Consider this a bumper issue week — 2 weecaps in a row! 😛 Anyway, we begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel in ep6.


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Officer Ko tries calling Woo-jin to tell him that the man he is checking up on is Eun-bi’s dad. However Woo-jin has fallen into a dead faint at the iconic tree in Mirae Park. Officer Ko, on a hunch, rushes to there and finds Woo-jin collapsed in a heap on the ground. When Woo-jin comes round in the morning, Officer Ko recounts what he has found out. Woo-jin panics and tells Officer Ko not to reveal the man’s identity to Eun-bi. Officer Ko agrees, and seeing that Woo-jin looks a little sickly, decides not to tell him that Eun-bi has been missing since last night.

Mdm Han’s ex-husband informs her that he can find naught else in the phone she passed him, as the data has been wiped clean. She leaves with the phone and is attacked from behind while in the carpark. The assailant picks up the phone and leaves.

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Meanwhile, Officer Ko tries to trace Eun-bi from Officer Park’s murder scene that night before. He shows Eun-bi’s pic to a convenience store’s ahjumma. and brushes by a guy in a black hoodie. The ahjumma says that the hoodie guy was also looking for Eun-bi earlier. Officer Ko gives chase. He loses the hoodie guy, but manages to recognise the skull ring he wears and later tracks his escape vehicle. Using the GPS function on Eun-bi’s phone, he locates the place where Eun-bi meets with the hoodie guy attacker the night before. Officer Ko retrieves Eun-bi’s discarded phone and her shoe. Returning to his office, he examines the CCTV footages from the area where Eun-bi’s phone + shoe are found, and recognises one car which also drove by Officer Park’s crime scene the night before. He takes down the number plate and goes looking for the owner.

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Poor Eun-bi is drugged by her kidnapper but is otherwise unharmed. She wakes up in between the drugs’ effect and tries to escape. However, she is caught by her kidnapper — but not before she pushes, kicks and gives him a good bruise on the head. 😛

Officer Ko does manage to find the house where Eun-bi is kept…and here’s where my weecap may get a leetle confusing:

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We see Officer Ko going through the house where Eun-bi is apparently held hostage in, but the kidnapper is outside the house, looking at Officer Ko. Officer Ko goes in and finds Eun-bi on the floor. Eun-bi wakes up and start crying…and then the camera pans over and we see the man holding Eun-bi is the kidnapper and not Officer Ko. The kidnapper had made use of the drug/ hypnosis skills (a big hint on his identity!!) leading Eun-bi to confusedly see him as Officer Ko. The kidnapper asks whether Eun-bi remembers who killed Officer Park. Eun-bi cries no, since she was too scared that night. The kidnapper leaves off the questioning and says Eun-bi will forget all about the incident when she awakes. The camera pans back to the real Officer Ko, who finds an empty house with no Eun-bi. But, he does figure out the identity of the house owner — aka the kidnapper — he is the psychiatrist Woo-jin visits frequently.

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And while everyone is busy looking for Eun-bi, Woo-jin pays a visit to his colleague…on the pretext of surrendering himself for the murder of Eun-bi’s dad. However, while in the interrogation room (Woo-jin recounted why he killed Eun-bi’s dad, as he found out from someone(?) that he was Seung-hee’s rapist), his bosses come in and throw a stack of files in Woo-jin’s face. Seems like Eun-bi’s dad died in a fire, and wasn’t shot. Woo-jin’s colleague is pissed with Woo-jin for wasting his time and leaves in a huff.

Woo-jin goes back to his car, and receives a message from Mr X (a nick the team has given to the man behind the X-murders). Mr X shows him a pic of drugged Eun-bi and says if Woo-jin wants to rescue her, he should meet him at the Mirae Park’s tree — without his tails. Woo-jin enlists the help of his pissed-off colleague (who actually is starting to believe that Woo-jin is caught up in something bigger than he can handle) and manages to shake off his stalkers. He drives to the location and the kidnapper uses his car’s headlights to hypnotise Woo-jin. (we upgraded from magic clicky pen to magic flashy headlights!) Woo-jin sees Eun-bi in his trance-like state. Eun-bi accuses Woo-jin of being nice to her cos of his guilt at killing her dad, and proceeds to stab him.

