We check back with Woo-jin at his personal “execution“. And yes, Grey Vest Inmate = Eun-bi’s appa = Mystery Mr X.


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To trigger Woo-jin’s flagging memories, Eun-bi’s dad (Jo Bong-ha) and Prison Doctor hang and release a noosed Woo-jin. Due to the lack of oxygen (?) and the resulting shocks from almost-asphyxiation, Woo-jin starts getting bits of his sealed memories back. He remembers Mob Boss Kim’s man giving him the iden of Seung-hee’s rapist (Bong-ha), then bringing a gun (with Mob Boss Kim’s henchman) to the meeting point at Mirae Park. He also remembers that in exchange for the information, he gives up the case evidence on GK Co. to Mob Boss Kim…but he leaves a tape with Seung-hee’s dad. When Bong-ha hears about the possibility of a surviving shred of evidence, he asks Prison Doctor to get it from Yoon-hee. Prison Doctor and Bong-ha belong to the same rehab centre that was burnt down 7 years ago, and Prison Doctor was the one who healed Bong-ha (and possibly transferred him to the jail for his safety) when he was “shot” by  Woo-jin.

Unfortunately, Mob Boss Kim also receives information that Bong-ha (the mystery Mr X, and the mastermind of his son’s death) is in jail. He makes a call overseas, to get his favourite hitman back. Prison Doctor also meets with Mob Boss Kim, on the pretext of selling information about Bong-ha to him. He tells Mob Boss Kim that Bong-ha will be out from prison for a hospital visit soon.

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As for Woo-jin’s little group outside his prison “sanctuary”: Eun-bi drifts around town after leaving Mdm Han’s home (and robbing Mdm Han dry of her money and iden card). She tries to look for Yoon-hee for info on Woo-jin’s whereabouts, but to no avail. Eun-bi now sleeps over at 24h internet cafes, using Mdm Han’s iden as registration. It is telling that she misses Mdm Han, since whenever we see Eun-bi spacing out, her thoughts go to the happy times she spent with Mdm Han et. al. While in the internet cafe, Eun-bi also searches for info on her dad’s death, and the fire at the rehab centre. The newspapers painted her dad as a perverted cultist, causing the death of many innocent lives. Eun-bi is shocked to learn of this.

Yoon-hee is approached by Prison Doctor, who pretends he is working for Woo-jin and asks to retrieve the tape in her dad’s possessions. Yoon-hee refuses, but curious, she goes back to look at one of her home vids, which she secretly filmed her dad hiding something in the grandfather’s clock. She searches for it, and finds the tape. And since we also need to know what is on the tape, Yoon-hee plays it for us: her dad has caught Mob Boss Kim ordering his lackeys to burn down the rehab centre and kill any who escaped the fire…because he wanted the land for construction. Prison Doctor sneaks into Yoon-hee’s house and knocks her out to retrieve the tape.

Mdm Han and Officer Ko are unable to find Eun-bi, since she has turned off her phone. However, Eun-bi turns up at their office unannounced and declares she wants to find out more about her dad’s case. She calls Mdm Han and Officer Ko out as liars, and emotionally blackmails them to let her join in the investigations. She tags along with Officer Ko when he goes to the prison for information…and she vaguely hears a voice that sounds like Woo-jin shouting her dad’s name.

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And this is the reason why Eun-bi heard Woo-jin calling after her dad: after his mock execution attempt, Woo-jin is attacked by Second in Command (who cleverly used a paper clip to unlock his cuffs) in the Prison Hospital. Woo-jin would have died had Prison Doctor and Warden not arrive in time to save him. However, cos of Woo-jin’s extended stay in the Prison’s Hospital, he witnesses Bong-ha’s plan to use another inmate to slip out of the hospital. Woo-jin tries to warn the guards by making a ruckus, but his (Pyscho) Warden doesn’t believe him and gives him a beating.

