Besides the BORRRrrrriiinnggg politickings, here are other reasons why I can’t stand them.

1. No reliable forensics

It becomes ultimately easy to fake a death or murder someone and get away scot free. If forensics and DNA testing are available then, we won’t have irritating moustachy baddies like Kim Ja-jung weaving such see-through lies and getting away with them. His ploy to use the “death” of Dal-hyang as a mean to armtwist Sohyeon into submission is so plain vanilla simple, that everyone knows it’s a set up. But the problem is, NO one can prove the dead Dal-hyang ISN’T Dal-hyang. A rotting head doesn’t count. If DNA testing is available, his ploy will fall splat on its face.


And Mi-ryung/ Hyang-sun will probably not get away so easily with her string of serial murders too. A simple test will reveal that Hyang-sun has murdered (poisoned) her Manchurian ex-husband, and she’d probably be tried and hung in the Manchurian court. That way, we will eradicate two annoyances in the show: the evil politician and the ambitious mad woman.

2. No reliable medical facilities

Heck, they don’t even have the know-how to carry out a surgery. So we are left biting our nails to the roots waiting for ep12 next week, wondering whether Yoon-seo will survive after getting shot. If she dies juz as Sohyeon is cosying up to her in ep11, I am so going to scream. It doesn’t help that Sohyeon and Yoon-seo have such a saccharine-sweet relationship in ep11, with 3 (yes, you read it correctly) sessions of long, passionate kissing that juz make you swoon in envy.


And our swoonings include those ridiculously cute scenes where Sohyeon tosses and turns in the night waiting for Yoon-seo to come back from the temple visit, his forlorn wanderings in and out of her bedroom impatiently wanting her to materialise, and of course that little spurts of jealousy when Yoon-seo bubbles on about Dal-hyang saving her in the nick of time…and his plaintive “You knew I told him to do that, right??!!” Yoon-seo’s response: “erm, yah…so?”

3. No gun sword laws

It’s too dangerous to carry weapons and walk around. You can accidentally poke innocent people with them. Like how Sohyeon brings his quiver of arrows to his tete-a-tete with Yoon-seo, only to have them easily stolen (while he is busily smooching her) under his nose. And one of said arrows ended up in Yoon-seo’s chest. Oof.


See? If weapons are outlawed in the first place, this won’t have happened. Of course, Yong Guldae won’t have anything (vicious) to slash Dal-hyang with in ep10 too. He probably can use something else…but that will cause less damage (and blood loss induced comas) to Dal-hyang. The only problem is Hyang-sun may still be able to sneak her poison needles around.