Because of the accusations of the writers of Show plagarizing at school play, Show will end at 14 episodes, which is this coming weekend. Quoting whoever it was whom I can’t remember who said it, it’s not exactly a cut because it was not stated the intended episode count. I think it’s a cut of 2 episodes, given most Korean dramas like to end at 16 episodes. I say tvN, hire the writer of that school play, and cut the pay of whoever wrote Show, if the scriptwriter indeed plagarized.

And there’s no Dong Goo’s segment this week! WHY LIKE THIS, tvN!!!

Kwang Soo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-22-46][TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-23-05]

We see that Kwang Soo really knows Da-in well, remembering all her little quirks and habits, but he can’t remember where did they first met. I totally understand that. He seeks help from his friend Young Hoon, who tells him that people then to remember most deeply about events with music, smells, and the likes. So Kwang Soo decided to get into the retro mood, taking the same bus as 10 years ago, and listening to the same music as then.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-23-29]

And voila, he pieces together the hints Da-in gave him about the cafe where they first met, and Kwang Soo really finds Da-in in there reading.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-43-11]

With a failed attempt to kiss Da-in, they head home together, and Kwang-soo compensates by holding her hand…only to drop it like a hot potato when the lift stops at his floor and his noona aka Mom enters. Ouch, you just hurt Da-in’s feelings I think.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-45-02]

Kwang Soo makes up for his blunder and entwines his fingers around hers, not letting go even when Mom appears again at the door of the lift. I see that Kwang Soo is adamant not to let Da-in go again, despite her still putting up the invisible wall around her. I kind of empathize with her, for not telling him the truth about 10 years ago, because 1) it’s actually all pent up frustrations on her part (though I agree she should still say it out), 2) Kwang Soo kind of figured it out anyway. Unless there’s something else that we didn’t know…though I doubt with 2 episodes left there’re any more skeletons left in the closet.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-49-31]

Argh, Mom. I know you’re protective of your kid brother, and Da-in did hurt him badly. But do you not see his transformation for the past few weeks? He is still madly in love with Da-in. Just let him be, he’s almost 40.

Jin Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-19-48]

In true Jin Goo style, he must tease Se Young by printing out their photos and make her flustered and worried that any of their colleagues may see.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN].mkv0038

Hiding a workplace romace is one tough job, and Jin Goo comes up with the codename of “I’m gonna die~”, which means a secret meeting at the stairs. Teehee.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-22-33]

From sneaky hugs to sneaky lunches, they may well be the staircase couple.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-43-39]

Because of Se Young’s forgetfulness, they get found out by the colleague who is moony over Jae Bum. Cue begging and pleading with the colleague to keep the secret to herself. Crisis averted, temporarily.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-45-46]

Jin Goo sends Se Young home, and invites himself into her room. A charged moment or two between them, but each time they get disturbed by either messages from Go Eun to Jin Goo, or…

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-45-55]

Jae Bum at the door. MY POOR JAE BUM. I believe he has heard there’s a guy in Se Young’s room, and I thought he knew it’s Jin Goo, but apparently not. Isn’t it lovely that we can actually see his broken heart despite being shown to be “One Expression Jae Bum” in the first episode?

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-47-39]

Jin Goo wants to tell his friend that he’s dating Se Young, but she always stop him one way or another. I admire Jin Goo for being man enough, and he’s right that the longer they refrain from telling Jae Bum the truth, the more difficult it’ll be.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-50-41]

Jae Bum’s broken and betrayed heart. Come to noona~

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-50-52]

Neither of them felt relieved because hey, they used to be together always, and Jin Goo is BFF with Jae Bum. Friends or lovers? Apparently they chose lovers, and it’s friends no more for the three of them. Go Eun also witness the confession of Jin Goo and Se Young to Jae Bum. Two hearts broken and betrayed in a night.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN].mkv0014

Now now, I understand you’re terribly hurt, Jae Bum, but asking your Dad to promote you to being the Director is kind of too much, no? I understand it’s difficult to be in the same office working together, and I hope you’re not going to bring into work your private matters and be difficult to both Jin Goo and Se Young.

Min Goo

[TSKS][Nine Boy][011][KO_CN][23-44-38]

Ah Min Goo. His lovely friends first saw online a photo of a rebellious school girl who looks like Soo Ah, and Min Goo refuses to believe them. However the seed of doubt is planted, and he decides to stalk Soo Ah to see if she’s hiding anything from him. He sees her meeting a cool guy on motorbike, and behaving rather closely. Turns out that he’s her biological brother, and Min Goo heaved a sigh of relief.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-48-42]

His lovely friends then managed to get hold of Soo Ah’s high school year book, and at her photos in the book, Min Goo’s resolve is shaken. He confronts Soo Ah with the year book, and she admits that she used to be a punk. Min Goo couldn’t take the shock and leaves, not giving her a chance to explain herself.

However, Min Goo really likes Soo Ah and manages to sort out his thoughts and appear in front of her again. He asks if she has ever liked him, and she says, “I was never ashamed to be a punk in my younger days, but I’m ashamed of it now because of you.” Aww.

[TSKS][Nine Boy][012][KO_CN][23-53-21]

All’s well for the young couple until they go on a date to the cinema, where Min Goo was rejected entry to the movies because he’s not yet 19, and the movie is for 19 and above. The date is further spoiled as they run into some of Min Goo’s seniors, who were also Soo Ah’s juniors coindentally. Min Goo’s mood was totally soured by his seniors, because they brought up his loss at the previous competition (where his IBD worked up), and also he’s still a kid while Soo Ah’s already a legal adult. Despite her attempts to cheer him up, he blows up at her, only to have her telling him, “You’re still a kid. A high schooler will always be a kid.” Ouch.