Yet another satisfying show. And no, it has nothing to do with Jane Austen — but if you count in Austen’s book (of the same title) appearing in Pride, then ok…maybe.

Main Cast:

  • Choi Jin-hyuk (from Emergency Couple) as Koo Dong-chi. A prosecutor with rather sharp observation skills and street smart to match. He falls in love at first sight with Yeol-moo, only to have her disappearing on him suddenly one day. He ends up being mentor to Yeol-moo when she re-appears in his life as his hoobae (an intern) at the Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Baek Jin-hee (from Empress Ki) as Han Yeol-moo. Her background is kinda complicated — she is running away from her mum(?) her unni (?) and meets Dong-chi some years ago. And she disappears in his life after she finds out he has the other half torn copy of an old document (birth cert?) in his possessions. She is in love with him, despite her disappearance act then, and returns as his hoobae at the Prosecutor’s Office. But it’s not juz affection that makes her re-appear in his life, she claims she wants “revenge”…on? for??
  • Lee Tae-hwan (from High School King of Savvy) as Kang-soo. Investigative Officer attached to Dong-chi and his roomie at his granny’s Boarding House (with the motto “3 Meals A Day” — Hi, tvN!). He also falls in love with Yeol-moo at first sight (lucky girl) on her first day of work. He suspects Dong-chi and Yeol-moo have a “history”, though he hasn’t asked. Somewhat related to Chang-gi, in a sort of hate him, love him way, since Chang-gi is a surrogate father to him.
  • Choi Min-soo (from Blade and Petal) as Chief Prosecutor Moon. Dong-chi and Jang-won‘s boss. On the surface, he appears to be a money grubbing Prosecutor and is very jaded and cynical. However, he actually possess a strong sense of justice, is fairly sly and ruthless when it comes to nabbing the baddies. He is always chastising his subordinates, but he does care about their well-beings.
  • Choi Woo-shik (from Fated to Love You) as Lee Jang-won. The second Prosecutor in the team. May look like a dandy, and loves to flirt with his female Investigative Officer, Gwang-mi, but is actually very on-the-ball and sharp.
  • Jung Hye-song (from Potato Star) as Yoo Gwang-mi. A jaded but very capable Investigative Officer.
  • Jang Hang-seon as Yoo Dae-gi. The sunbae status Investigative Officer in the team, partnered to Prosecutor Moon. An old dog with loadsa experience in handling drug and vice cases.
  • Son Chang-min as Jung Chang-gi. Surrogate father to Kang-soo, he took care of Kang-soo and his granny — when he is not incarcerated. A typical old-time criminal with a string of petty offences that has him visiting and re-visiting the jail several times over his life. He somehow has a history with Prosecutor Moon.


Interestingly, Pride is done in a style similar to OCN’s crime thrillers. The debut introduces us to 2 unrelated cases handled by the Prosecutor Office. The first involves a double crime — a exhibitionist covering up for a pedophile and vice versa. The second case is related to drugs and busting the drug supply chain.


In case 1 (ep1), we are given a quick intro to the Prosecution Team, and a hint of something going-on between our OTP. After which, we are plunged into our first case: an exhibitionist is arrested, but released cos there’s an alibi during the time of the crime. The alibi is a school teacher, who happens to be in the stationery shop the exhibitionist owns, and he bought something during the time frame when the crime happened. Later investigations reveal that the school teacher is pedophile, and is molesting one of his pupils. He is caught in the act by the exhibitionist, but he also notices that the exhibitionist is not wearing his pants. Thus, they mutually agreed to cover up their misdeeds by tweaking the time on the credit card payment slip.


In case 2 (ep2), Chang-gi is released from prison on the condition that he helps the Prosecution Team nab the local drug ring leader. Everything ran smoothly until Chang-gi bolts at the last minute. Yeol-woo decides to risk herself as bait and continue with the plan, despite the guys’ protests. She is kidnapped by the drug peddler, but as her identity is discovered, the peddler decides to run. The team gives chase and manages to nab him.


Rather refreshing take from the usual OCN-ish crime thrillers I am familiar with. The fun part in Pride is watching how the Prosecutors use wit to nab their criminals — unlike the brute force in Bad Guys. And of course, we watch for Choi Jin-hyuk. 😛


The romance angle in Pride is mixed with a strong suspense factor. Mainly due to the reason why Yeol-woo runs off after spotting that piece of torn document in Dong-chi’s possessions. She clearly still loves him, judging by how affected she is when she sees Dong-chi flirting with other women. And Dong-chi also loves her, cos his threats to make her life as his hoobae intolerable sound very empty. He is juz pis*ed that she ran off years ago without explanations. Despite all these misunderstandings, unexplained disappearances, blahblah…the romance speeds up very fast in Pride. As early as ep1, we already see Kang-soo falling in love with Yeol-woo and taking up the obvious third leg of the love triangle.