Officer Ko doesn’t get information about Woo-jin or Bong-ha (and he hasn’t heard Woo-jin’s shouts), so he hustles a distraught Eun-bi (who keeps insisting she heard Woo-jin) home. On the way back to the city, he glances at his GPS and sees a familiar map. It is the same map that Assassin had in the phone he dropped. And the map leads to a nearby hospital. He decides to drive there (with Eun-bi) to investigate. This hospital is also where Bong-ha and Prison Doctor have set the trap for Mob Boss Kim.

We have 3 parties arriving about the same time at the hospital — Officer Ko + Eun-bi, Bong-ha + Prison Doctor and Mob Boss Kim + gang. What ensues is a pretty cat and mouse game, where Eun-bi runs off trying to look for her dad. Officer Ko chases after Eun-bi (and Eun-bi evades him). Mob Boss Kim sends his gang to look for Bong-ha, only to be curtailed by Prison Doctor (who got the security guards on them). Eun-bi sees Mob Boss Kim and also hides from him.

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Bong-ha lures Mob Boss Kim into the gents. He and Prison Doctor manage to subdue him and swap out the sick inmate (who gets a free ticket out of jail?) with Mob Boss Kim. Thus, the pair manage to get Mob Boss Kim into the prison’s disused execution building. On the way out of the hospital however, Bong-ha sees Eun-bi (who by now is “captured” by Officer Ko). He picks up the bracelet Eun-bi drops on the ground and promises to find her once everything is over.

Back in prison, Mob Boss Kim stands “trial” for the sins he committed. Woo-jin is hauled in by Prison Doctor to witness the execution.

Eun-bi, however, has been spotted by Mob Boss Kim’s hired hitman — a really nice looking dignified ahjusshi, who earlier slitted the throat of Mob Boss Kim’s incompetent henchman coolly. Hired Hitman hasn’t taken action on Eun-bi — yet — but is tailing after and tracking her movements for now.


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Ok, so Eun-bi’s appa is Mr X. (duh) Woo-jin’s role has diminished greatly much like his flagging Magic Clicky Pen skills after he checks in at his Prison Resort. In fact, even if Reset keeps Woo-jin in his prison staycation, I doubt we will miss him that much. He doesn’t have much things to do other than getting seriously beaten up by inmates or wardens. Makes me really wanna go “serve you right” at him for his dumb idea of checking in to the prison. I also have no idea why he is not actively contacting his prosecutor friend (who got him the inmate identity) to get himself out asap, since he has already obtained his objective of finding Mr X here. The only excuse I can give him is he is seriously injured — after so many sessions of acting as a human punching bag.

In contrast, Mr X’s (or Bong-ha) plans are going along real smooth. Maybe Bong-ha has predicted that Woo-jin will come looking for him in jail, thus his little experiment to re-jig Woo-jin’s memories works perfectly. Now that he has all the puzzle pieces, Bong-ha executes the plan to trap Mob Boss Kim and exacts revenge. Which works like a magical clockwork. I’m extremely impressed with Bong-ha’s operation at the hospital, where he and Prison Doctor efficiently clears out Mob Boss Kim’s gangsters and subdue Mob Boss Kim effortlessly. They even manage to fool the prison wardens, who are totally clueless about the body swap. But pls don’t ask me what happened to that sick inmate who is (maybe?) left in the hospital. Although that guy has a free pass out of jail, I think it won’t be long when he is discovered to be missing. Plus, he is probably too sick to really run away.

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Talking about another runaway, Eun-bi has reverted to her petulant, stubborn little girl character. While sheltered, Eun-bi has proven to be a great help to the investigation team. But now that she is on her own again, her actions are hindering Officer Ko and Mdm Han, rather than helping them. She hasn’t got even 10% of the picture, and leaps to the conclusion that her dad getting caught in the rehab fire is all Woo-jin’s fault. Worse, she has stopped wanting to listen to Mdm Han and Officer Ko, shutting them out immediately as liars. While we know that she is missing them much, since little things like ice-cream and a scratch on her knees, will bring back memories of how Woo-jin, Mdm Han and Officer Ko care about her.