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Of course Woo-jin isn’t stabbed in reality. However, he wakes up from his trance, tied to a chair and face to face with his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist blames him for all that has happened — including the fire that burned down a rehab centre where he and his family used to work. Woo-jin remembers the rehab centre’s fire from the newspapers clippings found on the container’s walls. The psychiatrist blames Woo-jin for accepting a huge bribe 7 years ago in his pursuit of Seung-hee’s case and causing the rehab centre to be burnt down.

Before the psychiatrist can go on any further, he receives a text message from Mr X alerting that Officer Park’s murderer (aka the hoodie guy) has discovered his location. The psychiatrist drugs Woo-jin to prevent Woo-jin from coming after him and flees, but is eventually cornered by hoodie guy. In desperation, the psychiatrist cleans out his phone and commits suicide.

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Woo-jin manages to escape his bonds and finds Eun-bi in the same house. He switches on his phone to alert Mdm Han and Officer Ko (who are frantically looking for both of them) to their location, before collapsing from the drug’s effect. Both Woo-jin and Eun-bi are sent to hospital. Woo-jin leaves in the middle of the night and looks for a friend (?) who hands him an envelope and questions Woo-jin whether it is necessary to go this far. Eun-bi wakes up the next day, with no memories of what happened the last few nights.

We take a peek into an irate mob boss Kim who finally makes his re-appearance in ep6. Mob boss Kim learns from his lackeys that the victims/ perpetuators for all the cases thus far have links to the rehab centre which caught fire 7 years ago. Mob boss Kim suspects that all the cases (including his son’s real murderer) is linked to the mysterious Mr X. He sends his lackeys — the hoodie guy and his partner — to capture Eun-bi (cos he still wanna punish her for leading her son to his death..duh) and find out what Woo-jin knows. However, both guys return empty handed — no Eun-bi and no further idea on what happened. Which inspired mob boss Kim to give them his signature golf-club treatment (i.e. he whacks hoodie guy dead with his golf club). He decides to give hoodie guy’s partner a second chance though, to find out Mr X’s identity from Woo-jin, or else…

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Well, mob boss Kim may end up whacking another lackey dead, cos Woo-jin has juz changed his identity (re: the envelope his friend passed him earlier contained documents for his new iden) and checked into the prison where the assassin came from.


I’ve taken the liberty to re-arrange the flow of ep6 in this weecap, cos Reset loves to scene-jump. While it may be stylish and possible to follow on-screen, it is difficult to write/ read on (electronic) paper.

We finally we get SOME organisation amidst the confusion in ep6. (well, having some answers are better than none at all) In the previous episodes, we are juz as clueless as Woo-jin on how many people are actually hunting him, now we get a better idea. There are at least 3 groups.

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The first group is the police and those on the side of “law and justie” — they want to nail all the cases on to Woo-jin, because of the incriminating ledger. So far, Group no. 1 is annoying like a headless fly, but utterly clueless on what have happened. But they do have the power to halt Woo-jin and team’s efforts in discovering the real mastermind. Already Woo-jin is told to suspend his duty as a prosecutor. (anyway, Woo-jin also gave up his useless badge to his colleague)

That brings us to the next powerhouse after Woo-jin: Group no. 2 headed by mob boss Kim. He is proving to a bigger and more menacing annoyance — to both Woo-jin, and Mr X. Mob boss Kim is fixated on punishing his son’s real murderer, but he doesn’t go about it with much finesse. Since he’s a gangster, he basically barrels and twhacks his way through (with his signature golf club) to get to the people he wants. He definitely isn’t one who will patiently wait for results; he perceives Woo-jin as being tardy in giving him answers, so he decides he should juz punish Eun-bi along the way (as a motivator, and also to diffuse his own irritation). Along the way, he happily removes Mr X’s underlings (i wonder what does Mr X think about that), which I don’t know whether to see a form of help or hindrence to Woo-jin. Less one enemy to think about? Or one more murderer to capture?

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The last Group is the group which interests Woo-jin and team much. The elusive Mr X, who has by now, made use of on-fire ahjusshi, blind lady, assassin and Woo-jin’s pyschiatrist to slowly push Woo-jin over the edge. We learn in ep6 from Mr Psychiatrist that Woo-jin obtains his magic clicky pen ability after sealing his memories of 7 years ago. Hmm…so his hynoptic powers are obtained only recently, and not from Day 1 as we thought. By unsealing his memories, Mr Psychiatrist says that the magic clicky pen ability will go too. (aww) If Mr X’s objective is to disarm Woo-jin and yet at the same time, punish him (mentally) by unsealing the very painful memories of 7 years ago, then I’d say he is very much on the way there.