial killer who is so good at what he does that the police are at their wits’ end. So, enter the unorthodox team — a bunch of misfits, who are juz as dangerous as the serial killer. And ep1 already shows the potential backlash from releasing these people out on the streets. Jung-moon easily escapes and very nearly kills another woman, had Goo-tak and team not arrive in time. In fact, I think Jung-moon is the most unpredictable and hence, dangerous, amongst the three. Woong-cheol may be a scary bully, but he’s the gruff grizzly who isn’t really smart. Tae-soo is skillful, but he doesn’t kill without a reason. Jung-moon though…he is extremely intelligent, and kills because he loves the high of seeing his victims struggle.

Goo-tak may be the only one who can keep Jung-moon in check. Cos he is juz as unpredictable as the psycho. And I’m glad Bad has ahjusshi Kim Sang-joong playing Goo-tak. He can look the part of the half crazed, badassed cop, and yet exude this unbeatable charisma that juz screams “Leader”. Gang Ye-won nicely balances out this freak team with her by-the-book + prim and proper policewoman style. Not that she is a prude — she shows that she can stand up against the guys — but she represents the integrity and structure of the police force. Otherwise, the show will juz be a band of thugs running down a target. An idea which Bad verbalises through the Police Comm — he says to Goo-tak that a person who uses force against the weak is a thug, but the person who uses force to protect the weak is a policeman. A theme which Bad will probably repeat, given that we have a bunch of unlikely “policemen” after the serial killer.

I’m not too sure whether I will do weecaps for Bad Guys. If Dramabeans doesn’t put their recapping team to it, I may consider. 😛