This is really the year of recycling, because we not only have plenty of OTP reunions, there’s also lots of recycling of character names in dramas. The reuse of the name Jang Mi for a drama heroine comes hot on the heels of the recently concluded Marriage Not Dating, and Show attracted my attention because the actress who’s playing Jang Mi (Han Sun-hwa) here is the love rival of Jang Mi (Han Groo) in Marriage Not Dating.

Well then, enough of Show-unrelated talk. Rosy Lover takes over the slot of crazily popular makjang fest Jang Bori is Here! over at MBC last last Saturday, and it has all the ingredients of a typical weekend family drama. Pairing up with Han Sun-hwa’s Baek Jang Mi is Park Cha-dol (Lee Jang Woo), and we begin Show right off the bat with them madly in love with each other. Both are university students, and the plot description tells us they’ll end up being parents themselves, so I’m already looking forward to the hijinks of unprepared marriage life.

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Jang Mi is from a relatively well-off family, and she lives with her parents, elder sister and grandma. Already the Baek household feels like some Marriage Not Dating reunion, as we have Im Ye Jin playing Mom to both the Jang Mis, and Gong Gi Tae’s (Yeon Woo Jin) grandma playing Grandma Baek here. Kim Min Seo takes on the role of Jang Mi’s elder sister Soo-ryeon (which means lotus), and I admit I LOLed when Jung Bo Seok appeared on the screen as Daddy Baek. I can no longer look at him without thinking of his pervert murderous ahjusshi role in Golden Cross, even though this is a family drama, there’s no place for a pervert murderous Dad.

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It’s coincidence that only occurs in dramas, because while Cha-dol is dating Jang Mi, his elder brother Kang Tae’s (musical theatre actor Han Ji Sang) love interest is Soo-ryeon. Not only that, both their Moms are friends, and the ever awesome Lee Mi Sook plays Mom to the Park siblings. Rounding up the Park household is middle child Se Ra (Yoon Ah Jung) (yet another recycled name). She’s determined not to lead the same kind of life as Mom, having to scrimp and save and work long hours.

There’s one more family in Show, of which not much is known yet. It seems to be another chaebol family, of which the son-in-law, Lee Young Gook (Park Sang Won) lives with his wife Go Yoon Hwa (Jang Mi Hee), her mother and younger brother, Go Jae Dong (Choi Philip). I’m guessing Jae Dong is set to pair with Se Ra, but there’s absolutely no connection between them as of now. We’re told Young Gook and Yoon Hwa despite being a married couple and seem to be in a happy marriage, the truth is otherwise and they sleep separately.

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We’re introduced to several conflicts right from the beginning – Jang Mi’s father is overly protective of his daughters, and wishes for them to be married off into good families. Despite knowing Mama Park on a personal level, he seems to look down on her having to borrow money from him. I can’t wait to see how he’s going to deal with both his daughters ending up with the Park brothers. The next conflict would be that of Se Ra’s wedding: She’s adamant to get married to some rich guy, despite being insulted and humiliated by his mother at the official meeting between families. The husband is a douchebag and has been seeing his ex-girlfriend behind Se Ra’s back, which is why they divorced after three months.

It seems that the timeline for Show begins at 2010, so I believe we’ll be getting a jump in time pretty soon. I may or may not do something similar to What Happens to My Family, but I’ll definitely be continuing with this series, because one of my favorite drama troupe is shotgun marriages. Kekeke.